More Twilight Coming To You

According to Much Music Rob and Kristen are heading to Canada.  You can get the details on how to get a wristband to get in to see them here.  Ty to Jami and Takara.

Rob and Catherine will be at the Apple Store in Soho on November 3rd. The Q&A will be moderated by a reporter from USA today. Check out directions to the store and events here.

The Twilight Soundtrack website has updated their international release dates.


  1. StinaCullen says

    Off topic here.. But has anyone seen the new video they posted on Twilight’s myspace????? Yeah the one that shows a kiss between Edward and Bella and Bella’s wearing NO PANTS……. Gahhh I knew they’d throw something sexual in there……

  2. Edward Cullen is Smelxy (Smells good and sexy) says

    Yeah, it was on the trailer on t.v.
    I was like “Dude, what the heck?”
    But yeah, I still like the third one out of them all! <333

  3. Just saw that. And notso happy about it…..
    I have a feeling I might regret seing the movie. It might destroy my image of twilight

  4. StinaCullen says

    Yeah I agree!!!! Oh well I guess they can’t follow the books to the T. I’ll still love it!!!!! I just hope thats all the tweaking they did with all the “Kissing Scene’s” I really hope they aren’t ALL OVER each other in every kissing scene… that would just be sad…

  5. yeah it would be sad and completely ruin the concept of Edward’s love for her. Because he knows better. Unless they were going to make it where Bella is all over him and then he makes it stop right away. Oh and only nineteen more days!!!

  6. StinaCullen says

    Emily…. never thought about that, now that I watch the video again, ” Edward ” Looks WAY uncomfortable… maybe that is the scene where Bella throws herself at him and he has to be the responsible one and put a stop to it…. hmmm I sure hope so!!!!!

  7. YES Twilove for Canada!


  9. OMG!
    It’s time something happened in Canada!But where are they exactly going to come? I didn’t really understand.

  10. YAYY!!!!!! I was watching MOD last night when they mentioned it. I am SO going to be there!!!!!

  11. awesome I work right down the street from much music, glad something twilight finally came to canada =D

  12. Woo~ for Twilight love for Canada! Still waiting for an open event like NYC Soho Apple, though. : /


    that is sooo amazing i’m definitely going to be at MOD!

  14. MuseAddict says

    This. Really. Sucks.
    Why am I living in goddamned Germany? I don’t see any sense in a Soundtrack release on the same day as the movie release! That totally ruins the anticipation. hmpf.

    Why is Twilight not coming to Germany..? 🙁

  15. OMEEE!!!
    Finally Canada and Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Too bad it’s in Toronto, not in Vancouver.
    I don’t care!
    I feel happy for the people who are going because we needed some Twilight event in Canada sometime soon.

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