New appearances are popping up every day, but we thought we’d put all the info in one place.

Set your TIVO’s, DVR’s or even tune in live to Ellen on November 21st when Robert Pattinson will be on.

Kristen Stewart is on David Letterman on November 20th.

Some of the cast of Twilight will be at Much Music (in Toronto) next Saturday, for a special Twilight Live@ Much show.
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Rachelle Lefevre will all be there, and the show will be filmed and broadcast next Saturday at 6. You can get wristbands for the taping this Tuesday at 5. TY to Kristen.

And of course there is the Hot Topic Tour.


  1. Kiki Alice Cullen says:

    Hahaha, I’d watch Kristen but I’ll be at the midnight premire!!! Wish i could see robert at Philly though…oh well. Movie is just 10 days away!!!!!

  2. FYI – Rob’s Part 3 of EW Video Interview is online now.

  3. Finally, something near me and I can’t go! Although this experience is making me like MuchMusic a lot more.

  4. Dang im going to miss Kristin on letterman and her cameo on comedy central!
    I’ll just have to TIVO it.

  5. hey everyone. the music for this movie is AWESOME.

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  6. The Twilight Movie website says that there will also be a “new” scene shown during the episode of Heroes that is on NBC tonight (11/10).. I will be watching Heroes anyway, so I just won’t be flipping channels during commercials!

  7. I second what Lucy says, that there is a new scene tonight, Monday, on Heroes on NBC (8/7 C). Watch Heroes if you want to see the ‘exclusive sneak peek!’

  8. They cancelled the Hot Topic meet and gree with Rob today in San Fran due to crazy fans!!!!

    See the article below.

  9. FYI, the San Francisco appearance was cancelled this morning because some fans couldn’t control themselves… make sure if you are going to a Hot Topic appearance you get there early and DON’T act a fool. 🙂

  10. i’m so happy kristen is going to be on letterman!

  11. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i am so excited for the much music show!!!! yay!!!! finally somethign in canada!!!!!!

  12. Why not in Montreal?My dad would never take me to Toronto for a six-hour drive!This isn’t fair at all.It’s happening in Canada but it’s too far from where I live.

  13. We were at San Francisco at 4am Nov. 10 for Rob’s appearance but it was cancelled. However, at 6pm they resumed with the meet & greet for limited people. We don’t think that’s fair considering there was a lot of fans who travelled from far places to get there early. I hope that next time the organizers are prepared for events like this. Thank you and more power to Twilight!

  14. OMG, people started lining up at 3 PM for those live@much wristbands – that’s 3 pm the day BEFORE!!

  15. I am sooo gunna watch Kristen on David Letterman, but I’m gunna have to record Ellen cause I’m not gunna be home to see it, I will be seeing the movie that morning at 10:45am!!! AAAHHH!!! sadly my theaters aren’t having midnight showings so that’s why I have to go at 10am

  16. is any of the cast going to be in ny?

    i heard something about the today show?

  17. Thnak you!

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