Premiere Coverage

YouTube from Andrew of Mugglenet and Imprint Podcast fame.

MTV  coverage, and more coverage.

Associated Press coverage.

Entertainment Tonight coverage

Access Hollywood coverage.

Entertainment Weekly coverage.

USA Today coverage.

US Magazine coverage.


  1. genuinesmile says

    LOOOVE the MTV coverage! Peter and Catherine moment was funny. plus the whole Kellan and food situation during filming = Hilarious!

  2. lirael cullen says

    Now that’s the coverage i’m talking about!! Wow… look at all of them… O_O coolness..

  3. lirael cullen says

    There’s so much to see!! To do!!!

  4. lirael cullen says

    Whew!! Okay saw all the articles.. love the pictures. interviews. pictures. interviews. and my favorite by far quote is this:

    “Oh yeah, they flip over him,” said Kristen Stewart, who plays Edward’s mortal love, Bella. “All he has to do is run his hands through his hair.”

    hahah!! ^_^ For sure that’s gonna get my heart pounding.. ^_^

    Aww… i’m gonna miss Twilight Tuesdays!!… Thank you Larry for all that you’ve done for us!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  5. You rock, Twilight Lexicon! Thanks for all your great coverage. I can always count on you for being the first with the most! Keep up the good work!!

  6. I love all the interviews. I just wish there was more of Steph. Everyone did the actors but more of steph would have been great!!

  7. why aren’t the forums working?

    i love all this. is awesome! rob looked awesome!

  8. Thanks for sharing

  9. Twilight Nymph says

    By the looks of the premiere, we won’t have to worry about making the budget necessary to make New Moon, I think it’ll make enough or more than enough.

  10. Twilight Nymph says

    Oh, and I have never seen Rob look so incredibly steaming hot. I think I have died and gone to heaven. If this is something else than I still like it as long as I get to look at those pictures of him at the premiere. He seriously “dazzled” me. XD

  11. Omg in the US magazine link it says people scrached their necks till they were bleeding when they went to get an autograph from Rob that is just gross and wierd!

  12. StinaCullen says

    So No Movie ratings yet???? I wanna know what everybody thought about it last night… I want RATINGS!!!!! I don’t think I can wait 2 more days… this suspense is going to KILL me!!!!!! It’s making me ANGRY at everybody and I can’t stop eating!!!! Well maybe thats just cause I like to eat… Hmm well anyways PLEASE HURRY 2 DAYS!!!!! FLY BY!!!!

  13. lirael cullen says

    yeah i know i’m looking for the movie reviews and ratings of the movie too.. i did find this though from the scifi channel?? its an interview.

  14. lirael cullen says

    There pictures of the premiere!!! they have one of everyone… almost everyone!! I can’t see Peter but i think he’s behind Ashley, i like the photo.. ^_^

  15. lirael cullen says

    oops sorry… last post for the day!!

  16. Holy smokes!
    that’s a LOT of coverage !


  17. Hey,
    can someone please youtube the mtv coverage ?

  18. I also read the US magazine article where it talked about how girls scratched their necks…WHAT THE HECK?!

    Fans like that are totally give us normal fans a bad name, sheesh there are some real psychos out there…

    First of all, WHO would like that?! I hope those girls get help, that’s just weird.

  19. genuinesmile says

    so um…lirael cullen…thanks for the link!
    I’m not done looking through them but i simply felt the urge to stop and say that the picture of Peter F. with his wife Jennie is simply lovely ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Nicolelovesedward says

    Wow, thats a alot of coverage!
    Everyone looked absolutely stunning at the premiere. I cannot wait to see the movie. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Gosh, there’s a ton of coverage to get through. All the more fun I guess. I’m really excited about this (even though December 19th is still an excruciating few weeks away)I just hope the film meets expectations. I’m having no luck finding reviews but they’ll crop up in the next couple of hours I presume. I really do hope it’s good or else we’re all gonna be massively, crushingly disappointed

  22. Mary Alice Cullen says

    Okay i’m confuessed!!!
    So the actors already saw the movie or just a little of it.
    Please someone explain please!!
    thank you.

  23. All of the coverages are AWESOME!Everyone looks so beautiful!I wish could’ve gone there but then again, it’s better I didn’t because I don’t want to be deaf or lose my voice either!

    And I just can’t at all any more longer to go to the theatres!We have a special showing here in Montreal on Thursday.I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Mary Alice Cullen says

    and i”m sorry but Robert Pattison doesn’t look that good when his not playing Edward. He lets him self go. his hair looks like a birds nest.
    but he is still hot!!!
    2 more days!!!!

  25. ImBettingOnAlice says

    okay why are there no reviews yet? Is the movie that good? Or is it not so good? I have a bad feeling the critics are going to dump on it, but the fans will rate it A++++ I’m really curious!!! The other movie that comes out on Friday has reviews posted already… UGH!

  26. well i for one, while im still not big on kristin stewart must say her dress was fabulous


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