Borders Has Twilight Behind the Scenes

The Borders Twilight page just launched the first of two videos depicting a bunch of behind the scenes looks at the filming. There are things we’ve all seen before, but there is new footage of Bella playing volleyball and of Stephenie watching the shooting.

Now with working link, sorry about that.


  1. link not working for me ๐Ÿ™

  2. True-Vampire-Lover says

    Yeah, I can’t get to it either.

  3. yeah they link didnt work for me either :'(

  4. oh man that gave WAYYY TO MUCH AWAY lol
    gah i tried so hard nto to spoil it for myself…I WISH THE MOVIE WAS COMING OUT TOMORROW

  5. Hmmmm, that was different. I think I would have a hard time being an actor! All of those people watching! LOL

  6. Amanda Marie says

    w-o-w awesome!

  7. Thanks for posting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. wow!! that was AWESOME!! I sooo can’t wait for the movie now..just 3 weeks left!!! AAAHHHH!!! OME!!!!

  9. Does anyone have a link that works? I couldn’t find it on the borders website.

  10. LOVE IT!!

  11. WOHOO!!! CANNOT WAIT! That totally rocked! I know I am 34 and sound like I’m 16 but I can’t wait!

  12. great!

  13. Okay, I’m really tempted to watch Bella playing volleyball, but I’m going to wait till the movie. I’ve seen so many Twilight scenes from trailers, spots, and Twilight Tuesdays that I need to save something for the movie. It’s so hard to resist!

  14. AH michelle i wish i’d resisted like you lol

  15. Lol I agree with Willa…. This is beginning to go too far…

  16. Only of few of us are strong enough to shy away from the amazing sneek previes and behind the scenes footage….

    I almost wish i were one of them,
    But then i see Edwards face i dont care.


  17. Yanirys Mota says

    that was awesome!!!

  18. that was amazing, does anyone know when the next clip comes out? it said part 1 of 2

  19. Mary Alice Cullen says

    I love that. The life of an actor and actress looks too hard for me. when is the second video coming out?

  20. Lol I agree with Amanda, anything having to do with Edward is irresistible!

  21. ome seeing the movie stills is one thing but watching the actual footage is so amazing! i love it!

  22. man, seeing all that equipment and stuff makes me miss the film camp i went to this past summer so freaking much. ๐Ÿ™

    but i love it all the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Why won’t it work? POOP! Somone help me!!!

  24. Vampire-in-training says

    haha yeah i agree with amanda
    seeing edwards face makes me forget everything ahaha

  25. random but i have a question. i just saw a twilight commercial during gossip girl. it’s different than the teaser! it has a clip of bella kissing edward..and bella is in her undies(which is kind of weird)…does anyone know where to find it??

  26. Cara, I found it on

  27. ok.. this doesn’t have to do with the border’s thing.. which by the way is AMAZING..

    but I just saw the twilight trailer on t.v.!!!!! my friend and i started flipping out!! I’m sooo pumped!

  28. haha. cara. i saw that too. it was a little weird.. just next time you watch it.. look at gorgeous edward!!!

  29. Haha I saw the trailer on Gossip Girl too, it’s TV spot #2. Search for Twilight tv spot 2 on You Tube and it’ll come up.

  30. OME!!!
    I just saw the trailer when i was watching the Hills!!! *Hyperventilates* I was screaming!!!

  31. I’ve seen three TV commercials and I’ve decided to think that they are just short boxers.

  32. Does anyone else feel a compulsion to offer Kristen a mercifully stiff drink before she does her interviews? She looks so uncomfortable it makes me cringe in my seat in sympathy. ๐Ÿ™ At least Robert is looking less tweaked these days.

  33. just on a more random note…if anyone even reads these comments… the Twilight soundtrack is available to pre-order on iTunes….just wanted to point that out.. oh and the Borders videos are great! ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Freakinloon says

    I saw that clip when I recorded Gilmore Girls today and all I could think was, “Those are NOT Bella’s comfy sweats!” LOL!

  35. Freakinloon says


    Thanks! I’ve just pre-ordered my Itunes copy but I’m tempted to also get the Borders version for the acoustic version of the Paramore song, Decode.

  36. *sigh* I feel like a traitor going to the Border’s website. But that was flippin’ awesome. I can’t wait to see the other vid.

  37. Twilight Nymph says

    I saw the tv promo #2 as well and those weren’t Bella’s sweats. Wow that kiss is going to better than I thought. I can’t wait till the 21st. LOL As into the Borders video, that was cool as well.

  38. There was one behind the scenes clip, called “part one” but where’s the other?

  39. I can barely read the book in front of people let alone act out scenes in front of hundreds of people!! Nice behind the scene footage. Looking forward to the next clip.

  40. Aww, man! I want the second video clip lol

    I actually realized I’ve seen about 20 minutes of the film in previews and such.. lol

  41. WHY THE HELL IS SHE IN HER UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Pisses me off hellaaaa

  42. What is Bella saying in the scene where Edward is in her room, and she wakes up or something?

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