The Fansites Interview Rob Part 2

Again a huge TY to Rob, Summit, and to Harry Potter’s Page for the audio track.


Here’s the link to YouTube video number 2


  1. now this one isnt working. -__-
    i loved the first one though !!

  2. It has to process give it a bit

  3. same- what a beautifully beautiful…voice

  4. mine is not working!

  5. still not working for me.

  6. Maddie Cullen says

    you should check out the twilightguys phone call to robert pattinson! its on his website! go go right now! go as fast as you can! lol

  7. the forums are down?! what am i going to do without randomness!


  9. It’s not working….. when I clicked on it, it said “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available.” Is that just my computer, or is that happening to everyone?
    I’m confused!! TT_TT

  10. layna cullen says

    its not working for me either 🙁

  11. Devon061381 says

    part II isn’t working…and it looks like the rest of the news below is all screwed up on the page. Weird.

    Anywho, Rob is adorably nervous, I feel so bad for him. He hasn’t come to terms with his “god of Twilight” status yet. I get the impression though that he loosens upon longer exposure; he must be a fun guy to hang out with. And I’d be down for vampiric bites as well. 😉

  12. haha aww he auditioned because he liked kristen 🙂

  13. Twilight Nymph says

    I’m guessing he wasn’t kidding when he said he proposed to Kristen. LOL I think he fell in love w/ her. How sweet, he is so totally Edward.

  14. I loved the last interview!! But come on people. DINOSAURS?!

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