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Mike Welch was interviewed by Teen Faze. You can catch part of it on their YouTube channel or go to their site for full details. Also, speaking of Mike, his play, Speech and Debate, just had its run in LA extended. So if you are out in that area check it out. It’s gotten very good reviews.

According to Editor and Publisher, USA Today Weekend Edition is taking an unprecedented step. They are going to alter their signature layout in favor of a Twilight one.

USA Weekend, the weekly companion to USA Today, has announced that its Nov. 16 issue will feature a special cover for the premiere of the much-anticipated "Twilight" movie. The cover will represent only the second time in a decade that USA Weekend has changed its blue-and-white logo.

Read the full story here.

The LA Times is still going strong with their Twilight Countdown:
                        First Rob answers your questions.
                        And Catherine chimes in.

Reelz Channel has posted more fan vids from people competing to be the ultimate Twilight fan in their contest. The winner will be announced on the 20th with teasers as to who the winner is on the 17th on Dailies. So stay tuned.


  1. awesome =]

  2. Crime Professor says:

    Wow. This is, undoubtedly, a full-blown pop-culture phenomenon! Seriously, even our new President didn;t get a new layout in USA Today. Anyone have theories as to why (outside of the obvious attraction to Rob and the books themselves) this is occurring? Don’t get me wrong, I think its fabulous & lots of fun to be a part of. I’m the first to admit I jump on the websites several tiems a day to catch updates, but WOW. Usually things like this are an escapist reaction to what is going on in the world. Did JK Rowling get a new layout? Have we seen this much paprazzi on Daniel Radcliffe? Again, just another example of how BIG Twilight has become. Tell me why you think this is occurring!

  3. I think this is occurring becasue we fangirls are crazy enough to but a USA Weekend just to check out the new layout. I mean, what fans are that devoted? You see what I’m saying? I think it’s all about the money. And we are crazy enough to buy it all. Man, they are abusing our addiction! (Whatever, gimme more!) 😉

  4. StinaCullen says:

    Oh thats just fantastic!!!! Twilight is getting so big!!!

    I love the the LA TIMES interview with ” Giggly” Rob lol He’s amazing!!!! And the part about Kristen and the Kissing scene…

    “She was into that whole thing. She’d say, “Yeah, Bella just likes being hurt” (laughs). “Be really rough!”

    Thats hilarious!!! Love them both!

  5. ugh im so mad. i tried to upload my video for that fan contest for a week and it wouldnt work. i got robbed :'(

  6. I just got back from Mike Welch’s play (which I didn’t even know about until I read it here). He is a very good actor. I’d even go as far to say the best one in the play. I highly encourage everyone to go see it in LA. The lead actress in the play was freaking ANNE from Arrested Development, but she had to leave the show this month cause she was cast in a movie. Dammit. I was the only one sitting in the front row, and there are parts in it where Mike stripped down to his underwear and writhed around right in front of me, dancing to George Michael. It was kind of embarrassing being the only one in the front row. There were two older women who went up to him as soon as he walked out of the theater to meet him and give him hugs. I thought they were like his grandmas or something but I think they were actually Twilight Moms. It was weird. He was very sweet and we talked for a while before the rest of the cast came to take him out. I didn’t tell him I was a twilight fan though. I hope he doesn’t recognize me at the live Podcast next week.

  7. Oh and he has black hair. Dyed for the part I guess.

  8. Cool feedback, Tessa! I saw the play twice myself. Just so people know — Michael’s last performance will be Saturday, November 15th. Mae Whitman left already, as you said, so from the 16th on there will be two understudies. But Aaron Himelstein will continue in it, and he’s great. Michael has the Borders podcast on the 16th, of course, and is shooting “Rough Hustle” after that.

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