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The Movie Fanatic continues their look at rising actors. This time they compare them to mega-stars who were relatively unknown indie actors in the not too distant past. Rob Pattinson is among those featured.

If you want to check out the Twilight footage from Spike TV you can do so here.  Much of the footage was previously seen, but there is about 30 seconds of new material.

According to MTV and a new interview, once New Moon gets the go ahead, Taylor is ready to deliver one of the Twilight Saga’s most quoted lines.


  1. Yay! How exciting!! 😀

  2. Can’t wait for New Moon! Should be very exciting. Hopefully they will start to shoot it very soon.

    Can’t wait to see Jacob grow up!!! And see more of the wolf clan!!! ;D

  3. twilightfan says:

    but edward leaves in new moon!!! though i hate that part i still kinda wanna see what it looks like in theatres

  4. I have to say, New Moon was not my least favorite, Eclsipse is. Sorry, it’s true!!!!

  5. lirael cullen says:

    Ahah!! They’re sounding more confident about New Moon!! Yay!! I get to see the wolf pack!! OMG!! As a native american of new mexico i’m falling for all of them…. O_O yay!! lol

  6. That Taylor Lautner interview we’ve seen already, no? It’s dated May 20 2008 8:31 AM EDT

    Unless I clicked on a link, then another link.. hmm

  7. did you see rob walking by in the taylor-interview. i think it was him- dressed all-black, that infamous reddish hair (i think he had hiis sunglasses on). it’s at about 0:53.
    he has quite an unusual walk, like, just really fast lol 😛

  8. I wish Spike would upload a version of that clip without everyone screaming in it. :c

  9. The news article about Taylor isn’t new at all.
    but other than that I am sort of disappointed by the fact that SPIKE said it would be an exclusive clip from Twilight an yet it wasn’t (it was already seen on MTV and at Comic-Con).
    And concerning Rob Pattz on the Movie Fanatic, its awesome that he is being compared to Leo, and Johnny Depp.
    I hope he makes a big name for himself, I know he will.

  10. StinaCullen says:

    I think there is actaully like 20 seconds of new footage in that Spike TV clip that was shown…. We’ve never seen “Edward” actually grab “Bella” say “Sorry” and then jump straight up, then Alice , Jasper and Emmett jump ( I’ve seen the still pictures of that, but not the actual scene..)
    unless I’m a moron and we have already seen that part…. which could very likely be the case 🙂

    And for the ” New Moon” topic, I think if they’re to film it, they would probably show more of The Cullens side too, like where they went and stuff while Bella and Jacob are hanging out being reckless lol …Maybe even show ” Edward” trying to track Victoria??!! never know 🙂

  11. I can’t wait for new moon.I love all books in twilight saga.And I love Jacob in new moon=)

  12. “Does my being half naked bother you?”
    “Who’s afraid of the big,bad wolf?
    man,i love Jacob!!!

  13. “new”?? LOL, that taylor interview is from may!

  14. New Moon!

  15. Yeah, Kate, I know!! I was like wait what didn’t we already here him say this???

  16. this isn’t really new at all, but the kid is cute., i still sort of wish it was steven strait delivering those lines, but taylor will do fine.

  17. umm youtube for MTV please?

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