Tomorrow’s Talk Shows

Peter Facinelli will be on The Bonnie Hunt Show on TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19.  (Go to to find where the show airs in your area).

Here’s a tidbit on what happens:

After the audience stops screaming, Peter talks to Bonnie about the making of the highly anticipated movie, if it stays true to the book and what his daughter thinks of the film.  Plus, Peter gives the ring his character, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, wears in the movie to Bonnie to auction off in her upcoming “Bonnie’s Basement” online auction which will benefit cancer research.


  1. cool! I am so going to watch that.

  2. Oh, that’s nice of him to donate the ring. I hope the fans bidding don’t disappoint in the auction!

  3. DANGIT! I missed it by 2 MINUTES!!! I could have started it over at 10:59, but it turned 11!! *sad!!!*

  4. I wish I could go.

  5. just saw it. LOVED the clip they played!

  6. for anyone that missed it, someone posted it on youtube! the clip was great 🙂

  7. Doesn’t he need the ring for New Moon….?

  8. That’s awesome ! See, Twilight gives back !

  9. Well that’s kind.

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