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Since tons of media outlets were at the Twilight press junket this past weekend, and a lot of the article repeat information, we thought we’d hit the highlights of what is unique.

Reelz Channel coverage:

"During the course of the marathon junket, we had the chance to confirm that each and every character from the book series is signed on to three Twilight movies.

What about Breaking Dawn? Since the book wasn’t out when the contracts were drawn up, it was not part of the deal. Translation? If this series gets all the way to part four, Summit is either recasting or Stewart, Pattinson, Lautner, and crew can look forward to a nice fat raise."


LA Times coverage:

He’s not sure how, after he had refused to write music for "Twilight," director Catherine Hardwicke got ahold of his songs. But he suspects co-star Nikki Reed snuck it off his laptop, where he keeps some of his music. (Hardwicke later told reporters that she was eventually able to convince him to record the songs and it was only after she showed them to him together with footage from the movie that he agreed to let them be used.)


E! Online coverage:



“I was embarrassed going into the casting because in the character breakdown, the first line is, ‘Edward is the ideal perfect man,’” he said. “I literally put it off for five months and then I went in mainly because I had seen Into the Wild and I wanted to meet Kristen because I thought she was cool. But I felt like an idiot being like, “Hi, I’m here for the ideal man audition.“

Shock Till You Drop coverage:

Nikki Reed: "I change my mind about whether or not I want to be an actor all the time. Right before Chain Letter, I had moved to Hawaii to go back to school because I decided I was never going to be an actor again."