Hot Topic Creates Fan Reaction Site

Hot Topic is now the second commercial site (Borders was the first when they asked what you wanted at midnight release parties) to actively do something to gauge fan reaction, and to then better give fans what they are looking for. For starters they are looking for feedback on the upcoming listening parties that are being held this Friday. According to Michelle from Hot Topic:

We actually started a Twilight Blog group so if you could let Twilight fans out there know that Hot Topic has a Twilight Blog team that would be super awesome of you and you can check us out here:
We have a new blog weekly about different topics and welcome comments and everything. 
Also, our bios are up on the Hot Topic site for anyone who wants to check us out:



  1. well, it’s nice to see that HT is open to fan feedback for the parties … still not going though … too old for HT!! 😀


    You would think after comic con, three front cover issues in a four month span, most copies sold, top book, talented actors, soon to be top movie, huge/crazy fanbase, top soundtrack and top trailer that the would make Twilight the entertainers of the year hahaha ….

  3. Hot Topic is the Bomb! 🙂

  4. Oh, btw, our very own lexiconer Vampgirl has her very own blog:

    Go! Check it out! It’s GREAT!!!!!

  5. lirael cullen says

    Yay!! Hot topic rules today!! ^_^ ahah!! To bad i’ll be at a wedding that day!! hmmm oh well.. it still rocks!!

  6. curiousjenn says

    Everything Twilight touches seems to turn to gold. This picture makes me wonder if even apple sales have benefited.

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