Twilight Tour Continues

It seems like things went much smoother in Chicago. However there are mixed feelings. 

This just in from Lexiconer Kristen:

So i JUST got back (its 4:30am currently) from Orland park where Rob is suppose to be tonight, and luckily I got there in time. Two friends and I showed up at around 9 PM and camped out. There were already a good 50 people ahead of us. Some had been there since 4 that afternoon waiting.  It was bitterly cold (34 degrees) and raining almost the entire time.

The Orland park police and hot topic had everything VERY organized. A line was set up around the outside of the shopping center. there were some people selling hot chocolate and everyone was SUPER friendly. The Hot Topic staff was amazing. You were only allowed to leave the line for a max of 5 mins. No saving places was allowed. If you cut, you were sent to the back of the line.

 After sitting outside til 1230, the police and mall manager decided to allow us IN the mall even though it was after shopping hours, but it was only the first 500 people there.  This was a HUGE relief since it was so cold and wet.  You were given a ticket to secure your spot. It gave you a chance to run back to your car and toss whatever belongings into your car. They then escorted 20 at time into the mall, to an already sectioned line. After the first 500 were admitted they turned everyone else away.

Around 130 they announced that Hot Topic was going to start selling the bracelets. 10 people were allowed into the store at a time to make their purchases. As I was walking out to my car, there were other fans standing outside who were denied entry. A lot complained about false advertisement because the bracelets were sold before 7:30, but the 500 were already present.

Everything went VERY smoothly and I applaud the police, mall management, and Hot Topic employees! I was fortunate to be one of the 500.

This from Orhai

Hot Topic are liars. Once again, this Chicago one was a disaster. Tons of us have called over the week and they all gave us the same answer. "You can’t line up till 5am. If you do you will be escorted out." Well you can only imagine what a big surprise it was when we got there at 1 in the morning only to find out that they had started to sell them early. It is sad because they lied to so many of us. Some people had driven hours to get there only to find out it was too late.

I think that you guys should put a heads up on your site for the next couple of signings warning people that there might be a last minute change of plans. It really is unfair to have die hard fans drive miles and waste hours of driving to find out that they were being lied to. I was one of the 500 who got a ticket, but it was still sad to see 50+ girls crying because they were told that they couldn’t arrive until 5am. It is very hard for people to know that plans are changed when they live on the other side of the state and can’t make it a day before they are supposed to sell them.

There is also local media perspective:

Chicago Breaking News Site

Chicago Sun Times

As far as we can tell the "Villians" leg of the tour hasn’t experienced severe problems.


  1. Vampire-in-training says

    yeah i was going to go to orland at around 5 but then i saw on the news that they had already been sold from a group at 1:30!1:30! thtas false advertising! they said that they doors would open at 7:30! so to the people who actualyl did what they were supposed to do, got cheated. now thats not fair. i mean there was even a guy there with his 3 daughters from michigan! thats 10 hours away! i just cant believe we got cheated out of something like this..

  2. I actually drove by around 9PM and saw the line forming. That was the only reason I that I knew about being able to line up early. Everything was organized and calm. It was a pleasant surprise from what I was expecting.
    But I feel so bad for those Twilight fans who did not get one. Seriously, you guys should have been informed somehow.

  3. Karen Nantus says

    Well, I’m pissed. I just got back with no wristband. I was there at just past 5am, only to have police tell us that the wristbands were all gone, had been for awhile. Also, we couldnt wait there in our cars since the mall was not open.
    One cop said there would be a public area for the Q & A, another cop said you had to have a wristband.
    I told them that we were told by HT that they would be given out this morning. They said it was Hot Topic’s idea to hand out the wristbands early. I think a TM boycott of HT is in order.

  4. I was there at 5am this morning, and I waited like I was supposed to. When I saw 100 other girls in tears about what happened, I was so sad. So many girls (and guys actually!) missed school and work for this opportunity, only to be turned down.

    Hot Topic should be ashamed for what they did. They could have at least given out some free buttons or something to those of us who waited out in the cold.

    Also, the Orland Park police should be ashamed of their officers this morning. They were rude and yelled repeatedly at a group of young girls and told them they would be arrested if they didn’t leave. That’s just uncool. There’s a proper way to handle a situation like this, and a little sympathy and kindness would have went a lot further. OPPD, I am disappointed in your officers.

  5. i think it’s freakin lame to sell the wristbands before time, even if you were the first 500 in line they should’ve still made them wait til 7:30….cops were a-holes too

  6. I am so disappointed at HT for doing this. My mom got out of work early to get in line by 3:00 this morning only to be turned down. Not only do I blame HT for this but I blame the fans who did not listen to the rules and lined up early anyways. You shouldn’t act like your sorry because we followed the rules and you didn’t!

  7. If you think about it the first 250-500 people got wristbands. Even if they started this thing at 5a, you had to know that people would start lining up way before hand and that there was a enormous chance that you would NOT get a wristband. Look at the chaos in SF. I think the mall, HT, and the police handled it appropriately. I wasn’t even there. You can’t honestly think that if you show up at 5a that you are going to be near the front of the line.

  8. well, “Debbie”, Orland Square security said the parking lot would open at 5 AM
    you would be asked to leave if you arrived before 5AM.

    you couldn’t even sit in your car, in the lot, because, No One would be allowed in the lot until 5AM

    They did not want overnight campers.

    (Orland Park, BTW is NOT CHICAGO!!!)
    You want to say you are from Chicago? Then LIVE IN CHICAGO!!! Posers.

  9. I know this is off Rob’s Tour. but does anyone know how early people have been lining up for the rachelle, edi, and taylors? I don’t want to miss out on it!

  10. stupidshinyvolvo_owner says
  11. i have to say that i called hot topic last week about when everything was starting and they said NOTHING to me about not being able to camp out. we followed the rules, from what we knew. if they didnt allow camping out they would have turned us away right there instead of letting us stay.

  12. That just sucks that Hot Topic decided not to follow their own rules. For those of you who got the wristbands…yeah you would say the security guards and Hot Topic did their job well…b/c YOU got a wristband and you didn’t even follow the rules…YOU scared the guards and the HOT Topic people into selling the wristbands early. Well congratulations on that. For all the other people that followed the rules it is a bitter disappointment. I’m glad that I decided early that I wouldn’t go at all after what happened on Monday at SF Hot Topic. Hot Topic should offer an official apology to fans because they broke their own rules!!!

  13. Well, I”m glad I decided not to make the trek from chicago out to see this today. I seriously thought about it. It is a shame that they broke their own rules. I know of a few people who wanted to go, and they would have gotten cheated. I don’t really know why they chose this mall either.

    I feel really bad for the people who followed the rules and didn’t get entry. I think they should have made some kind of rule about if you were going to line up, what time they should be allowed to do that. Maybe say you can’t get in line until 5 and if you get there beforehand, have the police tell you that you can’t wait in line.

    Overall, it just sounds like this thing was poorly executed. Glad I didn’t waste 60 bucks to come out there.

  14. The reason HT broke their rules was because of the number of people already showing up to get wristbands. They wanted to keep it safe. It wasn’t just HT that made that decision. Mall security and police also made that decision. Delmma, just so you know. I live in the Chicago area.

  15. I’m glad to hear things went better (organization wise) for you guys then it did for us in SF..however it seems HT did the same thing it did to us, which is lie. I suggest everyone write a customer email to HT on their website. It isnt’ fair for them to get us all excited and then simply lie about it. and a definate boycott of HT needs to happen hahaha

  16. well…i was one of the people who got there around 4:30 this morning and yes i was turned away this morning. i am a bit pissed but there is nothing i can do i followed the rules and i called hottopic three times before the event and each time i talked to them they said 7:30. the only thing i am mad about is that i gave my sister 30 dollars to take me!!! and i get no rob poster to put in my kitchen. i can think about it all i want about what i would do differently, but there is nothing i think i would change about planning it out. that’s what makes me really mad. and the fact that i am at home right now on my computer wishing i was at school because i took off school so i can go.

  17. i think how they did this was wrong! they set up certain rules and that was no one allowed in the parking lot before 5am. yet those fans that don’t like to follow rules showed up. so they decide omg so many people we will sell early just so there won’t be a problem. not that’s wrong. people have been calling all week since SF and told them certain rules and yet they were still broken and the ones that broke the rules got the wristbands. that’s messed up and so wrong!

    i blame HT, the mall and the fans that didn’t follow the rules. if they had those rules set up then the cops or whoever was over it should have told them you have to leave! there are rules we have and you can’t come back until 5am. for real all this stuff is getting really stupid with the rob tours. the girls need to chill the hell out!

    of course the ones that broke the rules and got there early and got the wristbands are gonna say ohh they handled it so well. of course they did in your eyes. cause you broke their rules and got a wristband. while the ones that did what they were told got the shaft. it’s bull crap! these fans of all ages need to learn how to follow the rules. the places putting this on need to be aware of just how big this is and get this line forming and what not under better control. tho i assume it’s hard when these fans can’t control themselves and act completely retarded.

  18. I think the police and HT handled this situation well. If they did turn away the people that showed up early, those people would have just camped out across the street. That would have been much harder to control and there would have probably been some mad rush to the doors and people getting hurt again. We all are huge fans of Twilight and Rob, and there are way more than 500 of us in each of these cities. Even following the rules, not everyone is going to be able to see Rob and people are going to be disappointed. HT probably knew that and decided to diffuse the situation when they got the chance instead of sticking to the rules. It sucks, but it’s ok. We’ll all see him on the big screen next week. 🙂

  19. I really don’t understand what you guys are complaining about. If there were already 500 people in line at 1:30am, then they might as well sell them to get it over with. What’s the point of having them wait? If they DID sell them at the time that they stated, those people who waited would still have been in front of you.

    If you guys knew what happened in SF, which I attended, then you would know how it would turn out. People did camp out, but it out side of the mall premises. I think this event was nicely organized.

  20. I wasn’t there but I would have been VERY THANKFUL to the HT employee and police for letting me know that there are no more wristbands so I wouldn’t waste time and energy WAITING. To the upset girls out there….just think of the danger you girls would be in if they had told everyone to leave and come back at 5 a.m. Then you’ll have a hoard of girls running to get in line. That would definitely cause a riot with people pushing, shoving, falling. It is unfortunate that so many are turned away but…what can the employee and police do better? It’s not like they can tell the people that are already in line to get out of line so the people who comes later can get in line??? Would you prefer to wait seven more hours just to be told there are no more wrist bands? I think it was VERY THOUGHTFUL of them to let people in the mall…great job.

  21. Is anyone attending the Boston event on friday for Rob?

  22. ReturnedSecrets says

    Wow, whine whine! Consider this a lesson learned. It’s much like when you line up for concert tickets it’s the luck of the draw. I understand feeling upset you didn’t get your chance, but once 500 people show up, regardless of what time it is, case is closed. You have to be prepared for anything when it comes to stuff like this and never accept times at face value. When I use to wait in line to get concert tickets (thank the almighty internet I don’t anymore!) they would say you can’t line up before 5am, but people ALWAYS did. So, you get your booty there as soon as you can and hope you’re a lucky one who gets a ticket. Of course then came the lottery wristbands and it didn’t matter how long you been there if JoeBob just walked up and got a number higher than yours then too bad!

  23. anyone going to the miami one saturday? what time?

  24. Okay, I was at the Orland Park (not chicago because its PRETTY DARN FAR from Chicago) and i was so disappointed. I called twice yesterday to make sure that they were gonna start selling wristbands at 7:30. I asked the lady what time would be a good time to go and she said like 6:30, but I knew it would be a good idea to go earlier so I went at 5:00 with my aunt, cousin, and friends. When we got there they told us to leave because they were sold out! They said they had all of the sudden decided to sell them at midnight! OK, I wasn’t even angry, I was TOO SAD to be angry! Once again, Hot Topic lied to us! Yes, I’m upset that I don’t get to see Rob Patts but I’m most upset that they lied to us! if I had KNOWN that they would be selling wristbands at midnight I would have gotten there a lot earlier!

  25. I think that’s why people are mad about the way Orland Park was handled….if Hot Topic had given advance warning that you could camp out early, than everyone would have. It’s just that OPPD said that if you got there any earlier than 5am, that they’d escort you away and might even arrest you for trespassing.

    The ONLY reason I did not show up the night before was for fear of the police and having my car towed.

    I know that Hot Topic did what they felt was in their best interest, but it makes me wonder if it was somehow an inside job? How did 500 people find out the NIGHT before that it was ok to camp out when we were previously told we’d be arrested???

  26. Guys, just so you know, there is a public Q&A with Rob in the mall atrium at around 7:30, so if you’re still in the Orland area you can always go to that. Not quite the same, but at least you can say you saw him.

    Personally I was not going to pay $30 for a shirt and skip school to stand in line for 8 hours, so I’m fine with this option: same RPattz, but free and more on my own terms. 🙂

  27. I’ve got to the point where I am a bit embarrassed to be a Twilight fan…but atleast I’m proud to say I’m not one of the ones who attacked other fans, like i heard happened at one of these events!

  28. Maddie Cullen says

    wow… the rules were nothing before 5 am… if Hot Topic wasn’t full of B.S. they would have sent all the over night campers home that’s just ridiculous.

  29. I got back from the Chicago “selling” if you can call it that a few hours ago. I called the management at the mall several times, and each time they reassured me that NO ONE would be allowed in line before 5 a.m., and the selling would not begin until 7:30. I got there this morning at 3 a.m., ready to wait, until 5. A huge crowd was in front of the mall. The tickets had been sold at midnight last night to the fools who broke the rules and camped out before 9 p.m. We were then told to get away from the mall or we would be arrested. I am absolutely disgusted at this, as cars were pulling up every 2 minutes, and girls as young as 8 were crying.

  30. I was really upset at the unfairness of the situation…I did not go personally but I know some people who did and they said it was awful…little kids crying who’d driven 5+ hours to get there. Apparently a group of girls were repeatedly threatened with arrest if they did not leave immedately. Wow. Just wow.

  31. What really make me mad is that if I had been informed of their cancellation of the “nothing before 5am rule,” I could have gotten right in line @ mindnight since I live 10 min away…
    People who complain about the “whiners”: I you don’t get a ticket, you don’t get one, but if no one was supposed to be in line before 5 am, that’s not fair to people who played by the rules.

  32. It just amazes me that Summit and HT has never fully comprehended just what they have had on their hands. If SF was any inclination of what was to be expected nationwide, they should/need to alter how they handle Rob’s tours. Maybe they should have a drawing? I feel terrible for those who came and were turned away. I agree with those who say that the mall and HT handled thing poorly. They planned things very poorly to begin with and I’m afraid that this is how thing will continue for the rest of his tour unless they do something about it.

  33. I live in Chicago and did not get a ticket. First of all, it says Chicago and Orland Park is far away from Chicago. I’m disappointed but Hot Topic should have some sense that Twilight is pretty big and not to hold it in their tiny stores! Come on! They should think these things through. And for people who did get wristbands good for you, not following rules and such, stop talking about how it was all organized and went well b/c YOU got a wristband and it’s all fine and dandy for YOU.

  34. wait people who camped outside…where were you that they didn’t throw you out?

  35. i still feel like HT didn’t apologize to people in SF. they should’ve known that people would be there early and anticipated a mad rush to the door at 6am (which did happen). and i called numerous times to ask them if the event was for sure canceled and they said yes, which is why i went to class but i found out later the event was back on. so people who came in around 12pm got wristbands while i was there since 3am and got nothing (although i did get to see him for 10 seconds as he left the store). i blame the poorly written rules, mall security and HT for lying about the event being canceled.

  36. anyone been to a laurent, victoria, and jacob signing? if you have, have alot people shown up really early?

  37. You know, SMEYER broke all her own rules!!

    Smeyer should offer an official apology to fans because theyshe broke theirher own rules!!

    It is a shame that theyshe broke theirher own rules.

    You guys are HILARIOUS! Keep up the good work of over reacting.
    good work to those who are sensible about this, but you’re not as funny, so please shush 😉

  38. i live in wisconsin and it takes about 2 and a half hours to get to orland but i got there at around 12 last night and we were numbers 416 and 417. we went in after we got our tickets and waited in another line to get our wristbands and t-shirts. we ended up not leaving the mall until around 3:45. however we didn’t go to our nice comfy warm beds, my friend and i had to sleep in her car in a condo parking lot!! haha. we got to the mall the next day (today) at 9AM and there were already a few people in line for rob. not a ton, but a few. we went in line at about 1:45 .. he started signging autographs at about 6:15 and we met him at around 6:30. the whole thing was very well organized and all of the hot topic staff were extremely nice and understanding. DEFINATELY go to this if it is in your area– SO worth it!! I GOT A HUG! and i will never forget that!! haha. it was weird .. he was so much like edward, everything about him was flawless. sounds dumb but once you see him in real life you’ll understand! the q&a session was .. interesting. apparently over 6,000 people showed up to the signing and as you all know they only let 500 people in. it seemed like every one of those extra persons went to wait for the question and answer .. it was extremely chaotic and all of the security guards were very rude. moms in front of us even had kids in strollers and were being EXTREMELY rude and cussing us out (we are 17 and 18!!). the mics weren’t very loud and since everyone was screaming you couldn’t hear one word rob was saying. he did seem very embarassed by all of the attention though, and kept covering his ears and doing that AMAZING smile! :). have fun at all of your signings!!

  39. you are all acting like the people who got wristbands got together and plotted against you. i am not 8 years old but i did drive a LONG way to get to orland park.. just because we overshot our time and got their early you are disgusted with me and feel i should not have met rob because i am breaking the rules? get over it! the same people would have been in line first anyways so quit your whining because its over. sorry, but you are being rude :).

  40. i have to agree with hannah.. i am the one that wrote the first review on here.. no one ever told us that we werent allowed to stay. they actually put tape up to keep us in line.. the hot topic employees never said anything.. the police never said or threatened anyone.. i wasnt told we couldnt camp out.. yes im a lil crazy and did indeed camp out but even if i didnt get to meet rob it was still a fun night and i met alot of awesome twilight fans..

  41. We’ll Hot topic needs to organise thier stuff better but don’t worry guys we might all get a better shot when the movie comes out.

  42. I was one of the people standing at 3:30 in the morning outside of the orland park mall, i called more than 5 times and all the time the mall AND hot topic told me that if I got to the mall before 4 a.m. we would get kicked out or arrested. I am ashamed at the fect that for following the rules many people including me got screwed over. The fact that when i arrived their they allowed a white blonde women enter to buy a ticket because they felt sorry for her was horrible and shows that this world has not changed at all. Also for all those that do not know, when we arrived and were told that if we stayed we would be arrested for traspessing on private property and loitering, yet when the television stations got there the police and security stopped saying that because they knew they would get in trouble for saying this!! IT IS A THREAT!!! Also the manager of Hot Topic admitted in the morning that what he did was wrong, that they handled the situation unjustly and unfairly, later though he turned around and told the people thathe did it for the welfare of the people, they should have thought about our wellbeing of the people when they lied to thousands of fans including myself. Fortunately I am looking into this sad situation and bringing forth action in order to make sure that people are not discriminated against, like many of us were. The point is that the mall and hot topic told some of us some information about arriving there early and being punished for it and others were allowed to camp out, I would just like to question how was it that they chose who to tell and who not to tell??

  43. what are you talking about? nobody was discriminated against

    there is nothing you can do about it now and honestly i think you are being a sore loser. sorry but its true.

  44. I know this is old news but i feel i have to comment on this. All because people are still going agro about this!

    I was also one of those people who got a wristband. AND NO IT WAS NOT AN INSIDE JOB! i came from indiana and honestly we had no clue about the 5 am rule whatsoever. Like numerous people have said before” what should it matter if you got in line at 5am there would still be most likely more than 500 people ahead of you”

    Yes the tour is over and it was a site to be seen, but honestly why should you get all angry about it. No one was punished and no one was discriminated against.

  45. yeah, I know I’m posting this almost a year later and no one will ever see it, but I just have something to say:

    Everyone is whining about how they followed the rules, and how terrible Hot Topic is. I was one of the 500 to get a wristband that day. I was well imformed by the Hot Topic website that you needed to be one of the first 500 in to see him. it said nothing on the website about rules against camping out, or when the line was allowed to start forming.

    So planning accordingly, me and my mom left our home in Kentucky, 300 miles from Orland Square mall around 9:00pm our time(8:00pm chicago time). because we knew ahead of time how things were crazy in San Francisco we knew we would need to leave early, even at the early time we left we were scared we’d be too late.

    My mom and I wanted to follow any rules and get filled in on as many details we could on the drive up. So with that we called up the Hottopic in Orland Square mall, only to get a busy signal for over two hours of constant redialing. So don’t go saying we broke a rule, we knew nothing of this unspoken rule and we tryed to get all the information we could.

    We ended up arriving at the mall 11:30pm their time. There was a large line formed outside the mall already, I was sure it was way over 500 but we parked quickly and lined up anyway. It was freezing and raining, I was out there with some dedicated fans. The sucurity was extremely nice, constantly giving us updates and an hour later when, because of the terrible weather, they let the first 500 in, they kept running to the front and telling us what number they were on. Once I got to the front I was handed a piece of paper with the number 390 written on it and the rest is history.

    It remains the greatest, most fun day of my life, It was well worth the missed day of school and I will remember it forever. So, I’m not condeming Hottopic, I’m praising them for giving me the time of my life. It was a wonderful adventure, I met so many new friends and nice people, I ate new foods at a wonderful local restraunt, I got interviewed for the local TV station and I got to meet face to face with my favorite actor. Thank you Hottopic, thank you.

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