Site Update!

Don’t fall out of your chair!  It’s true!  We have actually updated the website!

Eclipse Chapter 26 – Ethics summary and discussion questions can be found here.

Eclipse Chapter 27 – Needs summary and discussion questions can be found here.  Thanks to December for her work on both 26 and 27

And the Epilogue – Choice summary and discussion questions can be found here.

We hope to start the Breaking Dawn discussion this week as well as have the new time line finished.  Thanks for hanging in there with us!


  1. SWEET i love reading these, can’t wait till you guys are done with breaking dawn

  2. Thanks Lex people, you rock! 🙂

  3. Yay!! I’m sooo looking forward to the Breaking Dawn ones!!! I was actually just thinking the other day about asking when they would start…

  4. hey I remember a while ago the Lex said they had an interview with Robert Pattinson that would be posted after filming is finished…. is that still true, or did it fall through? Just wondering… I would love to see it.

    It kind of got morphed into something else with more opportunity for others too. That’s all I can say without getting into trouble.


  5. PDX-TV will be running a “Watch, Listen & Win” contest next week, 11/3 to 11/6. Viewers will need to watch the 8 O’Clock News on PDX-TV (Channel 49, Cable Channel 13 in the Portland, Oregon viewing market) for the Twilight Secret Set Location. Then, listen to the “Nelson & Terry Show” on 105.1 fm The Buzz between 5am and 10am the next morning for their cue to call. The 8th caller each morning will win tickets to the advanced screening of Twilight in the Portland area and one grand prize winner (drawn on Nov. 11th) will win a 3-night Twilight Fan trip (including meals, lodging at the Multnomah Hotel, guided tours of exclusive locations featured in the movie, an exclusive dessert reception and a session with a Native American Storyteller).

  6. Yeay – thanks for updating! I love this part. I didn’t realize there was so much work that went into a synopsis!!!


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