The Red Carpet

The red carpet for Twilight will have no shortage of coverage.  First of all the Lexicon’s Be My Escape (Jen) is paired up with Kaleb Nation, The Twilight Guy to bring you news right from the actor’s own lips.  So if you are going to be at the Mann Theaters in Westwood (they moved the location from the original spot) look for Jen and Kaleb.  The Mann theaters are located at 961 and 948 Broxton Ave.

Now, if you want some mainstream media coverage, notice the below widget. When the stars star to arrive the widget goes live and you can see it all. We may have to switch over to a link for it because, call me crazy, but I think our bandwith might hit another all time high. It might be easier to you all right to their server.

EDITED:  Ok the widget was sucking our bandwith faster than Edward inhales a mountain lion. Here is the link to the widget.


  1. Devon061381 says:

    HA! I guess I won’t be making dinner Monday night! Must plant myself in front of the computer for this! 🙂

  2. Oh gosh I can’t wait for the widget to go live 😀

  3. This will be exciting.

  4. Sarah (aka imhuntingforwitches) says:

    Whoo! I stopped going onto the Twilight Lexicon for a while because I didn’t want to spoil myself for the movie. Now it’s only a week away! The premiere is at the Mann Theaters now? SWEET! That’s really close to where I am! I might just go…

  5. Sarah (aka imhuntingforwitches) says:

    Oh, wait, some quick searching shows that the stars will be showing up around 5? And it’s on a Monday too…guess I can’t get there early. Can someone give me an approximate time to start watching the premiere then?

  6. ONLY four days to go!


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