So While We’re Waiting

It sort of feels anti-climatic to post anything before the premiere coverage begins later tonight.

Our inbox is at an all time high with every media outlet on the planet hopping on the Twilight bandwagon, and I’ve got the news alerts from New Delhi to prove it!  Anyway a lot of it is stuff we’ve heard a million times before. So after wading around, here’s what’s new, or newish:

Bella and have video and photos from yesterday’s podcast sponsored by Twilight Live.

The Movie Fanatic has an article on Rob’s fans and how much is too much. Their Twilight blog-a-thon also continues.

The LA Times goes in depth to reveal how in their opinion the big Hollywood studios blew  their chance when it came to Twilight.  They also have an exclusive with Stephenie.

MTV has Edi Gathegi go in depth on Laurent.

Reelz Channel has an interview with Rob.


  1. lirael cullen says

    How exciting!! It feels so odd that its finally happening!! Ahah!! and i’m a part of it!!!

  2. Stephenie’s article was great!! I’m so excited for her!! I won’t be able to make the midnight showing (I have work the next day plus two little boys) so I’m going after work when my husband gets home!!
    But a few of my friends are going that night! They have sworn not to blow anything for me!!! hee hee

  3. woot the premiere thing just began streaming live.

  4. Twilight Nymph says

    Some one has to stop Rob from trying to pull an Edward, and just getting to 32. LOL I hope he wasn’t serious about that or he has some serious issues.

  5. Great LA Times article LOL – nothing like rubbing salt in Big Hollywood’s wound for missing the cash-cow that is the Twilight Saga 🙂

  6. Why only 32? 😀

  7. just a girl says

    yayayaya! so awesome! Speaking of Bandwagon. . . :p anything new from mitch hansen or the twilighters? What about tha “My Broken Soul” song bring in the New Moon Movie??? if you dont know what I’m talking about – you NEED to find out! 😀


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