Press From the Hot Topic Tour

From most accounts it looks like organization behind the Hot Topic Tour is improving. Hot Topic issued a public apology that was distributed to fansites yesterday.

Here is coverage regarding the most recent legs of the tour, I’ll be seeing you Paramus people tomorrow!

Camping out to see Rob in Philly.

Rob and fans outside of Chicago in Orland Park.

Edi, Rachelle, and Taylor outside of Phoenix  Arizona.

The Bella Cullen Project’s point of view YouTube style at the Dallas signing.

Kristen Stewart hits the tour for the first time today with a Fairfax, VA signing.


  1. WOW !!!!

    I’M SO SAD UTAH GET’S NOTHING AND really there would be sooooo many people here who would go !!!

  2. Is anybody going to the one at Miami? At what time?

  3. Im mad I wanna go see twilight at midnight but its a school night and my mom won’t let me ๐Ÿ™

  4. TW I agree!!!!! I’m sad that Utah doesn’t get anything either ๐Ÿ™ there would be SOOOO many people here that would go!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™

  5. lirael cullen says

    ah-ha! lol… signings in Phoenix and Denver and i’m stuck in the middle!!? Ah-ha from new mexico people just a little freaking out.. sigh.. oh well.. i’ll dream i met them or something..

  6. i’m going to the miami one but i’m not sure what time. the article i just read said people stayed over night so i don’t know if should do that or not.

  7. It’s so true the only thing we’ve ever gotten here was the Host tour and well we always GET LEFT BEHIND !!! Utah has almost sold out in all their theatres YOU’D THINK THEY WOULD COME OUT HERE !!!

    But it’s fun to watch everyone get to experience this BUT I REALLY WISH IT WAS ME haha …

  8. Philly you got Robert’s age wrong…just saying!

  9. O.o Rob is 20 minutes away from where I live tonight. OMG.
    Unfortunately, Kelly Maguire is right. School prevented any possibility at all of me going.
    I hope everyone, who skipped school both yesterday and today, has fun.
    Kelly seems really nice, only buying one so that some person at the end of the line could get a chance.

  10. ome i went to the San Fran event!! and i did met Rob… but it was so crazy… it was not at all organized!!! but i saw my love and thats what matters!!!!

  11. where are Angela and Justin? My favorite couple. I went to an event and no luck.

  12. I’m really upset about the Philly event. I called the mall 5 times yesterday verifying that you couldn’t line up until midnight. We could have been there earlier, but we actually trusted that the mall would stick to their word about midnight. That was a dumb move on my part, I guess, but it just sucks.

  13. Melz Syndrome says

    Courts I’m right there with you. I called Hot Topic and the Mall and they gave me the same responses each time. -Shrug- It wasn’t so devastating because I had this feeling of them doing that after what happened in Chicago. I just wish I had gone with my gut feeling. @-@;

    Oh well. At least I’ll be there for the Q&A. Better than nothing. :3

  14. Kristen Stewart is going to be in my area this evening, but unfortunately I can’t go! Even though there’s a three-hour delay for my school tomorrow, my parents won’t let me go. Have fun to those who are going, though.

  15. cant go to da MIA one… work =/

  16. I’m going to camp out at GSP tonight right after rehearsal’s over. I’m worried because the article said that anyone arriving after 10pm was too late… My rehearsal ends at 10, and then there’s time to travel… But my mom’s all for it, so YAY!

    =D <3
    Meeting up with other Twilighters, hopefully tonight and definetly tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Vampire-In-training says

    OME! i talked to people in 2 pictures~the were soo nice.
    but yesterday in chicago rob was adorable and it was yet another screamfest, but he looked gorgeous


  19. Im goint to see you all tomorow at GSP!
    im just soo scared i wont get to meet Bella =[
    but im arriving at 3 in the morning is that good enough?! or earlier?!

  20. OMGosh guys the signing last night in phoenix was absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wasnt even going until my mom showed up with the tickets after school!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the lines and the noise were crazy but i loved every minute of it!!!!!!!!!
    they were sooo sweet and they seemed to be enjoying themselves sooo its great that they can do this for us!!!!!!!

  21. Does anyone have details on what happened with Kristen in Virginia?
    Like what time people started lining up and what time the lines were full?
    I’m planning on going to the GSP one but I don’t want to go too early otherwise my mom won’t let me go.

  22. is anyone going to the one at the MOA in MN? i wanna know when other people are going… ha

  23. My friend went to the GSP n she said there were no lines yett
    n i called hot topic! n they said the same
    im gettting there at 2 noww
    but i wanna go there at 12!!

  24. Hey, for Sandy – I live 15 minutes way from Fair Oaks Mall, and unfortunately I couldn’t get the tickets. But 3 of my friends did and they went to the mall at around 3 AM but the police told them it was too early and to come at 4:45. So they did and they got into the mall and got their tickets and everything. Even when my friends arrived there at 3, there was people lined up already. Hot Topic was really organized and they had like groups to get the tickets. They’re probably doing the Q&A right now but yeah. I really wish I coulda went but STUPID SCHOOL! >:/

    & The funny thing is, I used to go to GSP back when I lived in NJ and now I go to Fair Oaks and Kristen’s going to both malls haha (:

  25. Oh and the tickets were sold out around 8 AM

  26. I’m going to the GSP too. They said the store opens at 7, so I don’t know if they’ll give the wristbands out before then. When is everyone else planning on going because I don’t want to come too early and I don’t want to come too late?

    Also, I know the entrance is by the “Spring” store, but can somebody tell me where that is in the parking lot? I normally park by the Bannana Republic, so I don’t know where the entrance they’re opening is.

  27. HII!! yeah im going to miami btw its at four!!!! see you theree!

  28. MIchelle
    idk exactly where it is all i no is exit 13 n i think its by the food court or w.e
    what time u going?!
    im going there at 2 but i wanna go at 12

  29. Genie

    Yeah i know Hot Topic is near the food court and Spring is near Hot Topic. I live in NYC, so it takes more than an hour for me to get there. I’ll probably leave my house at 3 or 4, but I wanted to go earlier too. I’m going to look for a map of the mall right now, so I’ll post a link if I find a good one.

  30. Michelle!
    they just told me that the enrtance is the garage next to neiman marcus!
    n omgg ur coming like far away i live 5 minutes from the mall!!
    look for me when u get there i have red hair! lol n very shorttt! haha

  31. *My comment wasn’t posted (maybe cause I added a link) so I’m writing it again.

    omg lol! Thanks so much!

    Since you live so close by, you could always scout out the area to see how many pple are there. If there aren’t many, you dont have to line up so soon.

    How short is short lmaoo?

  32. inoooo!!! thast y imgoing there at 2 to see whats upp
    i already sent my friend to check n theres no one rite noww

    n when i mean short veryy lol liek 4’8 lol ill be wearing liek tanish sweat pants lol

  33. Saw Kirsten and Nikki Reid at Fair Oaks tonight..

  34. it’s okay i’m like 5′ or 5’1″ lol. Us shorties gotta stick together! I’m glad to hear no one is there right now.

    So once your there at 2 your going to stay there?

  35. hahaha we shoulddd
    im gonna be with my friends were not that tall either!! she has black hair bout ur height too n the other one has blonde heair n my other friend is asian lol short blakc hair soo u can see its usss
    n yeahh im staying there! unless they kick us outt of the parking lot

    I used to live in Fairfax Virginia!!!
    Like 5 years ago…lol that’s really freaky.

    And thanks for the info!
    So then that means I don’t have to get there too early. =]

  37. I’m asian too! but my hair is long.

    I’m going with my parents since it’s so far away and I can’t drive lmaoo. I have to skip school to go, so I couldnt bring any friends.

    I really want to go now lol.

  38. hahaha really thats soo cutee=]
    okk ill look for you!!
    n yeahh i thin my firends mom is just dropping us im not suree
    n were also skipping school!! n aww im sorry! but ur atleast goingg
    uhhm i want to be there rite noooww!

  39. I just got my tickets for the one tuesday in hollywood with paramore performing

  40. You go to school in NJ right?

    Yeah I’d rather go with my parents than not at all lol.

    I’m gonna be so sleepy tomorrow cause I’m to excited to sleep tonight =]

    Oh and if you didn’t already know, line up for the actual signing is 4:00pm. I called the store a few days ago and asked.

  41. yeahh my shcool is liek ten minutes from mall
    n im gettin my ticket n going to my house n sleepin getting up at 3 n go at 4 lol
    yeahh they told me i was talkin to the guys at hot topic!

  42. lmaoo i’ll end up sleeping in the car.

    So is that how u found out about the entrance near neiman marcus? cause they never told me that

  43. well thast what my friend told meee
    but idkk! ino i live here n idk bout this entrance haha
    well im gonna goo nowww
    n sleep for a bitt
    my friends are having preparty ill try to go on again!cya there michelle
    and Twilight fans!!

  44. Was Nikki a last minute addition? I know they are close friends, so is Nikki doing the other one with Kristen too?

    i just got home from 3:am!!

  46. hey i just got my ticket and t-shirt! woo hoo #189 =D
    ive been there since 5 this morning and it was so worth it…everything was really organized and everyone around me was so nice! im soo happy especially that nikki is going to be there too!
    the only thing that i dont like is that the back of the shirt doesnt say paramus =/
    O and i loved how we got to sign the books for hot topic and the cast members! i wrote them all a special note =DD

  47. yay!!
    n omg thats what me n my firends were talkin about too!!
    we wanted it to say New Jersey!
    n i will see uu at 4

  48. The Tour stop @ Fair Oaks Mall was sooo crazy! It was a nice surprise that Nikki Reed came at the last minute. It kinda sucked that we had to wait out in the cold (and it also rained) at 4:45 in the morning to get tickets, but overall, it was a really fun experience, and Nikki & Kristen were very nice. Sadly, they had to cut the Q&A Session short, because too many fans crowded around the open court in the mall where they were having it, and there was too much screaming, so Nikki & Kristen couldn’t even hear the questions. There better be tours for the other movies when they come out!


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