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MTV has Twilight spoilers!…Well to be fair, not exactly…but sort of. Don’t worry, you can click without actually being spoiled.

They say things come bigger in Texas, well at least this time the stereotype fits. So how would you like to see Twilight on an IMAX screen and then get a Q&A with Catherine Hardwicke right after the film?  Well check out what the Austin Film Society has to offer. TY to Kirachan for the heads up.

Variety has an article talking about Twilight having Blockbuster potential that really goes into depth on why that is possible.

Now it’s Kristen’s turn to talk Twilight on EW.  Also look for three different Twilight covers (see below) in stores.

And to see cover number three, go check out Stephenie Meyer’s site.

The second part of Rob’s interview is now available on video.