Rob Appearance Cancelled

According to San Francisco station KCBS the signing with Rob in San Francisco has been canceled. You can hear the live report here.  We have no further details on any other tour event at this time. As soon as we know, you’ll know. Please hold the emails!

EDITED:  This just in from Hot Topic, "As of now, the event has been canceled for the SF location.  Hot Topic is working to see if it will be re-scheduled or not.  As of now, all the other events are still scheduled and set to go. "

EDIT 2:  Things went much smoother in Seattle.

EDIT 3:  Info on Dallas

EDIT 4:  This just in from HOT TOPIC, "Twilight Stonestown Galleria Meet And Greet Is Sold Out – November 10th
In the spirit of fan appreciation and to ensure a safe environment, Hot Topic is proceeding with a limited meet and greet with Rob Pattinson from the upcoming film Twilight. The event will begin at 6:00 PM at San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria, and is currently sold out."


  1. My sister and I were there this morning, and the appearance was not organized at all. Lines snaked around the block, parents were yelling at security guard, it was crazy and chaotic. I really hope that Summit Entertainment and Hot Topic get their act together for the next few Rob appearances. Seriously, they expect 200-500 people? From the Twilight fandom? We’re nutjobs, and we roll en masse. So pissed that it was cancelled.

  2. Oh my….I am going to Dallas tomorrow and I better not get trampled on. Everyone please act right!!

  3. Crime Professor says

    Why was it cancelled? Wondering if it was cancelled because of the mob being out of control? Crazy to think about a bunch of girls & Moms getting out of control. I admit I am totally into the hype, but come on, this is getting ridiculous with people getting hurt.
    I am so glad I didn’t buy my plane ticket to Chicago with a girlfriend of mine. Poor ROb, this kind of thing is probably freaking him out and making him feel very bad. No one wants anyone to get hurt, but if he thinks he’s somehow causing this, I bet he’ll feel really bad.

  4. soccergrly1173 says

    i was there too this morning! most ridiculous thing ive ever seen. serisouly. how could they not know how many people would be there? let me tell you…there were over two thousand people there.
    people got mobbed and run over, pushed up against the windows, it was crazy.
    these people need to get on it. this is edward freaking cullen. how can they not know!?
    ugh soo madd that it was cancelled.

  5. they were completely unorganized today. I cant believe they made us stand in line, and the just cancelled it. The police were being EXTREMELY rude. They were pushing us all into each other. There was a point where i wasnt even touching the ground…..

    hot topic needs to organize this better…

  6. Its really sad but you can’t blame Hot Topic and Summit for the issue. I just don’t think that security was prepared for this. I don’t think that people realize how wide spread this fandom is and you are right that if Rob feels that he is to blame he will feel horrible. I think that the rest of the tour stops (if they continue) may have learned something today. Not even the actors seem to be able to grasp the concept of the Twilight mania so how can anyone expect mall security to know. As far as girls and their mothers getting out of hand, just go to the stores the day after Thanksgiving to see us in action!!!!! Can you imagine if you throw in a good looking actor what we can become?

  7. LOL

    im not laughing at the severity of the situation… but at the madness that is the twilight fandom.

    L O L

  8. whoa dats crazy i mite go to da miami one wit jacob err tayler lautner lol ndd i hope it doesnt get dis crazy… i hope it doesnt get cancelled either.. it says the police cancelled it i wonder why… mayb it was way more ppl dan they expected? for security reasons? idk hmm hope it doesnt happen again man if i was one of dem i would bo SOOO disappointed!!

  9. Maybe since Rob isn’t going to be making a Hot Topic appearance tonight he could visit that poor girl who was trampled. I mean having your nose broken…that’s pretty hardcore.

  10. I completely blame the fans for this cancellation.

    Everything would have worked out smoothing if these annoying teenage girls would only listen. However, i believe Hot Topic as well as the mall should have planned it out better. But then again, no one was listening, and i guess people were getting hurt.

    I did not here the cancellation until i was actually purchasing the shirt. I was one of the first 20 people who got the ticket to get in, and it totally fell through.


  11. smoothly***

  12. I heard they canceled it because people at the front were refusing to stand in a line. Idiots. Thanks to them they ruined everything.

  13. people more then likely won’t act right at the dallas one either… I am concerned.. because i was going to bring my kids with me to get the wrist bands then come back after i drop them with there dad. but after hearing about this- i am not sure that its worth it, this coming from someone who stalked around Austin… calling hotels trying to find rob.. yes. I love you rob! but i don’t want a broke nose, i plan on calling hot topic in the morning to find out if its as crazy as it was in san fran.. thats just horrible- people should really act right.

    I feel bad for Rob, he must be terrified.

  14. My friends and I were there at 9:30 the night before because we saw people lining up. shortly after, we were asked by security to leave because “it was a safety hazard.” We come back at 4 am to find that the line moved to the sidewalk next to a busy street, where the first people in line had organized a “numbers” system to prevent people from cutting in line.

    This was fine until it got close to the 5 AM hour, where we should have moved in an organized fashion toward the mall doors. However, there was only ONE security guard trying to keep about 400 girls in line. I can only guess that anticipation built up so high, that when one individual crossed the parking lot towards the mall entrance, a mad-dash ensued, resulting in the chaos in front. The numbers system was totally disregarded, because the security said “it was unofficial and unapproved by Hot Topic.”

    I believe that if there were more mall security or officers that could have helped keep order and guide the line toward the mall entrance, it would have gone a lot smoother and the event would still be on.

    It was a lot of bad organization on a lot of people. I don’t think it’s fair to blame the fans that were there, because there was nothing or no one to direct us.

  15. OME! 3,000 people? I’m hoping to see him at the Boston event, but at this point, I’m not sure if I even have a prayer of going.

  16. I live in San Francisco and seriously considered going over to the mall. I was wondering, however, how they were going to hold an event like this inside their store!! I think they should reconsider their location and management of the situation for the next appearances. I feel very bad for the folks who flew to San Francisco for this event. I hope you can regroup and enjoy our beautiful city! There’s even some sunshine today.

  17. I was there, and it definitely was unorganized. I think that Hot Topic made the mistake of announcing “first 500”. That is what caused the whole fiasco to occur. If they had only held a “lottery” it would have been so much better. People wouldn’t have felt the need to camp out in front of a mall.

    Think about it — if they had only said “we will be distributing tickets between 7 am and 10 am, the 500 winners will be posted online at 1 pm. Winning tickets will be collected at the time of signing.” It wouldn’t have been such a mess…

    But then again, just the scene that was there at the mall this morning makes me wonder what it would have been like at 6 pm when he actually would have shown up! If the tweens were crazy this morning, it would have been straight CHAOS upon his arrival. Maybe it was a good thing it was canceled!

  18. This is just totally scary to think. I mean, I am supposed to be going to the Orland Square Mall one in 2 days and now I’m almost afraid to go. And I’m 23! Jesus seriously you’d think that a place would be more organized. I know Orland is going to be one big showing of people trying to beat each other to get in the door. And that HT is opening 2 1/2 hours earlier than the mall actually opens just for this event. Seriously though like…you’d think, even with fans that are crazy about the whole thing, they could at least control themselves in some manner!

  19. If you’re signed up to recieve 43KIX text messages, I got an alert from the at 1:30 central time saying there was a 43KIX news alert. “Police called in as TWILIGHT fans storm San Francisco event.” I hope it’s not like that at all the events.
    I talked to the people at the Hot Topic in Chicago last Sunday about the tour on the 12th, and they said they didn’t even know how it is even planed. They said it would be figured out on the day of the event. I think there might be a slight problem with that inorganization. There ins’t a good space for events at the Orland Square Mall, especially in front of the Hot Topic. But I will say, the the manager and all the employes I’ve talked to are super nice and helpful, and I know they’ll do the best that they can to make sure there is no chaos.

  20. I just got more information about Dallas tomorrow. You can go to for more info for tomorrow. No one will be allowed on mall property till 5:30am. The doors will not open till 6. So if you planned on camping out, it will not work. You will be asked to leave. If you are caught running you will be escorted off property. I think they are taking this a little bit more seriously now. I live 2 hrs away and still plan on going. If anyone wants to meet up somewhere or wants to hang out during the wait till 6pm. email me. or at myspace send who you are in the request so I will approve it, I am behind times and don’t have a cell phone, so meeting up has to be preplanned.

  21. im going to Dallas tomorrow and i so hope that everyone can keep it under control. no one wants to miss out on this AMAZING event. so keep yourselves in check so we can all have a good time and meet the hottest man alive (my husband) robert pattinson/spunk ransom.

  22. ReturnedSecrets says

    Unorganized or not, it is difficult to be organized with 3000 people, regardless those present showed awful behavior. The unruly are just as much at fault. It’s cool to be excited but when you start disobeying orders from the authorities then you’re wrong. Of course the Cops were being rude! What the hell? They were trying to get control of a non-responsive crowd, who were given several warnings to back up. All those who pushed, shoved and disobeyed should be ashamed of themselves. It is stuff like this that will continue to propagate the stigma of Twilight fans as uncontrollable screaming girls. I feel sorry for those who tried to on good behavior and were injured in the process.

  23. This was not even organized and it got out of control. There was 1 security guy trying his best to control everyone but soon there were more fans… Hot Topics and the Mall should have organized this better I mean come on only 500 people were going to be allowed I see why it turned into chaos everyone wanted to be part of the 500 including myself!! There are many ways to organize an event like this. I have to say there were mistakes. Hope they do a better job organizing at the other presentations, good luck to you all…Hope they make arrangments for Robert to come another time.

  24. Well maybe the thought of having them cancel the event if people don’t behave and act civilized will cause them to behave better. I agree that they should have done it differently. How about posting it online and then randomly choosing 500 people and putting them on a list to be viewed online. That way no one who is not chosen with proper ID ect would bother. (Except for a few crazed fans). I feel really bad because my daughter is 12 and would have been devistated. Although when it started getting bad we would have left. I love Rob just as much as the next person but believe me I would not fight someone over it.

  25. Geez, I’m kinda scared now, I hope the Houston one is better organized. :/


    This was one of the worst days ever. I called Hot Topic 3 times that day to figure out how everything works and every time I called, they told me different things. It was when my cousin and I got to Stonestown Galleria at around 7 pm yesterday (the 9th) and asked the employees in person that they told me the plan. We were not allowed to line up until 7 am and not allowed to be on the ground at 7 am. How does that make sense at all? We’re supposed to line up the same time we were to park? That would just mean car crashed galore. So we went back to my cousin’s house and stayed there for about a couple hours.

    When my sister came around 11, we decided to go Stonestown and check out if there was a line or not. )You never know with Twihards!) Sure enough, around 11:30, there was a group of about 15 people standing outside the outer streets of the mall. We parked and joined them. We signed our names up on a list which proved the order that everybody came in. This was not an official list by Hot Topic, but it’s the closest thing we had to a system. We just wanted to be fair and get organized. My sister, cousin and I were number 18-20. We all made friends with each other and the list seemed to work. Everybody that arrived went around asking for the list.

    The only problem was that people were parking in the parking lot and they were not allowed to do that or else they would get towed. The didn’t abide because there was only 1 security guard there. Eventually, the “creator of the list” and those who were there first were trying to officiate and keep everything organized. They did a FANTASTIC job. This was not their job, they just did it for everybody.

    The list was up to about 300 by around 5 am. Everyone was very organized and civil towards each other until this group of people came that didn’t want to sign a list because one of the girls said “my sister works at Hot Topic and I’m gonna get in before all of you and I don’t need to sign a stupid list.” This is a girl that got there around 5:45 am. She was complaining that she was there early. The people that made the list were there at 10pm the day before, and a bunch of us were scouting around throughout the day. Eventually everybody that got there pretty late tried to challenged to 400 people that were on the list saying that it doesn’t matter that we got here early as long as they beat us to the line. The 400 of us on the list formed one gigantic line and cooperated. The girl that was whining ended up threatening us by saying that she was gonna throw hot coffee in our faces and punch us. We weren’t doing anything wrong, she just didn’t want to be fair because she got there late. One lady called the cops 3 times warning them that it was going to get out of hand but they didn’t show.

    The ONE security guard didn’t know a thing he was doing and we told him about the list around 3 am but he disregarded it because of no apparent reason. Eventually, one person made a run for the door, then the whole entire mob of people ran and it was complete chaos. Oh and there was one other security guard but he stayed in the truck the entire time. The only time I heard of him was when someone told me he told people to run to the doors. What the heck is that about? I didn’t run because I was scared that I or someone else was going to get hurt. When I walked over a couple minutes later, i see a girl on the floor whose face is bleeding because she got trampled on. Then when I got to the area where the front doors were, a girl pushed her way out of the crowd because she got hurt inside the mosh pit. It was complete madness.

    The ONE security guard was trying to fix everything but it was beyond anyone’s control. The police FINALLY came after another hour, but by then, the people pushed up on the glass doors didn’t want to move because they didn’t want to give up their spot. They had a speakerphone on the cars and a megaphone and the crazed fans in the front (most of whom got there 20 minutes prior) wouldn’t budge. They threatened to shut it down, but they were still slow. They eventually moved them to one side. The cops then made a fence around the mob of a line and covered it off. Me and the 30 people that were there first weren’t in the line. And we got there the day before unlike most people who got there an hour ago.

    During all this, me and 3 people who were the first 20 there were standing on the side of the cops where there was no line explaining we were there. The cop said he wasn’t there earlier so he couldn’t verify. The girl i made friends with started crying and it was so messed up. So we waited to see what would happen.

    A couple Hot Topic workers came out to hand out papers which meant that you can go in and buy a shirt. Once they came out, everyone mobbed them and somehow the 3 of us got tickets. (which we sooo deserved!) We were jumping for joy and hugging and so ecstatic! There were no more tears at all. We were the first 20 to go into Hot Topic and purchase our shirts. One minute after I purchased my shirt, a guy came and said that the event was canceled and that they shut it down. I can’t even begin to tell you what our emotions were. My friend started crying again and I felt numb.

    We still had hope for some reason because all the “higher ups”sort of in charge of the function were all on their cells and we were hoping they were negotiating. So we ending up waiting in there for an hour just to make sure.

    We were all so pissed/sad you name it. We exchanges phone numbers/emails and got contacts of the “higher-higher ups” and are going to let them know about what really happened. It’s not fair that we got screwed for something that wasn’t completely out fault.

    I agree that the fans were crazy, but if they just let us line up in the first place, or enforced a list, or actually had more than one man on security, this wouldn’t have happened, and I would be getting ready right now to go meet Robert. We are going to do everything we can to be heard and have this thing rescheduled. This is not fair at all!

  27. I’m planning on being at the Minneapolis Mall of America appearance with Taylor, Rachelle, and Edi, but I have to say hearing about the SF incident kind of freaked me out. Granted it was Rob, but still, I’m hoping things might be a little more contolled at MOA. Security there is tight on a normal day; never before have I gone shopping on a Tuesday night and had to show id to get in, until I moved to the Cities. I’m a little nervous now though.

  28. I also was there this morning, and it was total chaos! I was in the front of the lines, right in front of the mall’s entrance, and it was totally crammed together. People would not move back, and seriously I was in a position where I was pushed, shoved, and in close proximity(and I mean close) with other girls for over an hour.The only good thing was that these were totally cool. This event was just disorganized, many of the security guards thought it would not amount to thousands of people. Also, people would not listen to the cops nor management. I mean when they said move back, I felt people trying to move forward,and having someone’s butt crammed into my back while that happens, is not the greatest feeling ever. For all you fans going to the next events, please be careful and listen to the coordinators. Some people don’t realize how BIG this guy and this movie really is, and I hope they take the SF incident seriously ,and would learn from it. Because people from all over California all the way to Hawaii got a canceled event, and it is just really frustrating.

  29. Oh and also, security and the police were looking for a way to have it organized, which is why we had a LIST! If the one security guard just enforced it in the beginning instead of flirting with the girls that got there late, then the event wouldn’t have been canceled. It just sucks that we had to have the most disorganized event and have it canceled. I heard Seattle already sold their shirts and it went smoothly and there’s isn’t for another day! I will be soooo pissed if they don’t reschedule it. More than I already am!

  30. It really sucks! I was so looking forward to this. It would have made this whole year incredible. Now it is just….yeah….. ):

  31. I just clicked on the link to hear the live report, but nothing’s happening… is there another link, or is there just nothing to hear??

  32. Hey guys last post I promise. I just got off the phone with an employee at Hot Topic and she said people that got wristbands this morning can come back at 6pm today for a signed poster. Robert will NOT be there signing, but he did pre-sign the posters. So as long as you have a wristband, you will get a signed poster.

  33. “Seriously, they expect 200-500 people? From the Twilight fandom? We’re nutjobs, and we roll en masse.”
    Nicky – You are freakin hilarious, and so totally RIGHT!! We had 3000 people at the Breaking Dawn book release at a B&N in Layton, Utah.. They so should have expected a MASS in San Francisco.. how could they expect anything less? Oh well, hopefully this will be a lesson to them all..

  34. OH MY GOD. I’m kinda glad I didn’t go now…I mean it would’ve been nice to see Rob, but I guess I’ll live. I was supposed to go early this morning, but complications messed that up. My aunt called and told me to turn on the news and there it was…an estimate of 3,000 people! Only 500 were supposed to be guaranteed to get in…in the end nobody gets to meet him though?? Oh well, autographs are cool…tehe. I can’t wait to get to school, half of my class was probably there since we all live near stonestown.

  35. WOW. I saw the video about this and I just……… That’s a whole lot of people waiting to see Rob. I just think that it’s a little sad that it wasn’t better thought out. That could be a really dangerous thing, not only for the fans but Rob as well.

    If you are planing on going to the other appearances for Rob, Kristen or the rest of the cast, try and stay a little calm so something like this doesn’t happen again. We don’t want our stars to be afraid to come out and see us.

    Keep that in mind.

  36. HAHA. I agree with Lucy…living here and knowing how many people live here, plus the fans that came up from like LA and stuff, they must have been hiding under rocks if they didn’t know how extreme some of these twilight chicks are…

  37. Christina Cullen says

    Uh oh. Cancellations. *crosses finger* I hope they don’t cancel anything where I live!

  38. Twilight Nymph says

    Wow, that is seriously out of control. I feel sorry for Rob, so much attention must be getting to him right now or exhausting him. Yet, I think it may have been good it was canceled, imagine more people being hurt, or he getting trampled by fans. Yeah, I think it’s safer this way.

  39. Well for starters, the event at SF was chaotic. Me and my mom went to the Hot Topic last week to get more info about the event, such as when to show up, and how the lining should go. We were told by a nice young employee at Hot Topic that no overnight stays, or early morning line-ups would be allowed BEFORE 7am to even out the playing field for all. We easily could have come at night had we known it would become this crazy. If anyone was seen lining up before then, they would be told to leave the premises. We were also told my the employee that they were only giving these details to those who came in the store, and that people were calling all the way from Las Vegas to Washington to even from one lady from Phoniex that was stating that she was already in town and wouldn’t leave until she got a wrist band for this event. Also after all of the signing from Rob at 6pm he would hang out in probably the center of the mall for a Q&A so even if we didn’t get a wristband that we could still see him and we could take pictures and video tape that. Another final fact that we learned was that this was only 1 of 3 places that were confirmed for this Twilight Tour. The SF location and the Seattle location are the first 2 “guinea pigs” for this tour and based on how these 2 and another location went would state whether the rest of this tour would even continue.

    Okay now with this information in our heads, today comes around. My little group consisted of me and my mom and 2 friends of mine who have also become obsessed with the books. We arrived at the mall at around 6:30am only to see a large mob in the front entrance and a line forming out of it. We hopped to the end of the line and waited for awhile. While we were waiting in line we heard several stories all around us ranging from “a list” that was created and that there were up to either 205 or 375 people already on this. This list that was created was yes a better idea of an attempt at organizing this event but should not have been honored at all because it was not created by Hot Topic and it did not follow any of the rules set by Hot Topic. Then people were coming up and down the line telling us to move down because people were being crushed up front, so we were forced to move back. Moving back did no good to the people up front, because people just kept piling up in the large mass and just got worse and worse. Eventually we rounded a corner and it was still horrible up at the front. There should have been a better ENFORCED system used. The people in the back of the line should not have been moved back to that far. The people in front were the main problem, and it is too bad that them and this “list” group ruined for all of thsoe who abided by the Hot Topic rules. I can only hope that Hot Topic will try and reschedule this event somewhere in the Bay Area and be more organized.

  40. Creepy. Especially the “mom” that called hotels to find out where Robert was staying and then pretended to care if he feels bad. This is not Edward Cullen people.

    I’m excited for my opening day movie tickets… but come on. Read the books again. It’s an actor.

  41. it was completly RIDICULOUS this morning!! i was there at 4 in the morning and signed up on a “list” that was suppose to let how many people were suppose to get in but apparently this list wasn’t was completly UNORGANIZED and the hot topic people told us they “weren’t prepared for this big of a crowd” while i appreciate them putting everything together, not expecting this big of a crowd?? really?? come on now…they SHOULD have followed the list that was going around because it was at least somewhat organized and for all the people who pitched giant fits because they weren’t on the list wow okay thats your own damn fault and if you had been on the list you wouldn’t be throwing a fit…all in all it was completly unorganized and the cops were BEYOND rude to us time they should plan it out a little bit better and it should definatly be rescheduled

  42. Fun Sized Alice says

    If you guys haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

    I got up @ 4 in the morning just so I could drive there and find that mob clogging the doors at 6 in the morning. It was ridiculous.

  43. Hey everyone needs to listen to Victoria because I was there, right in the middle of it from the early hours of the morning and that is how it went down. I know the fans got crazy and no one would listen but at the same time, the ONE security guy (who wasn’t doing ANY good) wouldn’t listen to us. Its easy for people to blame everyone in the front but thats not what really happened. I was there in the very middle and believe me if there was any way for us to move we would have done it with a smile on our faces. We could not move, and we could hardly breathe. There was no way for us to move back unless the people near the street did first and they wouldn’t. The cops just thought we were not listening but really we were all screaming for them to move the others back so we could too but they just wouldnt listen to us. The media is making it sound like we were throwing punches but it really was not that bad of a situation. Some people fell because we were told to run for it, some people fainted because we were all too close together but I know I made WAY more allies in that group then I did enimes. This all would NEVER have happened if the Hot Topic had things organized, or at least watched the news to realize hey were way in over their head.

    This morning was SO much better. There was an organized line and there was a list of names. Everyone knew their number and was lined up accordingly. All hell broke loose when people showed up way later and expected to still be in the top 500 people and through a huge fit. Once the Hot Topic people decide not to honor the list, thats when things got bad. How else did they expect these fans to act when most of us had been there since 1-4 am waiting in line and all of a sudden we might not get in because the people who decided to sleep in were throwing a fit about it? More, that they might get in instead of us?! We had been there all morning and now other people who didnt deserve a spot where cutting…how else was this situation going to pan out when you make it into a competition? The worst part was after the Hot Topic people came and told us the list wasn’t valid and that we were all suppose to “walk” to the doors under a first-come-first-serev basis. If thats not asking for it, I don’t know what is! DUH! Of course these people ran for it! Once the people who ran the fastest got to the doors everyone piled in behind them and that was that, we were all stuck with walls all around us and WAY too many people in a little space.

    Yes the press will tell you that we were all out of control but honestly what did they think was going to happen? They had one rent-a-cop with mega phone, no organization, no lines, no help, no nothing. Twilight is one of the biggest things to happen since Harry Potter and they didn’t expect that a crowd would be there?!?! You have got to be kidding me. I know I speak for hundreds of fans when I say that we didn’t want to tear the place down we WANTED organization, we WANTED to have the spot we earned in line guareented, and all we wanted was to get a poster signed after waiting hours in a cold parking lot. Hopefully this event can be rescedualed with organization now that Hot Topic realizes that yes, twilight fans are not kidding around and yes there will be A LOT of people…surprise surprise.

  44. I was there this morning as well. Basically they were naive to think one security guard was going to handle everyone. We did have a number system and a line going that he decided to not honor, and therefore left everyone no choice but to rush the mall when they finally let people on the property. Then, they did not have a line roped off, so when they asked people to back up and form a line, they were asking for the near impossible. Yes, you learn how to form a line in elementary school, but try doing that with nearly 1000 people behind you. Not an easy feat. If they had allowed people to line up more than an hour before the event, had more security, and a roped of official line that everyone had to get in, this fiasco could have been avoided.

  45. TMZ is reporting that nearly 3000 fans showed up and organizers were completely unprepared. There was a rush to get in the door and some people were trampled and injured. The police were called in to control the situation. I am guessing that’s why the event was cancelled. Feel sorry for Rob as he is already paranoid about these crowd situations.

  46. I was there this morning, and even though it was /bad/ it wasn’t out of control, at least not from where I was.
    I’m pissed.
    SFPD should have been there from the start if they were going to butt in at all.

  47. Wow. I mean it was parially the fans’ fault for being so enthusiastic (can’t say that I blame them) But I think it was mostly Hot Topic’s fault. I mean, I’m sure they knew about the Twilight fandom and they only expected 500 people to show up??? It’s really kind of sad and I hope they reschedule.

  48. Sorry, I meant -partially- *stupid typos*

  49. Rob Pattinson just said the event is STILL ON on View From the Bay in San Francisco…

    I can’t get through to the Stonestown Hot Topic. Any confirmation from anyone?

  50. Yeah Nicky I was just about to say that. I watched a live stream here:

    Don’t hold me to it…

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