Message from Hot Topic

To all of the supporters of Hot Topic and fans of TWILIGHT:

 Although no explanation will correct the situation that occurred in Chicago today at the Orland Square Mall, I wanted to attempt to explain what happened from our point of view.

 We do many signings all over the country with large crowds so we have processes and systems in place to ensure a smooth experience for our customers. The mall developer was a partner in the planning; however, as of two days ago, they told us they would not allow any fans to line up prior to 6AM. They required them to be off the premises.

 On Monday at 6AM at the San Francisco event, the fans became disorderly and stormed the mall entrance. Mall security, numerous police, fire officials and our team from HT stepped in to calm the crowd and create a safe environment for the fans. The event was revised and went forward with the exception of the planned Q&A. 

Monday’s event caused all of us to re-group and review the process. Allowing a “mob” to develop was dangerous and frankly, not an option. The mall developer (GGP) consented to allowing an orderly line to form prior to 6AM outside of the remainder of the malls on the tour. When our crew arrived yesterday at midnight, approximately 500 people were already lined up to purchase tickets. By 1AM, there were 700 people in line. It was about 30 degrees and raining. We had to make a call. We knew the first 500 would get wristbands and felt it was the right call to allow those waiting beyond 500 to go home and avoid the cold, wet weather for the remainder of the morning. Given the demand, anyone arriving after midnight would have been too late to obtain a wristband.

 We understand your frustration and anger, but from our standpoint, we had no choice but to change the rules after Monday’s event. We knew some would feel it unfair as they were told one thing and when arriving on the scene, something else was reality. But given the choice of risking a disorderly crowd, a dangerous situation and canceling of the event, we made a decision that we felt was the right thing to do. I support our team and the mall for making safety and, given the weather, health the priorities.

 There are two remaining locations for “Edward” appearances, King of Prussia in Philadelphia and Square One in Saugus, MA.  Both malls have consented to allowing an orderly line form early, first come, first serve.  Exact line-up locations are posted on the website. 


We sincerely apologize and hope that the facts help you to better understand the situation.


Betsy McLaughlin

CEO, Hot Topic


  1. Twifanatic Amanda says

    Well that satisfied me XD

  2. This would have been nice to know 2 days ago.

  3. It didn’t satisfy me. They can apologize for it after the fact but there are a lot of girls that came and ended up jaded.
    If they really wanted to atone for it, then they would re-do the event. Tisk Tisk.

  4. I agree with Taterbuggy. They should re-do the event and this time pick a bigger place or a bigger mall. Like Woodfield or something, anything bigger than store that’s as big as my backroom!

  5. Jeez people… be happy with what you’ve got.

    Everything Hot Topic has done seems completely logical. They said you wouldnt be able to line up on the premises, lining up outside the premises was allowed and obviously there are some dedicated (unhealthily obsessed in my opinion)fans who are prepared to risk their health just to see a few celebs.
    Just because you weren’t logical enough to think of this yourself does not mean you should bash a company who has gone above and beyond to provide you with experiecnes that a lot of other places miss out on (*cough* Australia *cough*).
    Personally if i was going to travewl “hours” to see such an event, I would be checking with the company all the time so that any changes in plan would be accounted for on my end……..

    Just my two cents…

  6. Jeez people… be happy with what you’ve got.

    Everything Hot Topic has done seems completely logical. They said you wouldnt be able to line up on the premises, lining up outside the premises was allowed and obviously there are some dedicated (unhealthily obsessed in my opinion)fans who are prepared to risk their health just to see a few celebs.
    Just because you weren’t illogical enough to think of this yourself does not mean you should bash a company who has gone above and beyond to provide you with experiecnes that a lot of other places miss out on (*cough* Australia *cough*).
    Personally if i was going to travewl “hours” to see such an event, I would be checking with the company all the time so that any changes in plan would be accounted for on my end……..

    Just my two cents…

  7. Luana. No. no. I insist. Keep the change.

    Whether you feel it’s the fans fault or not. The company’s PR should have been better for this event. I understand their judgement call but for an event this big, it was bad.

  8. Whoa!Those fans came BEFORE midnight?That means they stayed up all night waiting in the rain?Well that’s crazy (*maybe* I would have done the same just to make sure I don’t get late!).

    Poor those who had respected the rules.I hope this time it goes on well.

  9. Well what about Dallas, a lot of girls that were there first were scr*wed over! People waiting for 5 hours didn’t get in vs. people that were there for 15 minutes did. Seriously, it shouldn’t be this hard, girls line up and first 500 get a wristband. It’s not like this is the first event people have waited for hours and hours for. Maybe HT should have taken pointer from the professionals and not winged these events. I have gotten sooo many things from HT but I’m seriously so jadded that I’m no longer going to shop there…EVER!!!!

  10. I don’t get why everyone cares so much XD I mean from what the other sessions have said basically you go, rob signs something and half the time doesn’t say anything to you so like what do you get out of that? It would be cool to see him and all but being so obsessed with someone you don’t even know seems a little ridiculous to me, robs a sweetheart from the interviews I’ve seen but its not like meeting him is going to thrust you into a bella/edward relationship with the guy ๐Ÿ˜› yea it sucks that people didnt respect the rules but thats hardly hot topics fault and they reacted as best they could to the situation, if you’re willing to drive hours to be in the presence of someone for an hour or so maybe you should drive to the other locations listed if its that important to you, anywho girlies whats done is done ranting isn’t going to change what happened so lets all just look forward to the release in a little over a week! weeee

  11. that definatly doesn’t fix anything.

  12. Tsumi….here here!!!!!!
    I couldn’t agree with you more!

  13. apology not good enough. they should apologize to SF for making it the guinea pig of the tour. i was definitely one of the first 500 there but got turned away because of the false report of it being “canceled”. by the time i found out it was back on, it was too late for me to get a wristband.

  14. Mary Alice Cullen says

    I know this is off topic but, at my school book fair they were selling twilight posters!!!! But i was to late and i was telling the person in charge ” I need that poster!” and i’m getting mines till friday. not fair.
    i just felt like telling someone. =]

  15. Wait, I am so confused, so when should we go to get the wristbands? If my event is friday does that mean I should go now to get a wristband, or tomorrow night?

  16. wow guys, the first priority in all these situations is not weather you get to meet your faveorite actor, but your safety and the safety of the actors. I planned to go to dallas (wich is only an hour drive for me) but after hearing about the event in sf canceled due to unruly fans who could not controll themselves… I decided not to go. Fans who will trample eachother to meet an actor… or for any reason are jerks, and for two seconds, concider the fact that you are likely scaring the actor you came to see by behaving that way. For all you bashing HT, they didnt even have to do this, they chose to. Get over it.

    Luana you make many good points.

  17. Too bad...So sad says

    It’s all part of the experience!! You went out on a limb for a first-come, first-serve event and got the shaft. Live and Learn. It’s not the end of the world…girls are funny…ha! So INTENSE!!! (I can say that freely because I’m a girl and gladly grew out of that intense phase.)

  18. oneofthestraights says

    oh please ladies…why don’t you put some responsibility on the fans. Normal people don’t think about thousands of screaming hormonal women/girls trying to breakdown the doors at a mall to see a man, he is not Edward he is a man. If you read the real accounts of what happened in San Fran you will know that people who thought they weren’t going to get to see Rob were the problem…FANS. Hot topic didn’t come out encouraging people to act like A**es. Grow up and get a grip, Rob is a person not a piece of meat be happy HE hasn’t asked for this to be cancelled after all of this. I mean seriously, broken noses, trampled people, seriously…Put on your big girls pants and accept that this had to be done for safety, not some mean conspiracy to keep you from Rob, not Edward, Rob.

    As far as I am concerned Hot Topic didn’t even owe this apology and you better darn bet that they will probably never do this again and are also probably regretting every minute of it now. Thanks nutters for making the rest of us look bad and ruining any future Twilight publicity events.

  19. I was there. No one was charging the doors, no one was causing a riot. About 100 calm, collected teen girls waited outside in the freezing cold and got yelled at by rude police officers.

    HT is trying to blow the situation out of proportion to make their choice justified.

    I wish they’d just tell the truth instead of painting a portrait of rabid fans. I met some very nice people there, actually.

  20. I agree, I honestly was excited about seeing him, but all this drama surronding it is really making me second guess even attempting to go. He is just an actor playing Edward, even though I greatly appreciate him bringing life to Edward on the big screen its not worth it. At first I didn’t think it would be that bad seeing how Stephanies signing in MA was pretty reasonable, it almost boggles my mind why more people who want to see him the Stephanie, but to each their own.

  21. The whole idea of these Hot Topic things is RIDICULOUS. First of all, they’re on school days, meaning that girls like me who live really close to a venue (KING OF PRUSSIA TOMORROW) can’t go because their parents won’t let them. THEN you need to buy an effing THIRTY DOLLAR SHIRT to even get a stupid wristband. Some of us can’t afford that. This is all a marketing gimmick. Hot Topic really doesn’t give a crap about us. I mean, seriously. Having it on SCHOOL DAYS?!?! It’s completely ridiculous.

  22. I was going to go there today, after school, but after hearing about this on teh news, i didnt go for obious reasons, i was really dissapointed. i think this is the dumbest thing ever. they never said anything about first come first serve. if they did the situation would be very different, and everyone would have been there on time, and we would jsut have to live with not being able to get in, but this is soo unfair, they can apologize all they want, but that still wont make up for how they lied to us.

  23. PensiveAlice says

    It’s hard to blame anybody. I mean, at first, I think the fans ought to have chilled and not run down the mall, waiting for “Edward”. But then again, maybe HT IS blowing things out of proportions. Maybe they’re blaming the fans, and, as ashley said, maybe the fans were acting cool and calm.
    Since we can’t accurately blame anybody (since not all of us were there), let’s just not play the blame game =]

  24. My mother is most likely letting me go tomorrow night to get a wristband for the Kristen one in NJ. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really look forward to meeting everyone there!!!

    As for HT, I am thrilled and so happy that they told us this. If they hadn’t told us now, it would have caused issues later on in the tour.

    If you’re all going to make a problem about this now, there won’t be events like this in the future. Consider that, please, before getting ridiculously upset.

    Love my Twilighters! <3

  25. Ever since SF the Rob appearances have been getting a lot of attention, which is understandable considering how much has happened, but what about the other appearances? How have the Taylor, Rachelle, and Edi ones been going? Has anyone been to one of them? I’m planning on going to the Minneaplolis event, and all I have to base my plans on is what’s been reported about Rob’s appearances. It’s common sense that Rob’s might be a little more chaotic (he does play Edward after all), but you never know, so could someone tell me what I’m in for?

  26. wow…i agree with pearl, school days? seriously? its bad everywhere, in canada you had to go get wristbands for the cast this saturday some girls i knew waited in the freezing cold for 14 hours! you have to draw the line somewhere…they need some better organizations for these things… buying tickets online anyone? calling in and purchasing them?

  27. Another question, do the new regulations apply only to the remaining Rob appearances or all of them?

  28. The regulations apply to the Rob appearances. The other ones (Kristen’s haven’t happened yet) have gone on smoothly.

    The website specifically states the Rob ones.

  29. Vampire-in-training says

    yeah i agree.
    but i saw rob.
    and i just about died

  30. “the fans became disorderly and stormed the mall entrance.”
    “Allowing a โ€œmobโ€ to develop was dangerous”

    Wow, for the first time ever I can say I’m honestly embarrassed to be a Twilight fan.
    Way to go for confirming every Twilight fan stereotype.
    None of these signing events is coming anywhere near my city (Salt Lake City), but with things like this happening I wouldn’t even attempt to go if they did.
    I have been to countless fan conventions, store promotions for movies, and the like for actors and musicians WAY bigger than Robert Pattinson and nothing like this has ever happened.
    A MAJOR kudos to the mall security team, local police men and women and the local Hot Topic team for keeping things from becoming worse then they did.

  31. It’s really cute how they are trying to make the fans look like the bad people when they don’t want to accept the responsibility for there mess up. unless you were THERE and know what happened you have no right to bash us and talk about how we give twilight fans a bad name. you weren’t there you have NO IDEA what it was like. we weren’t slamming against the mall trying to break in we were slammed against eachother because HT workers said “well better make a run for it”. the ENTIRE time we weren’t screaming to get in we were screaming for help and thats why it turned into chaos. there were 3000 of us with one rent a cop and a few workers. if there had been more security, preperation and organization this wouldn’t have happened. notice how the other events seem to be going more smoothly? hmm..maybe thats because people learned fromt their mistakes? yeah i guess that does make sense now doesn’t it. so for all of you people sitting here telling us we are giving fans a bad name you go throw yourself in an uncontrollable mess of girls and let me know if you can handle 3000 screaming girls.

  32. I don’t speak for everyone else, but I know for myself it wasn’t even about meeting Rob at this point because your right he is just a person it was the being lied to and now the fact that they are trying to act as if we are at fault

  33. I think we should all be grateful that no one was more seriously injured. ๐Ÿ™‚ Take the future and forgive the past. Everybody makes mistakes, even Hot Topic. Remember, it’s just people running it, people who are just like us. They’re allowed to make wrong decisions, just like we are.

  34. i wish they really were this prepared 2 days ago. things in SF would have gone so much better.

    Im happy they are doing better now. and it is logical if there is 500 people there on a 1st come 1st serve they should get the wrist bands.

  35. I feel like the fans who are complaining and whining about not getting a ticket have a lot of growing up to do…not everyone can see Rob or the other actors, that’s just how life goes. It sicks you didn’t get tickets, but wining and complaining isn’t going to change that. For every single event have I have ever been to people always show up early, it’s like that any sort of event, by now it should be common sense that people were going to line up earlier than they were supposed to. STOP the complaining and be happy that the actors are even doing ANY signing.

  36. I agree with Jessica M. Obviously the event didn’t go as planned, but you win some, you lose some. The people at Hot Topic are humans, and allowed to make mistakes, as are the fans. Things just got a little out of hand, no matter if it was fans screaming for Rob or fans screaming for help. Hot Topic just didn’t have things sorted out yet, and needed to get organized.
    I’m sure that Twilight fans weren’t getting too out of control, we are too awesome for that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t think anyone should be embarrassed to be a Twilight Fan (cough*ondiv*cough), because it’s not their fault. People were just a little keyed up.
    Let’s all just be happy that Twilight is going to be a movie and is coming out next week!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. Seriously you guys, if any other company hosted this event, they sure wouldn’t issue an apology like this.
    Be happy that Hot Topic is even doing events like this. It’s not like they said “Be here at 4:30!” They outlined what was going to happen and how they were organizing things.
    Figures that some idiotic fangirls would embarrass the rest of the Twilight community by not paying attention to the announcements and expecting a company to have a red carpet out for them.
    Once again, be happy with what you have instead of acting like selfish babies who need something to get upset at.

  38. That was BULL to the max! Excuse me, we STORMED the mall?!?!?!?! You have GOT to be kidding me! They told us to make a break for it!!!! They told us that first come first serve and that we should “walk”…they told at LEAST 500-600 people to WALK to the entrance at the same time but the first ones there would be the first ones to get in…ok so what exactly did they THINK was going to happen? !?!?!?!?!

    They did not know how to handle this situation so instead of stopping to think about it they freaked and just let it all go to hell. The only time I saw anyone from hot topic is when some lady representative came and said that the list wasn’t valid without even considering the alternative which of course was absolutely no order at all. They dont care about their customers, they just wanted money and apparently thats all they thought about because no planning went into this at all except how they were going to get their money.

  39. Wow. I almost went but I’m kind of glad I didn’t now.
    I knew it was going to be crazy, but the earliest I could get there would have been 9 am (by then all the tickets would have been gone and I would have driven 2 hours for nothing). I would never camp out in the cold all night (and it is COLD right now) just to see a celebrity. Not even, dare I say, Robert Pattinson.
    There’s just a point where you have to draw the line between healthy and unhealthy obsession.
    Kudos to the mall for at least trying to handle the situation.

  40. And angelica you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Hot Topic should NEVER have done something like this because they are honestly lucky that nobody was seriously injured. Plenty of other places hold events like this so I really wish someone else would have because then none of this would have happened. Any company who thought that only 200-500 people were going to show up for a signing featuring Robert Pattinson in San Fran obviously had no business trying to put it together in the first place. This is what happens in the real world, sometimes sorry isn’t good enough. We are not trying to find some reason to get pissed off, we just are not willing to let the media and people who don’t know what they are talking about label US as the solitary reason for what happened that day because Hot Topic should take responsibility for their actions. That apology was not even real, they say sorry but its like saying “sorry your mad but we didn’t do anything wrong” which is totally not true. Honestly, I feel like the rest of you “fans” who are putting us down when we were the only ones who know what really happened are letting the Twilight community down. We were totally disrespected as Twilight fans that day and the rest of you should stand behind us on this. Im embarrassed that a Twilight fan would just believe what the media is feeding them and totally disregard what real people have to say. I think I speak for a lot of other true Twilight fans when I say that that morning we were all disappointed and mad because of what happened but the after math is so much worse because we expected the Twilight community to understand and stand behind us on this. This isn’t even about not getting a poster signed, I really could care less. Its more important than that, this is principals. So don’t pretend like you know what your talking about because you were NOT there in the middle like I was hearing people scream and watching them pass out because no one would listen and everyone just thought we were “idiotic fan girls” when really no one would listen and no one was prepared and now no one will take responsibility for what they did. They should have know that hundreds of people would show up early, it happens at EVERY EVENT and Hot Topic couldn’t handle it and that is the bottom line. So we showed up early…big deal! Before Hot Topic showed up everyone was peaceful we were lined up, numbered no one was pushing no one was angry (Twilight fans who had htemselves PEACEFULLY assembled) but when we were disrespected…thats when it all went to hell and Hot Topic needs to blame themselves for that.

  41. ok…. i completely understand how those fans who got rejected felt. it was UNFAIR to let people line up before the time stated, and sell the wristbands to them, while those who followed the rules who the ones to get screwed over. its all cuz hot topic SCREWED UP!!!i knew i was some kind of gimmick to make money, i mean… $30 for a damn shirt?!?!? hot topic doesn’t sell the best quality clothes either. they should have put for organization into these signings instead of trying to milk the fans out of money.

  42. good job celine! twilight fans need to support eachother instead of listening to what the media is feeding them! come on now guys how many times have we watched the media lie to us about events?!?

  43. FYI- My comments are relating to what happened in San Fran, not the other event because I wasn’t there but to all you fans that got turned away I know how you are feeling and it really sucks and im sorry that happened to you guys but I promise you that you would much rather have been told right away that you weren’t getting in than have been put through the hell we went through first but again im sorry that really sucks…

  44. The King of Prussia one is sold out already. I do blame Hot Topic and I am mad at them for this organization. I can understand maybe changing it so that you could line up early, but it’s ridiculous that when I called at 11:45 pm at the KOP mall, it was already sold out! What happened to selling the tees on the DAY OF THE EVENT??? They should have at least not allowed people to line up until midnight.

  45. I agree for sure

  46. OMFG…i seriously think some of you guys are taking this way out of proportion. Sure what happened in San Fran was bad but it people like you saying bad things about Hot Topic and how you felt you were treated. And saying that the ones who don’t back you up or defend you are “letting the Twilight community down” is a pretty crappy thing to say. Some of us know better as to what kinds of situations we put ourselves in. It’s not our fault we werent involved in the “rioting” that ended up happening, but when there was a limit put on how many people would be getting into the signings you could pretty much guarentee that this type of thing was going to happen. It makes me a little disappointed that fans would act such a way and then put down the company who is offering these signings…it’s you who give the rest of us twilight fans a bad name.

    It makes me glad to be in Tokyo, where they give their celebrities some space and don’t diss something that is given to them (something that the stars of twilight didn’t have to bother with doing) just because they felt like they were being treated unfairly.

  47. yeah it sucks for what happened but there’s some good news on so we can hopefully all get a poster and it might not be signed but hey it’s still something

  48. genuinesmile says

    this whole situation sounds like MADNESS!!! I just find it humorous how quick people can go from loving hot topic for their interaction with Twilight to being against the store. I adore Rob Pattinson and all, but not getting a glimpse or whatever doesn’t make it the end of the world. This whole thing sounds like one those “he said…she said” situations but whatever…what’s done is done, life goes on…*shrug* I agree with stuff in post# 5, 10…


  49. ok again your are in Tokyo and your talking about something that you know nothing about because you weren’t there! Hot Topic didn’t do this for Twilight Fans they did it for money which is to be expected but the point is that they didn’t respect us as fans. And this has nothing to do with us not being grateful that Robert Pattinson decided to do this, it was fantastic of him to come back and do the signing and we all agree on that even if we didn’t get a poster and its so cool that he wanted to something like this for his fans in the first place. Like I said, Im not mad about not getting a poster at all Im mad about how the situation was handled. There was a cop there who said “In ten years you will realize how pathetic that is” referring to the fact that we all came to see Robert Pattinson! I watched him say this to a disappointed fan, and thats just a taste of what happened there. They act like we were all freaking out and trying to kill each other and that is simple NOT THE CASE, yea im sure there was a few girls who were upset and talking to the cops about it but it was not a riot it was an unorganized situation that was set into chaos because of Hot Topic. Im sorry but I just can’t respect the opinion of people who were not there but still think they know what they are talking about. I don’t think it is a crappy thing to say at all because its very crappy that we went through this and we aren’t being backed up by the people who should understand how ridiculous this situation was. Look at all the other Twilight events before the Hot Topic tour, were any of THEM like this? No, because they knew what they were doing and they had respect for the Fans. Its just really amusing that people can agree with Hot Topic when problems KEEP occurring with all the events and the ONLY organized system they had that day in san fran was how they were going to get their money…so im sorry you feel that way Kim but it really just helps prove my point that people are just eating up what the media tells them. Honestly people, WHY WOULD WE MAKE THIS UP? If I had acted out of control in ANY way I would never had said anything at all but when something matters to me I stand up for it and this is something that Twilight fans should AT LEAST try to understand especially since it KEEPS HAPPENING…Im trying to stand up for the Twilight fans and say that we are not just crazy screaming girl fans, we were put into a position where the MAJORITY of us fans who were there were made to look like it was all our fault so that some big company doesn’t have to look bad to the public and its just not right.


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