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Vanity Fair has some behind the scenes photoshoot clips. (TY to many people)

Seventeen (despite the Gossip Girls photo) is having a Twilight giveaway.

Kristen Stewart talks to  IF Magazine in a two part interview.

Rob made People magazine, and we’ll have a fan report on this event tonight.

Also be on the lookout for Edi Gathegi in Life on Mars tonight, and Jackson Rathbone in the December issue of Alternative Press magazine. TY to Beth and Diana


  1. vanity fair behind the scenes..everyone looks pretty hot

  2. lirael cullen says:

    Wow ricey, i agree!! Totally sexy making!! ^_^

  3. Not here to judge, but did anyone else find it a bit weird to see Kris and Nikki kiss?…anway, they are all so pretty, and looked like they were having a blast!

  4. StinaCullen says:

    Gahh I love that Vanity Fair behind the scene clip!!! They are all so great!!!!!

  5. MagicWings says:

    SBSue: I didn’t even notice it the first time around, but that is a little strange… I mean, just because Kristen has a boyfriend and all that.

    The part of the clip I liked was the very last bit.. “Taking my wifey home after a long day at work” haha. You’ve gotta have a decent amount of strength to lift someone up like that.

  6. StinaCullen says:

    So in the the 2 part IF interview with Kristen, at the end of part 2 when she’s talking about “sequels” What does she mean by

    “I think they’re planning on combining two of them, which I’m not sure which ones they’re gonna be.”

    Would that mean that if they do make them all, then 2 of them would be combined??? If so, then Hopefully the movie would be longer than 2 hrs….

  7. The seventeen contest says its not accepting entries right now, just to let you know. I just tried it.

  8. IEnvyBella says:

    That was kind of weird when Nikki and Kristen kissed. I was like: O.O

    But Jackson at the end was so cute! haha.

    And the seventeen contest wouldn’t let me enter, either. Weird…

  9. That People magazine headline made me laugh. I think he was just joking about going overboard when he kisses someone. He always says things like that and I don’t think he’s being serious. 🙂

  10. wow it wuz really nice to see all of them bonding together!! lol

  11. The video was great! I don’t think it was weird that Nikki and Kristen kissed. They are really close and best friends. They were just joking around and having a good time. No biggie.

    Yeah the seventeen thing wouldn’t let me enter either..

  12. UGH!!!!! im going to FREAKIN SCREAM!!! vanity fair website keeps going down! it wont let me look at anything GOSH!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! im so freakin tired of that website!

  13. aww cant wait to see the photo shoot, it looks good! haha i love when JAckson RAthbone was like ” im tlaking my wife home after a long day of work” ! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cute!!!

  14. lol yea i like wat jackson rathbone said at da end too super cute lol

  15. Edwardbitespillow says:

    Jackson Rathbone was sooooooooooooooo cute at the end.
    the Seventeen thing wont let me enter either, weird…..

  16. you can't see me kay? says:

    the seventeen sweepstakes keeps saying i have to be 13. im 15, im definitely putting in the right birth date so why can’t i enter? grr.

  17. ummm...huh? says:

    i know people are saying that kristin and nikki kissed because they’re friends, but i don’t think it’s normal to kiss another girl on the lips and just be friends

  18. did anyone else see edi on life on mars??????????????? He was all over that show and he was sooooooooo good and so funny. i dunnp if I woulda chosen him for laurent but now im super excited to se what he does nov. 21st!!

  19. That whole video from Vanity Fair was so cute.
    I absolutely love the whole thing.
    Yeah, the kiss was a bit weird. O.o
    And Jackson was soooo fricken cute.

  20. Jackson in AP?! EXCELLENT.

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