Halloween Twilight Style

If you are lucky enough to live in the Philippines, Hagen Daz in that country is doing Twilight themed ice cream combos.

In time for the holiday various news outlets are exploring why we love vampires. MSN gives an overview from Dracula to Twilight. TY to Ashley.

Novel Novice has their Halloween plans underway.  These plans ask for people to send in their Twilight themed costume pictures, and to help people out they have a costume guide.

Bite of Twilight has their vampire themed  Halloween Pumpkin carving contest in full swing. Check out all the details here.

One Lexiconer, Onyxeyes, is already getting in the Twilight Halloween spirit.


  1. Wow. Twilight-inspired ice-cream. You would think you’d thought of everything they could come up with.

    I like that wolf jack o’lantern :] It’s amazing!

  2. omg sick pumpkin! :]

  3. Andrea S. says:

    The twicurls (<3) also carved an awesome Edward pumpkin! See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=792abJJnRSA (It first appears around 3:50).

  4. AriLovesEdward says:

    dude, I want Ice Cream inspired by Edward! Im gonna go to the Philippenes now, no jk. Ill just buy Hagen Das to support them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. WOW!The wolf jack o’lantern is awesome!That lexiconer is just brilliant!I want to learn how to carve a twilight pumpkin too!

  6. props to the lexiconer who carved that.
    i carved a pumpkin also that says twilight.
    its really cool when it’s lit up!!!

  7. LOL.
    Twilight inspired ice cream.
    It looks sooo good though.

  8. PERFECT. *goes to the nearest Häagen-Dazs store*

  9. My daughter and did a front cover of the book pumpkin I would like to post,if someone would tell me how? rrr87@hotmail.com

  10. OMG! when i went with my friend to take her brother “trick-or-treating, i SAW THIS VEARY SAME PUMPKIN!!!! i was SOO suprised!


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