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Twilight Sedin has an interview that Rob and Kristen recently gave to a Mexican magazine. According to Twilight Sedin site ops:

The mexican magazine "15 a 20" have a special edition of 8 pages about the Twilight’s saga and the movie. It has, too, an interview with  Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. It was released today, October’s 22 in all the Mexican Republic.
The interview with Kristen have new information, a small description of her childhood; and the Robert’s one’s something about the scenes of the movie.

Read here for Robert in Spanish and here for Kristen in Spanish.
Twilight Poison also has permission for the scans here.

Twilight Sedin also captured Rob’s arrival in Mexico for an appearance he’s making tomorrow.


  1. Omgosh!! Poor Rob he has all those people all over him!! And lol, i can’t believe someone tried to but that thing on his head. Seriously people, give him some room to breath.

  2. OMG! this is really embarrassing! I’m Mexican and I can’t believe they tried to put a sombrero on his head!! this is really embarrassing sorry haha I want to watch it again but i can’t bring myself to do it I’ll feel really bad haha

  3. Oh my goodness, I never want to be famous.

  4. genuinesmile says

    i thought it was hysterical that they tried to put a ‘sombrero’ on him ๐Ÿ˜€

    but oh my…to be bombarded like that looks scary. I mean i know they want to take his picture but they have their cameras all up on his face…i do believe cameras come with a “zoom” button. *shrug* Aside from the lack of my acting skills, lol, i wouldn’t want to be famous for that reason…the simplest things become so hectic.

  5. I was honestly cringing while I was watching this. I’m kind of stunned. I don’t know what to say.

  6. i feel absolutely bad for him. i was at the austim film festival and he looked the same when everyone rushed him. he looked more comfortable answering questions from far away after how to be was shown. btw oliver irving is a genius writer and director.

  7. I feel so bad for Rob. He’s done all these amazing things for the fans and now he’s getting attacked on all sides by those rabid people.

    While I was watching that video, I just wanted to whisk him away and hide him in my basement. D:

  8. Poor Rob!! He must hate all that. Fans need to back off. We are smothering him.



  10. well, that’s… embarassing… On behalf of all Mexican people, I am very very sorry.

  11. wow…. thats all i can think to say… poor rob

  12. Black Angel says

    well that video made me feel like I needed to apologize to him… seriously, is it like that everywhere or is it just us mexicans? gah I’m so embarrassed right now lol on behalf of all of us sane mexicans out there, I’m so sorry Rob hehe

    And seriously people, the sombrero?? HOW are we ever going to get rid of the hideous mexican stereotypes when we feed them ourselves?? At least no one tried to give him a ride on a donkey I mean seriously…

  13. i have to say that my mouth was open the entire time. poor poor rob, it was slightly horrific, especially the part when that massive sombrero was somehow put onto his head. i’m gonna comend rob for keeping his cool though.

    unfortunately i think that once twilight is actually released, rob and the rest of the twilight cast,( the vampires at least) will end up being bombarded a lot more often.

  14. Would anyone like the interview with Rob in English? I took the liberty of translating it for kicks and giggles.

  15. bitemypillows says

    poor rob. i hope i dont act like that when i see him. its gunna b so hard not to act like that when hes so freaking amazing. im going to pass out…i know it…

  16. yeah, i’m mexican too and that was embarassing. He had this deer-caught-in-the-headlight look and was still chivalrous. Oh Rob. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I was dumbfounded when I saw this. He took it well considering his personal space became non-existent. I was covering my mouth when they put the hat on him. I feel so sorry for him. Being famous has it’s perks and it’s super bad sides. Glad he took it politely. Some people really need to learn to give these people space to BREATHE.

  18. rebelangel says

    lol poor Rob

  19. oh god…poor rob

  20. FilDeCuivre says

    Oh my! Poor Rob! That must’ve been terrible.. *shudders*

  21. OMG he need to shave the freakin beard

  22. michael scott says

    did you all read the interview???

    what’s up with all the birds flying away whenever he goes to school?

  23. Kathleen luvs Twilight says

    People are craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But we can’t lie we all would probly do the same thing.;)

  24. Cringe! A more appropriate gesture would be to simply hand it to him. Yes indeed, fans are crazy. Wonder why everyone gave another Twilight actor a hard time for saying just that. Fans need to remember that these actors are people…they are doing a job they love but they don’t need to have their space invaded!

  25. Vampire-in-training says

    awww poor rob

  26. yes Lekyse! thank u! i kno, it’s not as many ppl that surround other famous ppl, rob’s lucky the airport wasn’t very crowded…i really do feel sorry for him. did u hear that girl who kept saying, “please, rob, please”? she sounded like she was on the brink of crying. imagine being surrounded by desperate ppl like that *shudder*.

  27. I can translate the article later, if no one else has. The beginning of Roberts says:

    “Finding a real person that can play Edward Cullen is not an easy job. It’s not just that they need to be a good actor, but also have to have the physical characteristics of the character, which are quite unreal: they have to be terribly handsome, etc. And although in the beginning the fans didn’t agree that Robert Pattinson could play the vampire, little by little they have accepted him.”

  28. Oh my gosh. I couldn’t even finish watching that video! The paps are already out of control…imagine how they will be when the movie is released. Utter mayhem.

  29. Krys (slc) says

    that was just awful.. seriously.. i think the lexicon should take this video down.. poor rob.. i thought it would just be of him walking through the airport.. wrong.. and the sombrero? really? i feel so bad for him..

  30. wow. i feel so bad for Rob or any celebrity for that matter, who has to deal with the likes of that! i had to turn it off after a few seconds, it was giving me an anxiety attack. I’m so happy i’ll never be famous!

  31. You know, I’ve met a couple of actors in the past and I have to say I am glad I did not act like that! Can you imagine how he felt…..Its just a movie people and he is playing a character!! It’s just so sad to see that.

  32. All I could think was “That poor kid!”
    And the sombrero….
    I hope he is mentally prepared for fame because it’s going to hit him like a Mac truck!

  33. HE’S SOOO FAMOUS NOW !!! I feel bad for him really I do !!!

  34. I kept saying to myself “aaahhh… poor guy”. But he’s such a nice guy that he doesn’t just duck his head and run. He stopped and signed autographs when you can plainly see that he wanted to get the heck out of the airport.

  35. Well I do feel bad for him but it comes with the territory and I’m sad he didn’t know about how big this role was till after !!!!

  36. OMG, I couldn’t watch any more than 15 seconds. Major cringe factor. I keep fearing that Rob will get sick of the insane fans that have personified HIM as an outlet for their Edward obsession and not want to do any more Twilight films…
    I know I would be totally excited to see him in person, but I believe it is important to keep a healthy amount of respect for his space. Just takes a little self-control I suppose.

  37. Awww…Our poor Rob! Some how we as Twilight fans, need to find a way to protect our favorite actors and show them love w/o overwhelming them. Agree?
    I know being famous has it’s price, but I don’t think ANY of our Twilight cast was prepared for this. I hope this doesn’t make Rob more secluded and withdraw from society.

  38. lirael cullen says

    Question? Was he this famous before he started Twilight? I feel so bad for him! Being super uber famous now, it’s kinda taken a toll and him.. we can just imagine what it’s going to be like after the movie O_o…

  39. Wow,It looks like it got a little crazy. But is true it was worse at the Austin Film Festival.
    The body guards had to scort some girls out.

    Look like they didn’t have a big crowd in the airport,the body guards could it handle it better.

    let the 20-30 girls make a line, get autographs. NO mess.

  40. poor rob.. omg I could hears people going ROb pleaseee lol

  41. I would never do that. Sorry. mobbing someone no matter how gorgeous they are is not my idea of fun. I mean the man couldn’t walk or even breathe.

    I am feeling more and more that he will be retreating to Isle Esme and then none of us will ever see him.

  42. vampfabulosa says

    I am a fan of Twilight, Rob, etc. and I have not felt so bad for a celebrity before. Seriously, I am Mexican American and when someone threw the Mariachi hat on Rob’s head, I was embarassed not only for who ever did it but also for Rob. Sometimes, fame and fortune is not everything. Rob needs and I’m sure has some major security. Sorry Rob, but the time of you roaming around in London/LA, etc. is over for now. I know this happened in Mexico but it’s not the only place, where ever Rob goes its going to happen. As Rob fans, please try to be more understanding, it’s getting our of control.

  43. wow, those people are brave, i thought that were the papparozi at first, the way they were getting in front of him and sticking the camera in his face, and how rude to put the hat on him, he is so shy, i feel really bad for him. he needs to just go into hiding like Johnny Depp does, we will still love him anyway! poor guy

  44. I feel so bad for poor Rob.

    He’s getting so famous so quickly. If I was him I would run away from LA and hid in a small town in England after all the Twilight stuff is over and relax in a little pub.

    Hopefully this doesn’t freak him out to the point of not wanting to do any more Twilight movies. (or any other movies)

    I know him being in Mexico is part of the Twilight promotion, but chasing him through the airport is not part of his “appearance”.

    I’m not sure how these “fans” found out when he was to arrive in Mexico, but perhaps fansites(and fansite forums) need to be a bit more respectful of Rob’s privacy and not post things like this. Not to mention people need to be more responsible about their reactions if they do get the chance to meet Rob.

    I am sure he knew that there was the potential of crazy fame becoming a part of his life, especially after seeing Pottermania up close and personal but he seems to only want to do indie films. Rob thought Twilight was going to be a little flick – but us, the fans have made it into so much more.

    He is not Britney Spears or Paris Hilton who are desperate for attention. He does not go looking for paparazzi.

    If I ever run into Rob, I am going to offer to buy him a pint as an apology for all the crazy Rob/Twilight fans.

  45. It’s too bad he can’t hide ! HE HAS TO PROMOTE TWILIGHT WHICH BY the way is his job !!! Sad but true !!!

  46. Hey, I am Mexican so I am allowed to say this…
    The hat, well you saw it!
    I hope someone offers him a dunky ride. No stereotypes, just fun, and dunky rides are fun! especially if you go see the piramids

  47. crazyvampire says

    ๐Ÿ™ Why?? Does it HAVE to be in Mexico where they bombard him with pictures and try to make him use ugly mariachi sombreros (who would wear that?). Don’t waste your time there Rob, go to the better parts of Mexico! We want to see you in Monterrey!! (BTW not all Mexicans are like that)

  48. In Mexico City (One of the largest city in the World) Rob is most likely to ride the humongous subway.

  49. Rob is such a reluctant star to begin with – this must have been horrible for him! I had to stop watching only a few seconds in, I felt way too bad for him! People say this sort of thing is part of being famous but I just think, famous or not, he is HUMAN and should be able to travel the way the rest of us do! Sorry Rob!

  50. crazyvampire says

    I agree with Black Angel, how will we get rid of the mexican stereotypes if they are shoving ugly sombreros at him? THAT’S WHY EVERYONE THINKS WE RIDE DONKEYS AND WEAR SOMBREROS AND EAT CACTUSES!!!

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