Twilight Events

The View Point Inn, the location where the prom scenes from the Twilight movie were shot, is having a number of Twilight inspired events:

Event Number 1

Fans from all over the world have descended upon the Inn to pow-wow, take pictures, spend the night and share their excitement for the upcoming film. Late night discussions have revealed some surprises where the first book in the vampire trilogy, “Twilight”, will reach it’s suspenseful and spine tingling climax at the rustic, elegant and romantic 1924 View Point Inn. 

October 29, 30 & 31st. Portions of the Twilight set will be reconstructed with actual props from the film for fans to tour, take photos with and view exclusive photos and memorabilia not found anywhere else.  Fans will dine from a special Twilight Menu and see where the Prom and the end of the movie actually take place.  

Reservations will be required! 


Event Number 2


November 20th, 21st– Come to the Prom at The View Point Inn.  The grounds and halls of the Inn will recreate scenes from the movie.  Sets, props, photos and memorabilia will be up for viewing.  Come enjoy a “Monte Carlo” night like Bella and Edward.  Admission is $47. Price includes admission to the Prom, A movie ticket for the midnight showing of the film at the Sandy Cinema, food and a non-alcoholic beverage, a Twilight t-shirt, a Twilight poster and a copy of a never before scene still from filming.  Tickets are on sale now so please call 503-695-5811 or e-mail for reservations.  Spaces are limited.


The View Point Inn is also looking to preserve it’s historic architecture.  They are selling brick on a Twilight walk to assist. See their website for details.



The UK Twilight Convention, Eternal Twilight  is reporting that "We are well on the way to selling out of 2/3rds of the tickets and we know now we will sell out buy the time of the con."  So if you are looking to attend a UK-based con, don’t wait.

They are currently advertising the following programming. Additionally, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are scheduled to be there.

  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Exclusive wine reception
  • Autograph sessions
  • Professional photo-shoot sessions
  • 2 themed parties on Friday & Saturday night
  • A "chill out" party on the Sunday night
  • Guest talks and panels
  • Hopefully some book readings by our guests!
  • Quiz
  • Souvenir programme
  • Dealers room
  • And much more!!
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    1. Ooo I wish could go to these events, but alas I have no moneys.

    2. Oh no, the UK one is in Northampton, which is too far for me to go to :'(. I wish I lived in America.

      However, I was cheered up yesterday when I went to see Eagle Eye and saw a trailer for Twilight before the movie started! I had to be physically calmed down, in order to regain a breathing pattern. It was only a teaser trailer though, not the official one. But it was FUN! Even if I kept getting strange looks.

    3. It makes me happy that the inn calls Twilight a trilogy.

    4. StinaCullen says:

      Gahh! I wish I had money! I’d totally go to the View point Inn events!!

    5. omg these all sound so amazing!!! tooooo bad i dont live by that place…or anyone even close to it.

    6. I wish there would be a Twilight Con in NYC or at least in the Northeast.

    7. I am definitely going. I bought my ticket today and can’t wait for it. It’s going to be a blast and I can’t wait to see the sets and everything.

    8. I really wish I could go to the View Point Inn.But if I was allowed to and had the money,I still couldn’t because the next two weeks I’ll be doing my fisrt-term final exams.

    9. i love edward cullen says:

      DUDE!! THat would be soooo cool!! *shrieks loudly*

      Michelle, I feel your pain!!! I live in Walpole,(a town outside of Boston for those that don’t know) My grandparents live on Long Island and so do all my other aunts and uncles. I could actually go to a Twilight Con if NYC was the case!!!!

      ARGH!!! I wish that there was one here!!

    10. I bought my ticket to the VPI event yesterday. I’m so excited! I can’t wait until the big day!

    11. Sophie Hatter says:

      Hehe I’m super super excited ^^ I already booked my tickets and told some of my classmates about it. Super Stocked to go. I am dying to meet some new Twilighters hopefully I get to ^^

    12. edwardandbella says:

      I wish i could go soooooo much! But i live far away from their:( This stinks i wish they would have things near where i live! Thats still way cool though!

    13. why is there never any twilight events in scotland

    14. Martha Cullen!! says:

      I know, Val!

      I want some Twilight events in Scotland too! :'(

      🙁 On the plus side, there was an AMAZING twilight: New moon special on on stv!


    15. where is the event #1 located ? nd is the number to call is it tha same as event #2 ? How much is event #1 ?! nd is it in 2012 ?!

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