Movie News Including Mexico and New Moon Possibilites

EW is taking nominations for Entertainer of the Year.  Not only actors, but authors are allowed to be nominated. Go over and show your Twilight Saga love.  TY to Angie.

There’s a great video of Melissa Rosenberg talking about Twilight and New Moon at the Austin Film Festival. TY to Meredith for linking us to her great interview.

The LA Times continues their countdown in the vow to post a Twilight story a day til the movie releases.  Today’s entry features Taylor Lautner.

Rob’s visit to Mexico has certainly let film makers know that Twilight is not just popular in the USA.  There are some great photos (TY Alejandro) on BlogHogwarts and TwilightPoison. 

There’s also a report from Vale.

"It was IN-SANE. But in a good way! It was just too many hours to wait and a lot of ecpectations and rumours of not all of the fans being able to see him and what not.

I’m uploading some pictures as I type. So far I can tell you HE WAS BRILLIANT. He came over with a white shirt and a black tie (he arrived with his regular black jacket but later took it off).

He kept cracking up and smiling a lot. He couldn’t believe all the people that was just there to see him, he just laughed and said Hola! He waved at everybody and smiled a lot. Sometimes he shook his head when he saw so many people. Like, what? and his agents were smiling and laughing a lot too. Like, they didn’t expect it. I thought it was so funny.

He was really, really nice and he’s GORGEOUS in person. I was on the front row and saw him maybe like 1 ft away from me. He’s super tall and thin and beyond adorable. Yes, the sex hair was in presence lol.

He was extremely nice and everybody made a pact to BE COOL and not freak out so he would stay as long as possible. Thankfully, everybody followed those rules because we really wanted to see him, and we saw him! He was like 1, 2 ft away from me (I got front row people!). SO beautiful you guys, I thought everyone exaggerated. But no. He has the most adorable smile. He introduced the trailer and hoped everybody liked it.

Anyway, the thing was rather "private" because not everyone who was there was able to get in or see him at all. Like, people were turned away at the door and couldn’t see him.

It was cool. A lot of hours though. A lot of screaming and fangirls, but nothing too extreme. We were afraid to scare him off!


  1. StinaCullen says

    OME!!! Taylor was CRAZY at 10 yrs old!!!!!!I bet that will all come in pretty handy for New Moon filming…. πŸ™‚

  2. StinaCullen says

    HAHAH Robert in Mexico ** “He couldn’t believe all the people that was just there to see him, he just laughed and said Hola! He waved at everybody and smiled a lot” **

    Hahaha His shyness is SO Cute!!!
    Sry for the double post πŸ™‚

  3. The Melissa Rosenburg interview is DEFINITELY worth seeing. Thank you so much for the link.

  4. Freakinloon says

    Glad to see Rob had some security while down there. (Sadly not too safe these days down in Mexico).

    Hmmm….wonder if he’s growing the beard back.

    Love to see part 2 of Melissa’s interview. It was great. Thanks.

  5. regarding the melissa rosenburg interview: i can’t believe they cut the bloodtyping scene out of the movie. as somewhat of a filmmaker myself i have been able to understand all the other choices they made, but i think cutting that out was a HUGE mistake.

  6. Mary Alice Cullen says

    OME that new scene that their going to show on tv is of the chain great!!!!!

  7. aw rob! he’s so adorable!!

  8. You mentioning his adorable smile makes me want to see it even MORE badly in person now! πŸ™‚

  9. Everyone should check out the interview with Melissa Rosenburg. It’s long, but very informative as to what we should expect from the movie. Plus, some good tips to writers! πŸ˜€

  10. Kizmet: She didn’t say that they cut it out. She said that it just wasn’t a scene where Edward saved her. They probably still have it in there, but Mike saved her or something. I’m pretty sure that’s what she said, I could be mislead. πŸ˜›

  11. omggg! Taylor Lautner was such a cutiee!!!!(actually he still is, especially in the pic on the page ;]) he sooo goood!
    and of course robp, is adorablee as well.

    =D 25 more days!

  12. i smile at silver volvos says

    i don’t know if this trailer is new or not but there is about 30 seconds of new footage that I myself have never seen in any of the other trailers so im thinking its pretty new:

  13. I dont know how to send this info to the lexicon executives so i figured id post my news here. over on fandango theres a 30 second new trailer that has some unaired scenes. Its awesome! Be sure to check it out!

  14. wow someone already posted it above me lmao. didnt see that. oh well hope you guys enjoy it!

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