Twilight Movie Premiere Day Coverage

We will be editing this page throughout the day as various premiere event coverage comes in.

Want to watch the red carpet action but you’re not in LA?  Follow this link for a live feed (boy do we hope they have a great server). Their coverage is slated to launch at 6:30pm Pacific Time.


  1. I would give ANYTHING to be in LA tomorrow!!!!! ahhhh but Omaha is way too far away πŸ™

  2. OMG!!!!!!! I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVE EDWARD CULLEN AND JAZZ HALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. I am totally going but there is going to be like a million ppl so i hope it’s worth my time!

  4. Im from Fresno and i would totally go but, my mom wont let me drive with the fires going across the freeways:( But who knows maybe a miracle might happen, I dont want to be dissapionted if I dont get to meet the actors if I did go….

  5. Lizzie-Anne says

    I don’t even live in the US, and have to wait another 32 days!!! πŸ™ I think it’s gonna kill me!!! Sorry, had to let it out. Phew. Have fun everyone though πŸ˜€

  6. lol…i love the comment of “boy we hope they have a great server” and only 24 more days for Australia!!!

  7. omgogmgogmg same here. id do ANYTHING to be at the LA premier! buttt im alllll theeee wayyyyy in Australiaa. and that means another MONTH until the actual movie comes out πŸ™

  8. I’m so excited about the Twilight movie! I can’t attend the premiere because I’m on the other side of the US, HOWEVER, I’m still celebrating!!

    I’m having my own premiere party, Cullen style, and I already have tickets to the midnight show for Thursday night!! Can’t wait!

  9. I’ll just have to wait til nov 20 (2 more days)!! πŸ˜€ (yeah, I know it’s suppose to be out the 21, but they’ll have a pre-show/premiere here in Stockholm, Sweden so I get to see it one day earlier!!) πŸ˜€ GUESS HOW HAPPY I AM RIGHT NOW!!!???? <3<3<3

  10. Oh yeah they better have a great server, hopefully the video quality is good enough and I’ll be watching! AAHHHHH, I have family in LA, I should have chosen a college over there..hmm, maybe next year?? lol. Like my parents have the money.

  11. oh my god ye are so lucky!! i live in ireland and we gotta wait tilll the 19th of dec! im gonna burst! i so dont understand the whole release date thing at all!why cant it all just come out at the same time!! what is pacific time!? just so i know when i can tine into watch it!

  12. Aisling, you can go here to convert the time zone difference.

    I tried it and if I did it right it will be 2:30 am in Ireland when it’s 6:30pm in California.

  13. oh ok i mite have a lil sleep den get up and watch it! my boyfriend already thinks im insane already anyway!! im just sososososo excited. and thanks kerri your 2 nice converting it for me πŸ™‚

  14. I’m so jealous! Having to wait until december 19th is going to kill me! Is the lex going to, like, give their opinions on the movie or something when they’ve seen it?

  15. hey hayley, i cant imagine them keeping their opinions to themselves, ive already told my cousin in KC to go see it and let me know how it was! im gonna book the 19th of work and everything just soim all prepared! ahhhh excitement!

  16. UGHHH!!!! I’ll be in LA on Thursday to visit family for 2 weeks, including Thanksgiving, but WHY OH WHY couldn’t we of gone a couple days earlier?!?!?!?!? GAHHHHH! *** runs off crying ***

  17. What about for people who are working during the premiere? Does anyone know where the red carpet interviews can be recorded? Or if they will be able to be seen online tomorrow?

  18. Free movie clip on iTunes! ^_^

  19. “boy do we hope they have a great server”

    LOL! I agree. I think there will be a lot of disappointment otherwise :/

  20. this is exciting! i am excited.. more than i should be reallY!

  21. Oh no, it’s 03:30am here in Germany. I hope they’ll keep showing the video on the server afterwards. Will they? I’ll rush back home tomorrow after my work!

    What? In Stockholm there’s a premiere on Nov. 20th?! I can’t believe it! Regarding this, I must say, I really hate being in Germany, because they dub all the movies and TV programs which postpone the realease date a lot. Twilight will be released in Germay on Jan.15th.2009! Yeah, after million of fans have seen the movie for several times!!! But, fortunately, I’ll be in Taiwan in December where Twilight will be in theater on Dec. 12th! Thank God!

  22. You can watch the red carpet premiere live, with interviews and such:

    You can grab that widget and put it on your own page, too!


  23. Does anyone know if we can watch it later than 6.30? I will be at work until later tonight. πŸ™


    Also: I bought my tickets for Friday at 7.30pm Saturday and the theater said they had alread sold over 100 tkts! πŸ™‚

  24. Over at Buzznet we’ll most definitely have someone at the red carpets, as well as the lost paramore show – until the coverage gets posted please “chew on this” if you will –

    Site admins: please feel free to repost as a news story and/or email me with any questions.

  25. Devon061381 says

    I’m so excited to see this live coverage tonight! I can’t wait to see how well this movie does at the box office. iTunes shows that the Twilight Soundtrack is #2 top album right now, and the free Apple, Inc. podcast “meet the director and actor” is the #2 podcast right now. Yes, we are taking over the world. Muhahaha πŸ™‚

  26. AriLovesEdward says

    Hey just liked to say that on yahoo news theres a list of the 25 hottest men, and RPattz is #7!!!!

  27. 6:30pm is like 9:30pm isn’t it.
    Anyone know if they are giving any coverage on tv? Like E! or Tv guide channel?

  28. EW has an awesome interview with Taylor!,,20234559_20234568,00.html?bcpid=185972979

  29. does anyone kno what 6:30pt is in eastern time?

  30. tribeca10013 says

    Does anyone have the link to the original Kristen/Robert screen test, shot on the director’s bed?

  31. Gosh, I cannot wait for the premiere coverage to start!! XD So if it’s 6:30 Pacific Time, then it’s 8:30 Central Time…right?
    I live in Texas so I think I’m 2 hours ahead of LA.

  32. I live in Lexington ky and they have 10 showings thursday night atarting at 1200 to 1210 and im going.. soo excited!

  33. I don’t even have the showtimes in my area!They’re really retarded.

  34. OMG!!!!!!!!! You guys are lucky i am all the way in nz. even though there are just a couple of weeks till the movie comes out the cinema is already fully booked me and ma friendss got the tickets though.Hope i dont die of exictment till the movie comes out

  35. Ahh! I went to the UK London Premiere Last Night! BEST NIGHT EVER! I got Kristen’s Autograph 8D Jasper is GORGEOUS O________O I want a vampire too! XDD

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