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EW had an advance listen to the Twilight soundtrack. They give their opinion song by song of what listeners can expect.

Screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, had a seminar at the University of Texas. She discussed Twilight and other projects like Dexter.  Here is one attendee’s account.

The cast has signed a poster to raise money for a great cause, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Earlier this month we reported on a lunch with Taylor Lautner being auctioned off for the same cause.

According to the St. Jude’s site "St. Jude is a place where many doctors send some of their sickest patients and toughest cases. A place where cutting-edge research and revolutionary discoveries happen every day. We’ve built America’s second-largest health-care charity so the science never stops."

To find out more about them, visit their homepage here.

TY to Kaitlin for the heads up.

Australian fans have a chance for an advance screening of Twilight. Details are still being finalized, but here is the info according to organizers:

What: An Advance Twilight Screening and Prom

When: December 7th, starting at approx 3pm

Where: George St Greater Union Cinemas and a prom venue to be decided in the next week

How much: approx $40 (still to be completely finalised)

How to come: email to reserve seats, which will be sold when available through selected Angus and Roberston stores


  1. i smile at silver volvos says

    just wanted to say i think its so cool that they’re raising money or a hospital! i hope they do more stuff like this cause anything twilight oriented could probably raise a lot of money for charities. keep up the fundraising guys !! 😀

  2. *My cousin is Emmett in the movie and he has signed some pics for myself and my girls friends and them. I have tried to contact people surronding the movie but haven’t got word. I think it is great they are trying to do good and help out ST JUDES.

  3. i love edward cullen says

    Raising money for St.Jude’s is a great cause. This is something that is so entirely great it is unbelievable.

    Oh, and lisa, YOU LUCKY LUCKY GIRL!!!!!

  4. Enough for Forever says

    It’s so great that they’re raising money for St. Jude. My school did math-a-thon every year in elementary and middle school, just like hundreds of schools across the country, but it hit us close to home because the hospital is in our city, so we drove by every time we were downtown, and some of us had volunteered there. I am so happy that Twilight has become involved in this great cause, because I know how much it means to those kids, and I’d bet some of them are Twilight fans, so that makes it even better!

  5. Is there any information on how we would purchase said poster?
    Or is it some sort of auction?

    I can’t figure it out. D:
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Ex last comment.
    I’m an idiot.

  7. They’re doing a great job raising money for a hospital through Twilight.This makes Twilight even more special.

  8. Where’s George St? (As in, what city is it in – because there’s a George St in most of the capital cities.) I assume Sydney or Melbourne.

    Why oh why did my parents decide to move to Perth? Seriously, I want in on that advance screening!

    Can we find out what city it’s in? Maybe I can steal some of my mum’s frequent flyer points… 😛

  9. That email dosnt work!!! noooooooo!!

  10. I can’ get the email address to work either!!

  11. George street is in the heart of Sydney Georgia lol. If its showing at george st cinema, is it g-max, normal, gold class?? hmm…

  12. i don’t get how to reserve seats?? a) email doesn’t work and b) wat’s up with the a&r store??? i confussssssssssssed.

  13. So its George St Sydney??
    Do we email them to reserve then they’ll be reserved and we just pick them up from the A&R store??
    Does the ticket cover the Prom as well? Or is that separate?



    Gosh I know, im such a weirdo, but hey, ITS GONNA BE IN SYDNEY!!!!! AND ITS AN ADVANCED SCREENING!

    I know it wont be much to you people who see it before us aussies, but ive been waiting for a date change for like…..everr!

    Im so going. its gonna be AWESOMENESS!

  15. i cant wait for the prom either……..
    *rocking back and forth with a crazzieee look in my eyes, being wierd and scaring my little brother*

  16. The reason the email doesn’t work is because it’s misprinted. It’s missing the first “i” in Twilight. It should be: ‘’

    I can’t wait…

    I went to the Breaking Dawn prom. ^____^

  18. everything here in Aus happens in the eastern states
    bring the early screening to Adelaide!

  19. WHYYY?? It’s not fair!! 🙁 I wanna go to that advanced screening! Stupid Sydney… *sulks*.

    But on another note, I can’t wait to listen to the soundtrack. ^^

  20. lirael cullen says

    That rocks about St. Judes like really!! Awesome charity work!!

  21. I love St. Jude. my sorority is partners with them and they do amazing work!

  22. EdwardLover(: says

    Two of my friends reserved my ticket for me yesterday.
    I am soooooooo excited!
    We never get much for it over here, and I missed out on the Breaking Dawn Prom because I didn’t hear about it..
    But I am soooooooooooooo excited about this!
    Plus im going to the convention the day before.
    But I was only able to get a $70 ticket.
    But thats okay!!

  23. OMFG!


  24. :O Thnx Daniel!!!

  25. I’ve reserved tickets to the screening and prom! WOOP! The Breaking Dawn prom was awesome so i’m sure this one will be just as great.

    I’m going to the convention the day before as well so it’s like a big massive Twilight weekend. ARRH! So happy.

    Now i just have to see if i can extend my time at the hotel another night. Hm… hope that’s ok.

  26. Emma Cullen says

    Just wondering how do you reserve the tickets to the advance sceening of Twilight??? Do you need to provide details and if so what???

  27. someone please help me understand how to purchase tickets??

  28. Emma Cullen says

    Hey ‘losty’
    The Advance Twilight Screening and Prom have been cancelled 🙁

  29. ive recently heard there will be an advanced screening of twilight on december 4th in Sydney. is this true???



    I was originally going overseas on the 4th,which means I wouldn’t have been able to see the movie til January.


  31. and for those in Western Australia

    The Hoyts @ Carousel is screening the movie on the 1st DEC 7PM!!!!!!

  32. Ellen Cullen says


    Y am I in Perth again?? Gah we get nothing, the charity work is awesome, does ne1 know if there any advanced screenings in Perth??


  33. Ellen Cullen says

    Omg forget the last comment I should probably read….how embarressing

  34. Cullen Lover says

    Where can we find info about the advance screening???

    Where do we buy our tickets?

  35. i will be up in syd on the 4th and i’ll just miss the advance screening doesn’t ANYONE ELSE in syd have an advance screening between the 4-10th of dec in syd:(

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