Torrid, a sister company to Hot Topic is now carrying a fuller line of Twilight merchandise. Torrid specializes in sizes 12+.

Now for those of you who saw the action figure the other day, have no fear. Tonner Dolls is on the case. They make the high end Harry Potter dolls that are known for their quality and likenesses. Check out their Harry Potter dolls based on Luna Lovegood and Voldemort and you’ll see what we mean.  In any case there is a brief interview with Tonner Doll’s president and founder here.  We hope to have more info soon as Tonner Dolls has agreed to a Lexicon interview.

For those of you interested in the action figure, produced by NECA, it will shortly be available in the USA and other characters are anticipated.  No pictures yet, but they will be available shortly. The same company is slated to have key chains and other accessories.  So you won’t have to order the action figure from the UK if you are interested in it.

MTV makes mention of the Hot Topic listening parties that we reported on yesterday.


  1. i love how every twilight fan can be represented =]

  2. One of the coolest people in the world, Michael K, blogged about Rob on…well, it’s about Rob’s hair actually… check it out!


  3. lirael cullen says:

    That’s totally awesome! Hmmm now i’m not sure which doll to get. I guess depending on price and stuff like that.. hmmm coolness..

  4. jeez, I hope they’re not going to be too expensive. I totally want them all!!! ^,..,^

  5. He’s tried to cut it in the past, but the scissors break whenever they touch one of his precious hairs.


    his hair IS M-azing!!!!!!!!!!

    i love it!!!!

  6. LMFAO @ the robs hair thing.

    the dolls look much better than the other one. still not sure if ill get one though

  7. The dolls are nice.

  8. the dolls are nice but i looked at the others they have and they are 200 dollars!!!

  9. I’m definitely going to buy the Twilight soundtrack. I could listen to it when I’m sleeping, so I’ll be Twilight is surrounding me. 🙂

  10. I like the Tonner dolls better. ^^ I’m glad their doing twilight, because these current dolls really suck, and i’m so not buying one.

  11. For anyone who is not familiar with Tonner dolls, let me assure you they are well worth the high price. These are not playline dolls but are high quality collector dolls. I have had many over the years in my personal collection as well as ones I have repainted (I am a doll repaint artist). Robert Tonner is a master at recreating a character’s likeness so I have no doubt the Twilight dolls are going to totally ROCK! And the clothing and accessories are always first-rate. I can’t wait!

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