Stephenie on the Red Carpet

We know the audio isn’t that great we will get subtitles up as soon as we get home from all our travels.  Again a huge thank you to Kaleb for all his great work!


  1. cant hear a thing! 🙁

  2. lirael cullen says:

    i agree with pinky… can’t hear a thing.. 🙁 ……

  3. why are there no reviews on the movie anywhere?

  4. StinaCullen says:

    Agreed!!!!! I can’t hear a thing besides ” Everytime Rob Talks” and ” Baseball Scene , it’s so much fun”

  5. aw. cant hear a word but stephanie looks beautiful!

  6. StinaCullen says:

    MTV has GREAT video’s posted!!! with EVERYONE!!!

  7. ahhh, she must of had fun! she looks so pretty!! i heard somthing bad that South Park is gonna take the piss out of Twilight nooooo!!!!! tis about evryone thinking the goths are vampires!!! not fair!!!!

  8. genuinesmile says:

    I’m so happy for SM…it’s gotta be an amazing feeling to see something you care so much about become this huge 😀

    brittany…i’ve been looking too and haven’t found anything, last night i thought that by morning there would be something. *shrug*

  9. she is so pretty!!

  10. She was talking about how the movie falls in line with the books…
    I know she had something in her contracts that made certain things unchangeable but if major plotlines were unchangeable then why is Victoria at prom?
    How is this a set up for New Moon? because Edward would have noticed Victoria there…not to mention the other vampires…and then he would not have left her knowing she was a danger??
    Why is THIS the cliffhanger we are left with?

  11. Fleur, did you hear for sure that that is the hanger? Argh! I have to say months ago when I saw pictures of Vic online, she was in a prom dress. I was like what? But I forgot all about it… UNTIL NOW!
    I will HATE if she is there! Prom is supposed to be lovely for them not scary!!!
    And good point! How can he leave knowing SHE is there? They must have that fig’d out?

  12. Where did you hear that it ended in a cliff hanger?

    If that was said somewhere, my thoughts would be that it means Edward looking like he’s about to bite her neck. That’s how that books ends and one of the FAQ’s on Stephenie’s site is whether or not Edward bites Bella at the end of Twilight because it’s kind of left open.

  13. lirael cullen says:

    O_O to all the people who are talking about this and that.. if you wouldn’t mind keeping it to yourself. i’m trying to keep an open mind when viewing the movie without having to remember thinking about every trash that is on the internet right at this moment. thank you.

  14. I just heard “This is Stephenie Meyer”!She looks really beautiful.I just love Stephenie!

  15. Lirael, I suggest you don’t read the forums then???

  16. Keri – I think it was Melissa last night who said ‘cliffhanger’ and I think she even said twist ending? My mind is mush from Twi-overload, forgive me!
    Maybe someone else has more details?
    I did think like you in that it could be Edward pretending to bite… but we readers all know he don’t so that wouldn’t really be a cliffhanger. And I did see that picture of Vicky at the prom behind the scenes!!!

  17. Steph looks soo pretty!! I couldn’t really hear anything elso though

  18. fleurdelis says:


    Victoria IS at the Inn where the prom is being held. While Edward and Bella are dancing and talking in the gazebo in the final scene (on the bench in the book) Victoria is watching them from a 2nd story window at the Inn. And it will be left as a cliffhanger where the audience see’s Victoria as the last shot.

    My thoughts on this- Well, again, as a twilighter I’m upset because we KNOW Edward or the other vampires would have smelled/heard/otherwise sensed her being there. And since we know this to be true it messes with the plot of New Moon because Edward wouldn’t have left if he knew Bella was in danger.
    My suspicion is that we are to believe that the other vampires do NOT KNOW that she is there. This CAN be believable (by a stretch of our imagination…) since in Eclipse it is known to us that Alice is not able to see her clearly, that Edward hears things as if in a hall with lots of people and he will focus on things. To me, its entirely likely that so many humans at the prom were probably thinking “Edward” and “Bella” and so forth that…possibly…Victoria thinking it from the 2nd floor was drowned out in the thoughts of others. I could explain Alice and Edward not sensing her with that argument.
    We know humans have a much stronger scent than Vampires…perhaps since it is requiring so much strength to restrain around all of the humans, and that restraint is keeping them totally focused on their reactions and the whole ‘act human’ thing. And I can believe that argument applies to Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie.

    Things that I LIKE about this ending…it even leaves US on the edge of our seats wondering how its going to turn out! (something we haven’t had since the end of Eclipse.) And it also…all but guarantee’s the making of New Moon!!!

    So while I think Edward lowering his lips to Bella’s neck would have been enough, Movie producers have their own agenda and…this is someone elses interpretation of the books. I mean, I don’t think Edward would have EVER called Bella a spider-monkey but that’s just me!


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