Stephenie and Cast Make EW Poll

Apparently over 3,000 people chimed in over at EW to tell the magazine who was their pick for entertainer of the year. Stephenie made the list at number 8 along with diverse icons like Tina Fey and Michael Phelps.  The entire Twilight cast also made the list coming in at number 14.


  1. How awesome!!!

    Congrats, Steph!!

  2. That’s great! The Cast has totally earned it… AND SO HAVE U, STEPHENIE!!!!

  3. I’m so happy for Stephenie! And for the cast! I have faith that they’ll totally live up to the hype.

    I had to be rude in those comments on EW. I swear, no one get’s it! All these people comments saying things like, “This again?No!” and “The movie isn’t out yet, they may be bad.” and “Who’s Stephenie Meyer?”

    I wrote in saying stuff about having faith that the cast will be amazing and that it they are only being negative because they’ve never read the books and never plan on it, don’t comment on twilight related stuff. lol

    Then I joined in with other fans who were telling people if they’ve never heard of this series and its author and movie, then they’ve been living under a huge rock for years. My gosh…people totally need to stop being so negative.

  4. i voted in that poll =] but i voted for rob cuz he’s very multi talented and quite the entertainer. but congrats for stephenie! and the whole cast, too.

  5. Congrats to Stephenie and to the cast!


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