MTV’s Spoiler’s A Fan’s View

Here is Michelle’s report. She attended the MTV Spoiler taping last night, there are actually (not major) but spoilers for the movie discussed so we put it in a scroll box spoiler font because the scroll box refuses to cooperate so no one innocently stumbles on what they don’t want to know. TY to Michelle for sharing the experience.

I just got back from the taping. I have to say, the clips they showed us were AMAZING! Everyone in the theater went insane! The whole cast was there, but Rob and Kristen introduced the clips they showed us. By the way, I can finally put a face to the voice of Larry Carrol after so many Twilight Tuesdays!   On the Larry Carroll recap, I was the one wearing the Bite Me t-shirt [from the store!] and I got to ask a question to Catherine. I was the first one with a question so I’ll be on tv [hopefully!]

As for the clips (highlight to read the rest), it had to have lasted around half and hour. They repeated a couple of clips, but some were new. Now for the clips- we saw the ballet studio scene again, the first appearance of the Cullens [from the Rome Film Festival], the cafeteria scene again, AND we saw when Bella wakes up to find Edward on her bed and its when he says "I want to try something…" [OMG THAT SCENE IS WAY TOO INTENSE!], we also saw when Bella introduces Edward to Charlie for the first time [Charlie was cleaning his shotgun…. so funny!!], and pretty much an extended version of the last trailer. This last part, it had added the complete parking lot crash at school- we saw how Bella confronted Edward and asked how he saved her [GOSH his intense eyes!!!]. 

 I was actually the first person with a question for the Q & A- just for reference, I thought the camerawork for the film is a little sloppy… too documentary-like, and Catherine said she wanted an "intimate" feeling, but I still felt it’s sloppy and awkward. It’s up to everyone to watch it and judge!  The cast that stayed for the Q & A was Taylor, Kellan, Ashley, Jackson, Peter, Edi, and Larry Carroll! haha! Nikki, Rob, and Kristen, like I said, only stayed for the introduction of the clips then left.

Just have to say, Ashley Greene, SO BEAUTIFUL! Well, honestly, they ALL are gorgeous! Jackson had a little emo-ish hair, but it looked really good on him! Kellan, come on, ALWAYS looks good [actually started unbuttoning his shirt for some screams 🙂 ]. Taylor kissed a fan on the cheek [you’ll see how it goes down!], but in general, the whole cast was humble and just as excited to see us as we were to see them. Oh! Kellan said we’re really really really going to love the baseball scene! He said there is some really good special effects and to try and keep an eye on how the ball moves!  

Overall, it was an amazing experience to watch the scenes with all these other fans, screaming our heads off, and had a great time rocking our Twilight clothing and just have fun! When Larry first came out, we ALL yelled, "THANK YOU LARRY!!!" and yelled that again at the end haha! He made a really funny Twilight pun, I hope they put it in the episode [he said "I know Twilight is going to him you all like how Tyler’s car hit Bella!" hahaha… so silly].   I can’t express in words how I felt before, during, and after the screening… I can’t wait until the movie comes out!