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MTV has Twilight spoilers!…Well to be fair, not exactly…but sort of. Don’t worry, you can click without actually being spoiled.

They say things come bigger in Texas, well at least this time the stereotype fits. So how would you like to see Twilight on an IMAX screen and then get a Q&A with Catherine Hardwicke right after the film?  Well check out what the Austin Film Society has to offer. TY to Kirachan for the heads up.

Variety has an article talking about Twilight having Blockbuster potential that really goes into depth on why that is possible.

Now it’s Kristen’s turn to talk Twilight on EW.  Also look for three different Twilight covers (see below) in stores.

And to see cover number three, go check out Stephenie Meyer’s site.

The second part of Rob’s interview is now available on video.


  1. I loved the interviews but KStewart always comes off as *the fans are crazy, obsessed, etc*. So we’re to crucify her if she doesn’t live up to *our* standards? Wow….
    I also don’t like the fact that she didn’t want to follow the script because SM “lines” sounded cheesy … welp….those are the words we all fell in love with, so will the real Bella inside of you please stand up and take over when you’re on set?!!

  2. I want the top poster can we find any info on it?!

  3. lirael cullen says

    ..hmmm kristen doesn’t sound like she’s thankful for the twilight fans..well whatever..

    Hmmmm on a happier note, i receive enterntainment in the mail so i guess i’ll see what photocover i’ll get.. please. please. please. be Robert!! ^_^

  4. I loved the interview and I loooove the covers!

  5. I think what kristen meant was that the person who wrote the script used cheesy lines, not necessarily SM lines from the book were cheesy.

  6. kristen always comes off being very mature to me in her interviews. I can understand her apprehension to the twilight fanbase, people are literally crazy for it and she doesnt appear interested in being famous but in doing a good job on whatever project she’s working on. And Twilight fans probably would crucify her if she did a poor job, many girls at my school wanted emma watson burned at the stake (some still do) for her portrayal of hermione in harry potter. People need to relax and enjoy the movie for what it is instead of criticizing every detail, read the book again if thats what you want but the movie has to be different in order for it to work.

  7. well said tsumi!! I agree with you. BTW the interview was great!

  8. i luv the top poster that was in the backround. i really wanna see a close up of it though

  9. Sunrise Star says

    To everyone who’s upset with Kristen for not liking the Twilight fans and wanting to “tone down” the lines a little bit, think of it this way: She’s an actress. Essentially, she’s an artist who is just as creative as Stephenie Meyer. She can’t BE Bella Swan, she has to form her own interpretation of Bella Swan and play her as accurately as possible. Your version and my version and Kristen Stewart’s version of Bella are all going to be totally different. She’s got to make it her own, because, even though it is an adaptation with a wild fanbase, she has to love it too – or else she wouldn’t be able to do it.

    Also, think about what it would be like as an 18-year-old girl being told how to do your job – a job you love, a job that has changed your life. Think about the intense pressure, and the constant paparazzi, and the attention…and all you’re trying to do is portray this character that you really liked and you felt could be a great opportunity. It would be so scary. She has every right to not LOVE the Twilight fans. You guys are a little frightening sometimes lol, and there’s a lot of pressure on her. So lighten up, and trust her to do a beautiful job – because I believe she will.

    *rant over*

  10. The link to the Variety article is really messed up.

    The url is “ be you should enjoy life a bit more and not be so off to people that only ever wanted to help grow something and work together for the fans, we all do this because we want to have some fun, you seem to have lost that”


  11. stephDElune says

    I have a feeling Kristen doesn’t like obssesive fans like us. :S
    She seems almost annoyed, but again, i can’t blame her, i don’t know how i would feel if thousands of fans stared to judge me just b/c of this one character.
    In any case, I LOVE THE COVERS!!
    I can’t choose just one, so i’ll get them both!

  12. haha yeah the variety link is weird. This is the real link everyone:

  13. There’s a third cover, with both Rob and Kristen on it.

  14. In the EW video “preperation”, Rob totally explained the reality of Edward’s appeal. We all love Edward and so many people have tried to explain why. Yes, it helps that he’s beautiful and his voice causes you to melt but the reason that he is universally loved by so many lies in the fact that he is simply a good guy who is completely devoted to the one he loves. Constantly, Edward is putting Bella’s needs and desires in front of his own. (and he calls himself selfish!) That is so rarely seen in today’s world that we absolutely go head over heels for it. He’s humble to a fault and truly sees himself as the bad guy when he is one of the few good examples we have.

  15. Yea I think kristens attitude is way off. She acts like were goimg to hurt her when we will prob jumpstart her career! that interview made Rob P. kooler by the way. CHECK OUT MY BLOG!!!!

  16. What is the book he mentions?

  17. awww Rob looks soooo good on the cover! lol. btw, Kay, did u get ur blog name from Gossip Girl? just wondering…. lol

  18. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    Where did Rob get that sweet cast poster at?!
    The one behind him!?
    Not the old one, but that one where he is HOLDING her!!

  19. CullenFan101 says

    Okay, don’t hate me, but Rob isn’t all that hot, I think we just have this illusion because he’s portraying Edward, he MUST be hot. But personally, they could’ve done better. And I mean who wants a guy who doesn’t shower for over a month?! I mean, your water bill may be low but seriously! He can’t go to an Awards show all stinky and nasty hair. Bleh.
    But that’s just my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Thanks SO MUCH for the info on the Austin Film Festival. The theater they are showing it at is so close I can walk from my apartment. I bought my ticket and will be there! I never would’ve known about it without you!

  21. so my comment was erased sad….
    anyways ANYONE know where to find that poster in the backround (the top one?!)

  22. JennyLee, I just had to say that I think that she didn’t mean it all quite so seriously. The problem with written interviews is we can’t see facial expressions and hear voice tones. I think she was just talking about the pressure of living up to such a loved character. And she isn’t reciting all of the lines we fell in love with, she’s reciting the lines the screenwriter wrote, which in most cases aren’t the same.


  23. Wow, you haters. Rob is just one of those people who dont want to be extreamly over famouse he just wants to act and you dont see that a lot these days. So anyone who says rod isnt hot well stop being negitive. if you think the movie is going to be bad then dont see and stop being such bit**es about it.

  24. La tua Cantante says

    All 3 covers for EW are very cool! I’m a bit confused though..Are there 3 different covers with all different Twilight stories in them or the same story with just a different cover ad do they all come out at the same time it thats the case?

  25. dont worry, it’s the same story just 3 different covers.

  26. kristen bugs the hell outa me! She doesn’t act like the Bella from the series AT ALL! I wish they cast someone else

  27. What is the top poster in the background? I’ve never scene it before this and I want to know where to find it!