Coverage, Coverage Everywhere

Various versions of the Twilight movie trailer are popping up everywhere as Summit kicks into a major media blitz.  Expect more in the near future since a major press junket is upcoming. Just some of the spottings include:

  • Nickelodeon
  • The World Series
  •  Cartoon Network Adult Swim

You can also catch Twilight coverage in the hard copies of:


  1. Can’t wait to see the movie. It is breaking my heart that we haven’t heard from Stephenie lately. I hope she isn’t letting the FEW whacked-out nut jobs who have poorly judged her work chase her away from her MANY fans. She must have done something right, her books are STILL SELLING LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!! Way to go SM!! WE LOVE YA!!

  2. WOW. Oh, I also saw it on abc last night and lifetime!!!! It’s everywhere! 😀 Don’t forget ther new tv spot too, quote *deep voice* “For centuries, they have lived peacefully among us.” I’m not a big fan of that one but it was interesting to say the least when K-stew attacks Edward! haha that wasn’t in the book!! 😀

    here is the youtube link.

  3. Well, she does attack him but not in her undies…. lol I can’t wait for the movie!

  4. YAY!!! The more Twilight the better!!!

  5. bumblebee33 says:

    why is she in her underwear??

  6. I caught it on VH1 last night during Celebreality.

  7. I was watching MTV last night, almost dozing but all the sudden i heard the twilight music and i sure woke up fast….it’s fun seeing twilight stuff on TV everyone not just us twilighters can see it then!!

  8. i saw it on abc, during desperate housewives.
    i wasnt paying attention, and then BAM!

  9. I saw the fandango trailer on abc last night at 9:36pm during desperate houswives. just thot I should let people know.

  10. i saw the trailer during desperate housewives this last sunday!

  11. I saw it twice lastnight on lifetime during armywives!!! I freaked out!! Haha

  12. Saw it last night on NBC while watching 40 Yr Old Virgin!

  13. I totally saw a trailer on the today show this morning!

  14. I saw one trailer friday night at the amc before Saw V and one last night on VH1! I totally starting screaming and slapping my boyfriend who basically told me that I was a total freak LOL!

  15. I saw a TV spot last night during Desperate Housewives! I almost hit the floor, thank god for DVR!

  16. In this weeks People there’s a great picture of Rob in StarTracks, listing him as “Rising Star”!! Yahoooo!

  17. I wonder which take they’re going to use when Edward and Bella are in the car running from James ~ Rob’s said it 3 different ways ~
    “He’ll never stop”
    “It’ll never stop”
    “He’s never gonna stop”

  18. I saw the TV spot this morning on Good Morning America.

  19. I saw one on ABC Family!

  20. I saw it on the SciFi Channel during The Stand!

  21. WHAT!?! I haven’t seen it anywhere! OME I’m going to go watch tv right now.

  22. Vampire-in-Training says:

    dang! i was watching desperate housewives and i didnt see anything! probably because i went to go get something to eat danggg…
    oh and i think shes in her underwear because she was probably sleeping! yes people do sleep in their underwear, and edward probably came through the window. but from now on i am watching abc for the next couple weeks until i see that trailer!

  23. I just saw another one… On ABCFamily just now during Gilmore Girls..

    and KS was in her underpants on her bed kissing RPattz….


  24. Sarah Lynn says:

    I’ve seen it two times in the last hour on ABC Family!

  25. eternitys_charm says:

    i was watching abc, it was like 10 pm, i was dozing off and then i catch a glimpse of rob’s face (i seriously thought i was dreaming) and then i notice it was twilight and shrieked so hard myy throat hurt xD
    …i dont get why shes in her underwear though, kinda weird…anywho OMG ONE MORE MONTH@

  26. CreamAndRoses says:

    OMEEEEEEE I just saw the trailer during Gilmore Girls and started screaming my head off!!!! AHHHHH!!!!

  27. hmmm…i havent watched tv in a while, but maybe when i watch Bleach on adult swim, i might catch it!

  28. xI-MustBeDreamingx says:

    Today, after school I was watching ABC family (reruns of What I Like About You) and it was commercial break. I was snacking, and then the trailer for Twilight came on and I like froze. xD then when it was over i squeeled and went to geek out at my mom.
    It was awesome ^^

  29. my dad was making me watch the world series last night even though i hate baseball. So I was all grumpy and then THE TWILIGHT TRAILER CAME ON!!!! new footage etc so I was freaking out and my dad was like, can I mute it????? I was like shhhhs I need to see this.Then when it was over I started hyperventilating it was amazing!!

  30. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    OME what is that girl doing in her undie?? :0
    bella does not kiss him in her undies. i’m glad i’m not wathching that movie with my parents or they’ll be like “what are you reading”.

  31. AHH I just saw it on CW during Gossip Girl! I can’t wait for the movie! 24 Dayssss

  32. I just saw th etrailer on the CW while I was watching Gossip Girl!!! THATS LIKE PRIME TIME TV!

  33. OMGGG I saw it during watching gossip girl on the CW! me and my sis screemed and they showed a lil more with the kiss. *sigh* and she was in her underwear! we were like uhhhh.. okay…
    but oh well

  34. i just saw in during an episode of gilmore girls! i am so excited!!!

  35. I saw it while watching ArmY Wives on Lifetime!! OMG! I can’t contain myself! I just reread Twilight this weekend! I am going to explode! Why is it taking so long for the Nov. 21st???!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!!!

  36. BananaBears says:

    i was watching gossip girl on the CW 11 like thirty minutes ago and a cool trailer of twilight pops up and me and my sisters start FREAKING OUT!! it was amazing!!

    oh and the twilight trailer is finally on demand for those of you who have comcast. it’s under the movies and events section–movie trailers

  37. thank goodness somebody else is bothered by the fact that she was in her underwear!! as soon as the trailer came on (adult swim last night), i was screaming into my pillow on the edge of my bed. but i was very startled to see a half-naked bella. um… unexpected much? thank goodness the parentals weren’t there to see that one.

  38. there was coverage on CW last night during gossip girl

    i literally screamed


  39. Terry Hatcher is still the prettiest and sexiest actress in Desperate Housewives:`~

  40. the girls of desperate housewives are hot but i like cougar town,`”

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