Soundtrack Official Site

There is now an official site for the movie soundtrack.  Complete with news blog it will update you on all soundtrack happenings.

Currently you can listen to Decode by Paramore and Full Moon by The Black Ghosts in the online player.


  1. I have heard Decode before, but not Full Moon. I really like it, especially when it gets towards the end–it gets much better then!!

  2. Okay, I was a bit worried. I’m not a fan of Paramore. But the Black Ghosts?! Consider me converted!!

    I am enchanted and enamored with ‘Full Moon’. It oozes the Twilight atmosphere. The violins in the background are so mysterious and subtle. Their voices are so disembodied, like the ghosts they’re named after. LOVING IT.

  3. lirael cullen says

    Coolness ^_^

  4. It’s just a bit silly to make a homepage for a SOUNDTRACK, isn’t it???

  5. lol, right! It shows how many fans they want to please XD

    I loooove Full Moon!

  6. Woo! I’m going to purchase this CD when I get the money. 🙂

  7. Mary Alice Cullen says

    I like Decode and Full Moon is sooo calming.
    I like both songs.

  8. genuinesmile says

    I’ve spoiled myself by look at the movie photo stills and what not…there’s one thing I definitely want to save until i watch the movie Nov21…Bella’s Lullaby!!! I’ve already place my order for the CD but um yeah, no Hot Topic listening parties for me…as for making a homepage for the Soundtrack…it is pretty out there, i mean they could have just made it a sub-menu in the official movie website?!!! i don’t know, frankly it doesn’t bother or affect me in any way.


  9. I just want to hear the song done by Perry Farrel already. I hope i get to hear it before the soundtrack comes out.

  10. they always make soundtrack hompages for movies. They did it for harry potter too.
    Both songs are awesome and suit twilight so well.

  11. Can’t stand Decode, but Full Moon is great … I wanna hear Robert Pattinson’s song!

  12. I like the Full Moon song too. I you-tubed most of the songs on the playlist (except for Robs, Perry Farrel, the lullaby and Mutemath)
    I also like Eyes on Fire. Trying to decide if I want to buy it when it comes out or wait til after the movie?!

  13. I love Decode.

  14. kstinkerbell says

    I was listening to Mix96.9 in the car today and all of a sudden Linkin Park’s Leave Out All the Rest came on! The dj was awesome enough to announce it as being brand new for the Twilight movie and enouraged everyone to go see it! Go dj person!

  15. Wow…the first part of Decode is perfect for the movie!

  16. Alexia Kotsopoulos says

    I love Edward Cullen and Robert Pattionson their bboth hot <3

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