Twilight Tour Details

Attention Twilight Fans!  

Cast members from the highly anticipated new movie based on the monster selling book, are coming to a city near you as part of the Twilight Tour! 

Be one of the first people to purchase the Twilight Tour T-Shirt from a Hot Topic store at one of the locations listed below and receive a wristband that guarantees your place in line to meet Edward, Bella, Jacob, Victoria or Laurent!  After the signing, they will be hanging out briefly to answer questions about the movie that arrives in theaters nationwide November 21st! 


Here are the exact details direct from Hot Topic:


Attention Twilight fans! Edward, Bella and others from the highly anticipated movie based on the monster selling book are coming to malls across the country as part of the Hot Topic Twilight Tour!

How can you attend a Twilight signing? Read carefully! Purchase the $30 Twilight Tour tee and get a wristband that guarantees you access to the signing. Purchase must be made IN PERSON on the date of the event in the specific malls listed below. Space is very limited. You must have a wristband to enter signing.

For "Edward’s" appearances you must be one of the first 500 customers to purchase the Twilight Tour tee for access.

For "Bella’s" appearances you must be one of the first 500 customers to purchase the Twilight Tour tee for access.

For "Jacob, Laurent and Victoria’s" appearances you must be one of the first 750 customers to purchase the Twilight Tour tee for access.

Limit two (2) wristbands per customer. No cameras allowed and one autograph per person. The actors will be signing posters we are providing and will not be able to sign any personal items. After each signing, the actor(s) will be hanging out briefly to answer questions about Twilight, which opens in theaters November 21st!

Robert Pattinson


November 10th – San Francisco – Stonestown Galleria at 3251 20th Ave. San Francisco 

November 11th – Dallas – Dallas Galleria at 13350 Dallas Parkway, Dallas 

November 12th – Chicago – Orland Square Mall at 288 Orland Square Mall, Orland Park 

November 13th – Philadelphia – Plaza at King of Prussia at 160 N. Gulph Rd, King of Prussia 

November 14th – Boston – Square One Mall 1277 Broadway, Saugus 

Kristen Stewart


November 13th – Washington DC – Fair Oaks at 11923-U Fair Oaks, Fairfax 

November 14th – New York / New Jersey area – Garden State Plaza at One Garden State Plaza, Paramus 

Taylor Lautner, Edi Gathegi and Rachelle Lefevre

“Jacob,” “Laurent” and “Victoria” 

November 10th – Seattle – Southcenter Mall at 633 Southcenter Tukwila, WA 

November 11th – Denver – Park Meadows Mall at 8405 Park Meadows Center, Littleton 

November 12th – Phoenix – Fashion Square at 7014-590 E. Camelback Rd, Scottsdale 

November 13th – Houston – Location To Be Confirmed 

November 14th – Minneapolis – Mall of America at168 N. Garden, Bloomington 

November 15th – Miami – Shops at Sunset at 5701 Sunset Dr., South Miami


  1. YES!!!!!!!
    New york!!!
    yeah, i can go!!
    well duh they’d have 2 cum to Ny, NY
    everybody does

  2. No! The one time that Rob is in San Francisco, it’s a Monday! I have midterms coming up, and I can’t go!! No!!!!

  3. Yus! I’m totally skipping class on 10 November! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Is there times you lot would suggest we go? Or what time he’ll be there? ^^

  4. mall of america here i come! screw philosphy and history, i’m going to go see taylor, rachelle, and edi ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. NOV 10!!!! its right by my school

    anyone know when the times are????

  6. Alice Cullen says

    Oh and for any of you who are wondering… there is an update on Stephenie Meyer’s website on the twilight movie page. It has the Paramore music video, which kinda shows clips of new footage of twilight, and there is also a song by Mutemath.

  7. YAYY for the Garden State Plaza! I am so there!

  8. anyone know what time this all goes down at?

  9. Yeah I would like to know the times too. and how early everyone else is gonna get there. bc I gotta make sure I’m in line before you! lol

  10. lol at Taterbuggy.
    I was totally thinking the same thing.

  11. I was thinking like day before. lol I do have a small child though so that may not be possible for me. I live 2 hrs from Dallas. I’m thinking I may be able to get there at like 3 am and be one of the first 500..maybe?? If you dont think so I’ll go the day before.

  12. Haley Capris says

    Ok. So it’s cool that they released details, but what TIME will the festivities be commensing?

  13. well, there goes every last hope of meeting rob. *cries* i can’t believe he’s going to be only an hour and a half away and i can’t meet him.

  14. are u flipping kidding me?! dang i want to go. what about southern claifornia??

  15. Why doesn’t ne1 ever come to Honolulu? *cry*

  16. I’d rather live in Honolulu and not have the actors come there then live somewhere else (like, say, Oregon) and have them. Oh wait, they aren’t coming to Oregon! Guess I lose on both counts. ๐Ÿ™

  17. AH!! Going to Mall of America to too see Jake, Tory, and Laruent!! Can’t wait!! <33

  18. i totaly wana go to san fran to see rob…cept that i think its really really super STUPID! that we cant bring cameras in….i mean its just a picture….sheeshhhh!
    sorry i had to get that off my chest cuz i really wanted a picture with him..oh wells…

  19. yay!! rob is gonna be at stonestown. i will for sure be skipping class that day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Yay!! Kristen Stewart’s coming to the NY/NJ area XD

  21. Fun Sized Alice says

    I probably haven’t done the proper research, but is it basically anyone who wants to go? I mean, do we need tickets?
    If not, I’m sooooo tempted to go to SF. I just really don’t want to drive there. URGH. Decisions.

  22. Fun Sized Alice says

    NEVER MIND! I get it now. I feel like a loser. Okay.
    AHHHHHHH, I don’t know what to do.
    I want to go! Really bad! REALLY REALLY BAD.

  23. Kristin Cullen says

    omgg i hope i can go.
    orland square mall is far from
    here but close to my cousin’s house!
    i want to meet rob sooo bad!

  24. Anyone else going to meet Rob in Dallas? . . . And I have a teeny-weeny problem. . . . I have college class from 7:30 to 9:00 in the morning and I live 3 hrs. from Dallas. . Any suggestions anyone?

  25. Meh, no one ever comes to St. Louis, and I don’t see why not.

  26. I live in Pittsburgh and I’m getting my sister to drive me to Philadelphia to meet Rob! lol I agree about the camera thing; it does suck. I wonder if they allow camera phones?

    I definitely want a hug from Rob!

  27. Vampire-in-training says

    my friend and i are tootttalllyyy skipping school:-)

  28. DoYouReallyNeedToKnow says

    So…You buy the shirt and wristbands the day of the event?…Help!

    I want to make sure I have that cleared up!!!

    Robert…in Dallas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to go!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget school!! He’s more important!!!

  29. OMG, Paramus is where my Grandma lives! Too bad it’s a school day, and I won’t be able to say, ‘Hey, Mom, can we go visit Grandma on…the 14th..?’ Lol ๐Ÿ™

  30. DYRNTK: I do believe you have to buy the shirt and get the wristband THE DAY of the meet and greet.

    Therefore I am going to try and get to the mall very very early. Not a morning person usually, but I want my wristband! Oh my. I am so excited! Although I just realized I’m going to miss my classes that day since it’s a Thursday. Crap.

    Oh well. When will I EVER get the chance to meet Kristen ever again?

  31. Hold on, do these events start right when the mall opens? Because that would mean that I would have to miss school, which will make it much harder to convince my mom to let me go.

  32. zomfg!!! taylors coming to miami!!!!!!!
    wait…south miami???? arg!!! i live in north miami!! thats so far!!!

  33. i;m thinking of camping out the night before in orland park.. hmm… a very interesting night to be held.. lol


  35. I think i may be the only guy going to this…

  36. StinaCullen says

    Emmanuel — Bahahah I think you may be right…. BUT thats ok cause YOU ROCK for being a guy and loving Twilight ๐Ÿ™‚ So go!!! And have a blast for all of us that can’t go ** shrugs** it’s ok I guess.. ๐Ÿ™ ** runs off crying **

  37. Wait Houston is TBA “To Be Announced”? uuugh where is it gonna be!?! I MUST see Taylor!

  38. Melz Syndrome says

    O_O KING OF PRUSSIA?! That’s fifteen minutes from me!!


    Would anyone have an inkling on what time this would all go down. Just to know if I have to get there early or anything.

  39. YAY!!!!!!
    Taylor’s coming to Sunset!!
    That mall’s near by. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And it’s so weird..
    Taylor Lautner is going to be in the mall that I grew up with my enitre life..

    But what about times?!

    I NEED details!!
    I have to convince my Mom!!

  40. No cameras?

    But. But.
    I wanted a picture!

  41. WHAT??! Houston is still TBA? Hopefully, it’s at the GALLERIA. HAS TO BE!

  42. It’s a good day to be a Taylor/Jacob Fan! 20minutes from my house at Park Meadows! SWEET! I don’t know what time but I’m assuming we all have to line up bright and early in the morning ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. why I live in Croatia?
    You are so lucky!!!

  44. There are like none in the southeast expect miami. It sucks for us in the south.

  45. CindyBlack says

    ‘Carol’ hopefully it is at the GALLERIA. :/ Why haven’t they announced it for Houston! aaah..

  46. Rob is coming to chicago!!!!
    but what time!?!?!

  47. yessssss theyre comin to nj to garden state plaza !! im goin to see kristen and i have NO school that day(teachers convention) whooooo hooooooooooooooooo

  48. twighlight is stupid and edward is a LBR

  49. you guys are wasting your time on here LBR’s!

  50. What time do these start at?! i NEED to know! if i don’t find out my mom might not let me go! and then i won’t get to meet robert! *sniff*
    no cameras D: but…i want a picture!
    i guess it doesn’t matter as long as i get to meet him right?
    but i need times!!!! GAH!

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