Hot Topic Sponsors Twilight Cast Tour

We’re just going to let this press release from Hot Topic speak for itself.

Twilighters, Something Big Is Coming Your Way! 
"Hot Topic is presenting an exclusive Twilight tour with some of the cast members from the upcoming movie. The Twilight Tour will be heading to various cities throughout the country.

Want to be the first to know if the Hot Topic in your area will host one of these events? Just sign up to be a Hot Topic member and make sure the email box is checked!

Then on Nov. 7th you’ll get all the details in your Hot Topic email!"

When you do log in and create an account you get an email confirmation that includes a pretty sweet discount.



  1. Cassandra says:



  3. That sound really cool ohh ima first! yea so um check out my blog it’s fab

  4. i’m sure they won’t come to the one nearest me…but maybe there’s one in chicago they’d go to? i might be able to get to that.

  5. That sound really cool ! yea so um check out my blog it’s fab

  6. Awesome! Ima sign up :] lol

  7. OK now, where is the love for Canadian residents? Seriously.

  8. Holy Crow!!!!!! I really hope they come to a Hot Topic in New York or New Jersey =]

  9. Cassandra says:


  10. Please Please Come to NY!!!!

  11. Cassandra says:

    Wait wat part of the cast is involved?
    *please say them all. please say them all. i want them all. ALLL.*

  12. There are NO Hot Topics in Canada.

  13. Cassandra says:

    There’s a hot topic in Nebraska.

  14. OMG I agree with Cassandra! They need to come to NEBRASKA, preferably Omaha! Or the Twin Cities; I could work with that 🙂

  15. Ooooooooh I got the discount. wow, the code is kind of…obvious.

  16. That birthday discount will be nice…maybe they’ll come out with a (hopefully cheap!) Twilight messenger bag of some kind…. Cause I really need a new one….
    I hope they come to New Jersey as well :]
    Or Pennsylvania :]

  17. Cassandra says:

    I could do omaha. thats only an hour away from me.

  18. Cassandra says:

    How many states do you guys think they’ll go to?

  19. sarafromDC says:

    *crosses fingers and prays to the heavens above* Please come to DC!


    If they decide “Hey we’re gonna skip over Florida” I will shoot someone.

    C’mon! Miami? Fort Lauderdale? West Palm? Please?

  21. Cassandra says:

    I bet Cam and Mike and Taylor will all be on the tour. They seem like they’re always up for that kind of stuff.
    Id really like for Kristen and Rob to go too.(i accidently typed Edward and Bella…lol. oh wow. i love Spunk and Kristen.)

    Please come to Chicago!!!

  23. JulesCullen says:

    Oh gosh… another Twilight thing that COMPLETELY EXCLUDES CANADIANS!!! AHHH!!!

  24. FLORIDA! Orlando!! Come on… Disney!!!! LoL

  25. I hope they come to Lakewood Mall in SoCal. There’s lots of Twilighters here.

  26. any chance they’d come to wisconsin?
    no, probably not..hmmm….i could do chicago.
    please! come to chicago!

  27. renae cullen black says:

    ome ome ome i hope they come to seattle yepppppppp

  28. umm…i cant sign up!! where can i get the time??

  29. sillygirl says:

    There’s a hot topic at the Mall of America, perhaps they would do that. That’s only an hour away for me!

  30. I want to know who all will be there (cast) before I flip out and sign my life away to go. Guess I could still sign up on Hot Topic, though… Christmas IS coming up, and a 20% discount is pretty sweet… lol

  31. Canada?
    Show the love?

  32. I’d sign up, but life hates me. I’m serious.
    I never win anything.
    Not even stupid lollipops in those little school contests.
    And if I do, then the lollipop breaks. Or has been food poisoned.
    So if I actually won (1 out of 1000000000 chance), I’d probably get hit by a car in front of the Hot Topic store.

  33. PLEEEEEAAAASEEEE come to ORLANDO or even some where in CENTRAL FLORIDA…….. If you don’t i’ll die PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE C’mon Florida

  34. what t shirt/ poster do you get when you get in????

    love you rob pat!

  35. omggg pleaseee come to new york city!!!! i love cam gigandet(james)!! he was so hot in twilight!

  36. oh my gosh, i want them to come to saint louis(:
    i am robert pattinson’s numberr one fan, no matter what anyone in the whole entire world say’s. you are the most amazing thing i have ever seen in my life. i love you will all of my heart. never forget thatt(:

    -i love you 😀

  37. come to saint louisss. !

    i love you robert pattinson!

  38. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO KANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  39. omg ! i really want robert to come to jersey. in toms river. the ocean county mall. like seriously when i think of a hot guy, i automatically think of him. i’ve seen the movie “twilight” three times already. going for a fourth this friday. all my friends would be sooo excited to see him. pleasee comee to jerseyy :]<33

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