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Yahoo picked Twilight as one of the best movies this fall for TV lovers. TY to Kayla.

Robert is playing Salvador Dali in the indie film Little Ashes. EW has a picture of Rob as the distinctive Dali. Here’s a collection of actual images of Dali. How close do you think Rob comes to replicating the look?

The LA Times in its ongoing Twilight countdown now is doing a "before they were stars" angle.

Seemingly Rob is having a bad hair day…well…sort of.


  1. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I like how Roberts hair looked in Harry Potter, it looked very controled and good on him.

  2. Poor Rob. At least if he were a girl he could put his locks up in a clippie or ponytail!

  3. Wow. Uber mustache.

  4. Rob as Dali? That picture kinda scared me, but…Dali WAS a crazy guy…

  5. I don;t think Rob needs to cut his hair; I can’t imagine it shorter. He just needs to tame it a little.


    C’mon, if he cuts his hair, what will he run his hands through during interviews every 10 seconds? Seriously, the hair suits him.

  7. Alu Rathbone says:

    if he cuts his hair… he will ruin edward… i mean… he has three more movies… well hopefully… where he needs to keep that style

  8. i noticed rob got a little trim =] but they shouldnt NOT let him do what he wants with his own hair…=[ and that pic is a veryyy sexy one of him *dies*

  9. genuinesmile says:

    I agree he shouldn’t cut his hair for the movies’ sake, I don’t think they could possibly capture the hotness Rob’s hair naturally has with any sort of wig…lol, but seriously aside from filming I think he should do as he wants…plus I agree with Mary Alice Cullen, Rob looked good with the short hair as ‘Cedric’

  10. He won’t ruin Edward if he cuts his hair, hair grows. 🙂

  11. Yeah, i think he should cut his hair, if he doesn’t, he’s hair will look like Jacob’s hair (pre-wolf)!

  12. Danny Chipman says:

    Personally, I think the “sex hair” has made him look pretty ridiculous. I outright laughed at some of his interviews and appearances. Edward-flop is okay, but his hairdresser needs to go easy on the mousse.

  13. What’s funny is that I think he’s almost too pretty to play Dali. Dali look’s like my ex, Pablo. Kind of ratty.


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