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Kristen Stewart, according to the Hollywood Insider, will be talking about Twilight in the upcoming issue of GQ. She talks about how important it is for the actors in the film to "get it right" among other things.

Blast Magazine talks about Rob and How To Be, along with Twilight. They also give a shout out to the Twilight 20somethings website.

The Manilla Standard talks about the Twilight phenomena, and surmises that the film will be a hit.

EW gives us a preview look at the Twilight Movie soundtrack.

We followed up on some questions that people asked in regards to Mike’s movie news yesterday.

The Thacker Case is just in film festivals right now.  It is unknown when and if it will have a wide release.

Mike’s upcoming appearances are as follows (please understand that these are subject to last minute change based on filming schedules, new movie/TV deals, etc.)

Appearances/ And Borders November 16th in Westwood, CA  at the TwilightLive podcast

Lightspeed Fine Arts Charity Event-Dec. 6 2008: This will be Michael’s first appearance at this annual charity event in CA.

Creation Entertainment Grand Slam– May 1-3, 2009. Michael will be performing at the cabaret Friday night & his appearance will be on Sunday.

Twicon- July 30-Aug. 2, 2009: This convention is organized by twilight fans, for twilight fans and will take place in Dallas Texas.

Dragon Con– Sept. 4-7, 2009: Atlanta, GA. This convention is one of the largest Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions in the US.


  1. The Manila Standard article isn’t very well-written.

    Other than that, I hope I can go to Dragon Con! I live in Georgia, but that is the weekend before college starts for me!

    And I can’t wait for the GQ article. Their articles are usually something worth looking at.

  2. freakinloon says:

    The Thacker Case is playing at the Austin Film Festival. The final screening is scheduled for Tuesday, October 21st at 7pm at the Regal Arbor Theater. (The same theater Rob’s film played at this weekend.)

  3. I want to go to one of these events! Stupid Atlantic Ocean, always getting in the way.

  4. I’ve already seen the article, but the EW link doesn’t work.

  5. lirael cullen says:

    the EW link doesn’t work. You didn’t include that last letter in the link deal.. thinga ma bob..

  6. Twilight Nymph says:

    I think the EW article is just what they thought about the soundtrack, the link is lower down, this is from Sunday.

  7. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    the ew link won’t work.

  8. you don't see me kay? says:

    dear lexicon,

    EW link doesn’t work.
    fix it D:

  9. Kstewart interview wasn’t very good. She really seemed critical of the fan base.
    Oh well, to her this is just a job that will ultimately bring her world fame and recognition. If she’s not ready for the fan base following, than she shouldn’t have taken the job. She almost sounds bitter. They should have given the part to sherry appleby. She would have been a better bella.

  10. I don’t think Kristen is bitter…I think she’s just trying to say that she knows the fan base wants as good a movie as possible. I’m sure when she said “they’re crazy” she didn’t mean it in a bad way at all. I don’t know, but I think we should be used to the way she answers her questions by now…

  11. I read Kristin’s interview…I agree, she sounded bitter. And critical of us, fans. What better way to drop fans than to tick us off with saying if they don’t do what we want, we “punish” them…

    Kristin, you need to know that without us, you wouldn’t even have a job. You should be thankful to even have this part because I assure you, millions of girls would do it in a heartbeat.

    how about you be at least grateful and recognize the fanbase of this, you are giving Twilight a bad rep and I’m getting tired of it.

  12. It’s funny…when Rob or Taylor say that the fans are crazy, no one seems to mind. And yes, they have both said it. But when Kristen says it, the females attack! So typical. First I think many do not understand her sense of humor. Second, the interview was fine, what she said was true. I mean, how many attacked when Rob was first selected to play Edward? How many attacked Stephenie Meyers because they didn’t like Breaking Dawn? Twilight has a huge fan base who want to see justice done in the movie and yes, some will be upset if they don’t feel it is true to the book. And Kristen will be the best Bella! I can not picture anyone better than her. She looks great in the pic and video.

  13. kate: Well WHEN rob says the fans are CRAZY. he means, the fangirls (i am one of them) how THEY react to him and so does taylor. i get offended too when rob says that believe it or not.
    HOWEVER with Kristen, she is rude and critical when she said that, she meant we’re crazy IN A NOT good way, there’s never a good interpreation to the word ‘crazy’ . i’ve never been a fan of her in her interviews, she sounds so snotty. I think she’s a great actress and looks like bella, but lately i’ve been unimpressed. but then if she’s that critical “it’s like we’re their pets’ WTH, no one said to her to take the job if she’s going to be like that. she took it, she needs to deal with the outcomes. whether we’re crazy or we’re going to punish her (and a few or more fans will be disappointed anyhow. i already am since the release of the third trailer), i think she should choose words that do not have a bad effect to them. whatever though.

    thanks lexicon. i don’t the EW link works but that’s fine. can’t wait till you fix it. and appreciate the news and everything. awesome.

  14. Kate
    In my defense, I don’t read every morsel of what the actors say in interviews. So I didn’t know that Rob or Taylor have said that the fans are “crazy”. If I had known, I would have made a remark about that as well.
    Look, these are actors. They aren’t devoted to the BOOK; they’re devoted to the JOB. When they use the word “crazy”, they aren’t saying it in a loving, adoring, I-understand-you-because-I-feel-the-same-way, sort of way. They mean what they say. They’re looking at this from a different perspective and from their perspective, we do seem “crazy”. Gosh, you just have to read some of these threads for the first time to understand their use of the word, “crazy”.
    But AS an actor who is ultimately portraying a brand, those sort of comments should be kept to yourself. They will ALWAYS be misconstrued. But, alas, they’re too young and too naive to understand that. Once enough of their comments come back to bite them, will they learn to make general observations and comments and not their true opinions.

  15. genuinesmile says:

    Kate…i couldn’t have said it better!

    People just need to stop taking things so personal and simply relax. Stewart is aware of how critical fans…twilight fans can be. Frankly i don’t think there’s anything wrong with what she said…some fans are simply a little too demanding. *shrugs* oh well.

  16. i cant believe the article said twilight was good for “goth chicks” and adults who are missing harry potter

    as far as i know, the majority of twilight fans are NOT GOTH

  17. kessie1122 says:

    omg the twilight movie was JUST mentioned on the insider!!

  18. Hey, just so you know the Spidurmunkey site has up a bunch of stills from the Twilight Illustrated Movie Guide. They are pretty neat. Check them out at

    Sweet! 🙂

  19. Whoa!What’s happening here?It seems like a battle field here!

    I’m not sure what to say about Kristen’s critics but I just hope everyone stays calm.

    Even if you don’t like Kristen, don’t hurt her with mean comments.Atleast she’s playing the role even if it didn’t mean anything to her.We know that NOBODY could really portray Bella.So if she calls us “crazy”, we shouldn’t mind and take it lightly and laugh at the criticism.

  20. why does every website seem to think all the fans are goth kids? i don’t have anything against them, but twilight has no stereotype fanbase! i fell in love with twilight for its romance story, i didn’t pick it up for its vampires. although, twilight changed my view on vamps altogether, but the only vampires i’m obsessed with are from twilight so far

  21. Hmm.. I really don’t think Kristen meant it in a bad way. I think the journalist who worked on that piece gave her words a negative “spin” because rabid fanbases are often portrayed like that in the mainstream media (if you pay close attention to the words the reporters use, they really do slip them in all over the place)

  22. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I’m no goth chick im just your avergage girl in middle school. Just because Bella listens to rock doesn’t mean shes gothic. and i think Kristen and Robert need to cool it with the crazy fans thing. They wanted the part so they have deal with it. Even though at first i thought both of them weren’t good for the parts but they showed me at least they can play it but they have stand us “crazy fans”
    I support them 100% but they have to stand us too.

    I’m Mary Alice Cullen and i aprove this message.
    LOL =]


  24. Mary Alice Cullen – I’m positive they don’t mean crazy in “needs to be committed” sense. They obviously appreciate the fans, they just mean that the support is more than they expected.

  25. I agree, Kate and tw07. I thought her comments were funny, mostly b/c you know it’s true. Maybe not ALL the fans are like that, but a lot of them who are deff voice it! If they don’t agree w/something, they’ll say it, and there’s nothing wrong w/that, but I’d probably see the fans as “crazy” too. Haha. It’s cool, though.

  26. Good point Kate! And Isabella you said “there is never a good interpretation of the word crazy”, yet you like when Rob calls his fangirls crazy because he’s taking about how they react. Well perhaps Kristen is seeing how everyone reacts also. When Kristen and Rob signed up to do the movie, they did not expect all this attention…it has been “crazy” for them. No one realized what was going to happen – except perhaps for us twilight fans. Kristen does not seem rude or “snotty” as others have said. She seems to be amazed at all the “craziness” going on with Twilight. And mostly intimidated. Can you imagine how it must feel to play a beloved character in Twilight? All the actors want to portray the characters as dipicted for the fans. Start giving Kristen a break! There are complaints about her all the time(she’s too thin, don’t like her dress). Girls…lets start sticking together for each other! And lighten up! We are crazy!

  27. arielkid78 says:

    let’s remember there was a crazy group that was really upset at how breaking dawn ended.
    And that crazy group wanted to punish SM and they did all kinds of weirds things. And they are really bitter and mean. because of a few, sometimes we all get the bad reputation. That is not good

  28. arielkid78 says:

    is true most Twilighters are not goth. and please lexicon no more “blast magazine” the people that runs that website are awful to the Twilight Fans and extremely unpleasant.

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