Edward Vs. Jacob—-Campaign 2008

Novel Novice is wrapping up their voter awareness project. 

Election Day is here!

Once again, we here at Novel Novice Twilight would like to ask the rest of the Twilight community to remind registered U.S. voters to cast their ballots by tomorrow in the U.S. Nat’l election.

As a Twilight site focused on education, we’ve compiled information about the U.S. electoral system and the major candidates in the race for president, which can be found here:

To continue our educational look at elections – and to have a bit of fun with elections – we are also running our Team Edward vs. Team Jacob political campaign.

Launched earlier this year, the campaign has been a way for Team Edward and Team Jacob fans to show their pride and support their “candidate” in words, artwork and video. Now the time has come to decide.

Who will you choose – Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Starting tomorrow, the polls will be open for Twilighters to cast their vote for either Team Edward or Team Jacob. The voting will be open through Friday. All the details (including mock political ads created by the NNT staff!) can be found here:

Thanks again for your support of Novel Novice Twilight – and for reminding people to vote!

 (Novel Novice Twilight is a non-partisan site, with no political agenda. We don’t care who you vote for – just as long as you do vote!) Their site ( as is ours ) is non-partisan. If you are old enough to vote take advantage of that opportunity!


  1. MuseAddict says

    Yeah! all of you Americans, go voting! I can’t, since I’m German, but I have a opnion on who should become president… but I won’t tell you that here, I’m afraid that my comment might be removed if I do that… But one is clear: Nobody wants another Bush, right?


  2. team edward!!!!

    sorry…jacob irritates me.


  3. CullenFan101 says

    Who /Doesnt/ want Jacob?!
    I mean…winters comin soon
    for some of us and Jacob just happens
    to be very convenient! GO JAKE!

  4. MuseAddict: lol, totally agreed! I think I can figure out who you are supporting…
    Anyways, TEAM EDWARD!!!!! Although I did really like Jacob in Breaking Dawn, Edward still wins. πŸ˜€

  5. TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! sorry Jacob was to annoying never liked him from day one, but i gotta say thanks for starting up the drama between everyone Jake!

  6. No question, TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m not a big Jacob fan. I liked him in New Moon but he started to irratate him in Eclipse, so again, TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. Teamm Edward!
    Sorry, but, I don’t like Jacob….
    Go Edward!

  8. I LOVE EDWARD! Jacob is stupid and just gets in the way. I mean who wants to love a wolf thing anyways?? vampires are much more sexxy.

  9. Edward rules
    Team edward

  10. Where’s Team Switzerland?

  11. doyouhavetoask. says

    was there any question to who bella was going to pick?
    edward is the better man, and even though I am very glad that jacob was there when bella needed him, but there was never anything special about him, well besides the fact he helped bella hear edwards voice in her illutsions, but besides that, jacob is just a kid.

    go edward.

  12. CindyBlack says

    TEAM JACOB!! <3


  13. CindyBlack says

    I got blocked from voting because of “suspicious votting patterns” lol oops.. πŸ˜›

  14. Sorry Jacob!!! You know I love you but I Luv Edward a lot more plus Edward is so much HOTTER!!!!! But anyways i still love you Jacob… The thing is Jacob can be kind of annoying plus prom pg.1 of book 1 Edward and Bella belonged together.Anyways who would what a shaggy wolf if you could have a SEXY vampire!!!

  15. luv u edward

  16. LOVE JACOB!!!!!!!!!!! werewolves all the way!

  17. edward rox so much better than jacob

  18. I LOVE U EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. TEAM JACOB!!!!!! he’s soooo much better and he’s always there 4 bella… and he’s hot!!!

  20. Emma and Emily says

    Emma: Edward all the way!!
    Emily: Can we vote for werewoves cause i would vote for seth. Maybe depends on how hot he is!!!

  21. Emma and Emily says

    Emily: but the vampires r more responsible so im……um…….
    TEAM SWITZERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. oh my god i love Edward cullen so much i would totally go for team edward go team edward go yaaaa

    ps edward cullen is so hot

  23. Team Jacob ALL THE WAY!!!!!! :D!

  24. wayto_obsessed(if thats even possible) says

    i love edward and not because he’s hot lol ( which he is) but because he is the nicest person ( sort of) alive ( not realy alive but you no what i mean.). but i gotta say when he left bella i got realy confused as to if i liked edward or jacob more, and jacob was just so nice to bella. but hey in the end jacob forced (sort of) bella to kiss him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so jacob can die in a hole!!!!!!!! and i dont care if they call it imprint or wateva the freak is “inlove” with a new born baby yyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Vampires101 says

    there really is no choise. edward is so smexy and
    cool.jacob was good 4 bella when she needed him but
    he should get lost now. we have no need 4 him.
    TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!

  27. TEAM EDWARD!!!

    NO DUH!!


  29. Team Edward!!!!!!!!!!
    To bad for me I go to a Jacob obsessed school though you got to admit that the movie does no justice to perfect Edward but still!!!!

  30. i choose team jacob!!!!! he is so totally hot!!!!! he is the sexiest cast member on twilight!!!!! although james and emmet are right up there with him!!!!!

  31. caro addams says

    Team jacob i have to say because he is soooooo hottttttt