Rob Appearance Cancelled

According to San Francisco station KCBS the signing with Rob in San Francisco has been canceled. You can hear the live report here.  We have no further details on any other tour event at this time. As soon as we know, you’ll know. Please hold the emails!

EDITED:  This just in from Hot Topic, "As of now, the event has been canceled for the SF location.  Hot Topic is working to see if it will be re-scheduled or not.  As of now, all the other events are still scheduled and set to go. "

EDIT 2:  Things went much smoother in Seattle.

EDIT 3:  Info on Dallas

EDIT 4:  This just in from HOT TOPIC, "Twilight Stonestown Galleria Meet And Greet Is Sold Out – November 10th
In the spirit of fan appreciation and to ensure a safe environment, Hot Topic is proceeding with a limited meet and greet with Rob Pattinson from the upcoming film Twilight. The event will begin at 6:00 PM at San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria, and is currently sold out."


  1. This is absolutely ridiculous! Hot Topic said it was a first come first serve thing? Uhm, hello? There was a list…based off the people who were there for HOURS. I’m pretty sure they were there first. All this mass hysteria over Twilight and Robert is seriously making me dislike the whole series. I really am sick of all the attention Twilight is getting…I remember back when it first came out and there were only a few loyal fans. Now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon…way to kill the joy of a lovely book series, you annoying fan-girls. I feel bad for Robert Pattinson, and the rest of the cast for that matter…They really misunderstood how popular the series was getting…

  2. forbiddenfruit says:

    I just saw robert on The View of the Bay just a few minutes ago!!! and he said that the event is not cancelled, it’s still going”!

  3. soccergrly1173 says:

    hey dont hold me to this but i emaild the people and they said the event is still ‘going on’ as in they still sold wristbands and those with wristbands will get pre-signed posters but rob will not be there…

  4. Part of me thinks that Rob WILL be there… and Hot Topic is pretending he won’t be just to keep crowds back.

    I’m disappointed that it went down this way, but I’m not going to let this get me down. I only recently discovered the Twilight fandom, can’t wait for the movie, and I’m still enthused.

    Best wishes to those who got bracelets this morning. Please post pictures if you get them (…and if Rob is there…)

  5. soccergrly1173 says:

    im seriously gonna punch something if rob is actually there and i left for nothing..

  6. My sister just got through to Hot Topic. The event is on. Rob will be there.

  7. soccergrly1173 says:

    do you still have to have a wristband?

  8. yes, it was confirmed he will be there, and they sold the wristbands. I am so upset… I was there at 2am, but came home (2 hours away) when they said it was cancelled. And now it’s too late to try to go again.

  9. Maddie Cullen says:

    can anyone remember back when we had to wait for New Moon?
    seriously i just honestly miss the books
    i think im gonna re-read Twilight again to remind myself why i hate crazy fans
    i mean people
    i remember when the host came out and you could buy a ticket to Stephenie’s autographing an hour before the show.
    IT’S A BOOK!
    AND A GUY… just a normal 21 year old guy!
    really do we have to whine and get all pissy about this… I’m angry with people complaining and running around all depressed.
    and im angry with the people who haven’t even read the series who are only going for the movie…
    AND i’m, believe it or not, mad with summit hot topic and mtv for promoting all this crap because it was cool before and now its just getting annoying
    Iv’e hit my breaking point and now i wish that this movie thing never even happend because it’s taken Stephenie Meyer’s books and turned them into a… i dont even know what to call this.
    Ok so, This isn’t the end of the world and I’m sure you’ll get another chance to meet him.
    So please get over it already, and im sorry if i made anyone mad…

  10. that is ridiculous if he really was there. i can’t believe they would LIE to all of us and say the event is off and then take it back and have him come back that is completly ridiculous

  11. i wanna show up early for the one in miami so i wont get caught up in that mess but i dont know what time to go : \

  12. Maddie Cullen says:

    Wait! woah woah woah
    Hot Topic put the event back on!
    Those friggin idiots!
    all the people who came from so far away got there hopes up and then left and now it’s oh whoops GOTCHA he really is coming they are soooo stupid!
    AND furthermore those morons are rewarding those little jerks who shoved up in front to grab at wristbands this is the dumbest crap ever…
    and i didn’t even go there to begin with….
    wow… all i can say now is just… wow

  13. i got a hold of hot topic. they lied to all of us. this is seriously ridiculous…all i can say is wow like..seriously really? way to lose business hot topic and LIE to everyone. good job. way to go.

  14. This is so WRONG!
    I was in line for HOURS and now they’re like, “Oh, it’s back on. My bad.”

    If they weren’t the only ones with decent products for Twilight, I’d never go back. This is just ridiculous.

  15. So I am soooo mad. I was there hella early, and got kicked out, and just found out it went on. Shame on HoTopic, and Shame on The mall and SFPD. This makes me like the series less. So the mob ruined it for everyone… Good job!

  16. agreed on making me like the series less Danielle. you can’t just lie to us like that.

  17. HOT TOPICS SHAME ON YOU!!! You should have organized approprietly and none of this would have happened. Now you have pissed off people, because you LIED, and I’m one of them…..Arrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I don’t like the series any less, just the SFPD for being idiotic.

    Check this out, my mum just sent me this link:

  19. Maddie Cullen says:

    OMG i feel so bad for everyone who showed up and then got like Punkd because oh wait wait Rob *is* coming Hot Topic is Sooo LAME now. Let’s all agree to not shop there for like a whole month to show them what business would be like without us, yeah that’ll teach emm to never lie to the twilighters ever again.
    and for my other posts sorry guys i was mad at all the people complaining but now it’s like wow those little fricken hot topic punks!
    For everyone who got jipped i’m really sorry ๐Ÿ™

  20. Yup, called hot topic all day and kept getting different answers. All I have to say is that hot topic is going to get SLAMMED for this.

  21. whoa if it is hot topics fault then shame on them but dont blame the series for their fault…

  22. I suggest everyone go to and send in a customer email to tell them about what happened today and how we were clearly lied to.

  23. Maddie Cullen says:

    Oh and i know this doesn’t have to do with much but… i bet you anything whatever Rob made on this movie he is most likely gonna get the priced doubled on his next movie, i mean come on…

    anyone agree?

  24. Maddie Cullen says:

    OMG Cheyenne that is the best idea ever im gonna send one now! they’re gonna get a crap load! lol

  25. definatly agree i just read that somewhere i think..something about him not even being the one making the most money on the film or something

  26. lol random

  27. hes the one ppl wanna see so shouldnt he make da most money?

  28. thats definatly what you would think hahaha i don’t think they realized at the beginning how big this really was

  29. I already sent Hot Topics an email… I will have to catch Robert another time!! Arrrggghhh…I’m still MAD!!!!! I just saw him on View from the Bay and I cant believe I wont see him in person!!!!!

  30. Maddie Cullen says:

    Just sent my email Woot Woot!

  31. I was nowhere near SF this morning (I’m in the Twin Cities), but this entire situation is freaking me out. From what I’ve heard everything was completely mishandled, and now I’m really distrusting Hot Topic. I’m planning on going to the Mall of America appearance in Minneapolis on Friday, and I’m a little worried about how things are going to go. We’re not even getting Rob (Taylor, Rachelle, and Edi are coming), but I’m seriously more worried than excited now. I really want everything to go smoothly.

  32. The whole Hot Topic event in SF was a fiasco.There was no planning and a need for more security and organization.The organizers need to do a more controlled venue with tickets which could be purchased to recieve the items at the event instead. It is just my opinion that the little Hot Topic stores can’t handle the influx of fans.
    I was lucky though, I was able to see Rob in SF on the tv show View From The Bay. He was really cute, but you could tell that he is nervous with the big crowds. There were less than 60 people in studio.

  33. I hope they sched. another appearance to make up for this one, even though I highly doubt it…did they learn nothing from the comic con crowd? Customer service is not hot topic’s thing. They proved that to me today and back when they had the soundtrack listening party. I refuse to purchase anything else from them. Yes, people are upset about missing this chance, but people are also upset on the principle (the fact that hot topic lied and were not clear about anything)

  34. We should all send emails complaining to HotTopic. This is definetly not fair AT ALL.

    I was there after all the commotion had died down and everywhere I kept hearing that the even was canceled so I left.

    Even the HotTopic Rep said it had been canceled!


  35. Sending them a letter is better than nothing though, even though its not direct I promise you that Hot Topic will get the back-lash for it in the end. Its all just really upsetting for those of us who waited in the early morning hours, something we planned to do for weeks in advanced. If I had got there late and it was my own fault I would deal with it just fine but this…we basically went through hell to try to see this guy and Hot Topic just totally screwed us over. They had NO idea what they were doing…send those letters people, us twilight fans don’t go down without a fight!

  36. Maddie Cullen says:

    eveyone is getting so upset but really to tell you the truth hot topic has just been doing this for the money, and they really, do, not, care, about, us, and i’m not saying this because i’m mad i live no where near San Francisco. but its the truth.

  37. we already know that but it doesnt change anything, you would have to be there to understand fully

  38. serenitycullen says:

    stupid people who just see Rob as edward…
    crazy fangirls that have literally scared me from attending twi-events…
    i have to agree with Maddie Cullen…
    But i still LOVE the BOOKS more than i can describe.
    and i LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON, for just being the selfless and super sexy Rob that we love.

  39. At what time should i go on Saturday in Miami if i want to get there early before the mob??? im going with 2 friends … they giv 2 wristbands per shirt right?

  40. Hi all,

    I love the novels and support them, but after today, I will not see the movie because of what happened. This is how today’s events affected my family personally and here is what I wrote about it on my facebook page.

    “So if you saw the news this morning, Hot Topic was doing a meet and greet with Robert Pattinsen the actor who will be playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight film. My youngest sister Adrienne, my aunt Lauri, and Adrienne’s friend Stephanie went at 3 am to stand in line to be one of the first 500 people to qualify for the meet and greet.

    When they got there, they were put on a list as numbers 164, 165 and 166. As 8 am neared for handing out the bracelets, the list suddenly got scraped and about 3000 teens and young ladies rushed the mall causing a massive stampede.

    Lauri got knocked down in the melee and was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, she is fine, but it was her birthday today, and she is very disappointed by this experience and bs. Other girls were also reportedly injured in the crowd. The people who had gathered were then were told that the event was canceled because of the risk to the star and the crowd.

    After Lauri was released from the hospital, they called Hot Topic to confirm that the event was still canceled. They were told it was.

    NOW, we have learned the event did take place. Rob Pattinsen did show, and bracelets were awarded to various people. This is the biggest con job that I have ever heard of. My aunt, sister, and her friend are obviously hurt and disappointed. I blame Hot Topic, the Movie’s publicity team and the SFPD (who said it was canceled). THEY LIED!! DO NOT SHOP AT HOT TOPIC. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS MOVIE. They were not prepared. They cheated loving and faith fans out of a great opportunity. I think they did it to INCREASE the publicity because of how much coverage this debacle has received.

    If you want to support this genre and story series, read the books. But DON’T take part in the movie or any of its events. “

  41. I really sympathize with the folks that camped out or got there real early and had their names on the unofficial “list”, but, from my perspective, you were “cheating” and that’s why Hot Topic COULDN’T honor your list. The rules that they have been giving out over the phone were very specific in that you shouldn’t camp out or be on the property before a specific time. That was to keep everyone on a level playing field. Not EVERYONE has the spare time to spend hours camping out. So, no, I don’t think you should have been rewarded just because you beat everyone there. You got there TOOO early and didn’t follow the rules….and that is was caused the problem.

    Just my perspective on the situation as an observer.

  42. this morning was so out of control. I got there at 540am and ended up being right in front of the doors so costrophobic and everyone was pushing. I definitly believe they should have made it more organized. It was so gay. Especially since me and my two friends were being pushed against the glass doors by everyone in the back. I’m especially pissed that they ended up not cancelling the event after I called hot topic in the morning, afternoon and mid day 2 times. ๐Ÿ™ hot topic and the stonestown mall need to get more organized if they wish to hold events of this type.

  43. forbiddenfruit says:

    Not to be that selfish but i was kinda happy when i heard they cancelled the event, simply because i wasn’t there.

  44. I WAS THERE! i just got home with my poster ๐Ÿ™‚

    he was very overwhelmed but a good sport

  45. this morning was nuts. i was there by 4:30AM and this ‘list’ thing came to my attention by 5:45 AM

    so i was like..heck no, this list cant happen i have been here.

    i couldnt believe how people were pushing…
    they kept saying to back up…and the people in the back would push forward to try and get a better spot….

    the whole thing was crazy, but im glad i ended up getting my stuff ๐Ÿ™‚


    I was a good Twilight fan and thanked rob for coming out ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. anyone who is going to be at the chicago signing and wants to camp out shoot me an email!

  47. Fun Sized Alice says:

    Just like many of you girls, I was also one of the many who came out early in the morning to find that the event got canceled, went home, then realized too late that the event was stilll happening.
    Who wanted to send a huge email to Hot Topic complaining about their lack of organization? Because I definitely want to be part of that. I cried when I found out I had wasted all that time and couldn’t go back. It’s 100% UNFAIR.

  48. I have to be honest that I feel very bad for the girls that waited in line and then couldn’t get their wristband. However, I don’t have much sympathy for those who misbehaved. Hot Topic had clearly stated that no one was supposed to be camped out. What they should have done was made damn sure to send anyone packing who disobayed these rules.

    Although it is obvious that there was a hugely unexpected turn out you can not blame Hot Topic or the mall for things turning out the way they did. Today is a sad day for the Twilight fandom. Why could you not have acted in a civilised fashion? Instead of staying calm and following directions you became a mob. Aren’t we literate beings better then that? It saddens me that the actions of a few have once again tainted the many.

  49. Because Hot Topic said they were permanently cancelling the event and not rescheduling my friend left her place in line (#351) and headed back to school. Then later she found out they were selling them again. So I called Hot Topic and asked them what was going on and they said it was permanently cancelled and Rob wasn’t making an appearance. So afterschool my friends and I go to Stonestown and just stick around. Good thing we did because Rob showed up! He didn’t do the public Q&A but still did the signing. I’m just glad to have saw him in person, literally a few feet away! I just wish Hot Topic had been more organized in this.

  50. Oh, I almost forgot. The fans who started pushing against each other trying to get in front of everyone else really didn’t need to and shouldn’t have done that. By misbehaving they not only hurt people in the process, but ruined the event for a lot of people who were actually civilized. Hopefully everyone will learn from this and it won’t happen again.

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