Torrid, a sister company to Hot Topic is now carrying a fuller line of Twilight merchandise. Torrid specializes in sizes 12+.

Now for those of you who saw the action figure the other day, have no fear. Tonner Dolls is on the case. They make the high end Harry Potter dolls that are known for their quality and likenesses. Check out their Harry Potter dolls based on Luna Lovegood and Voldemort and you’ll see what we mean.  In any case there is a brief interview with Tonner Doll’s president and founder here.  We hope to have more info soon as Tonner Dolls has agreed to a Lexicon interview.

For those of you interested in the action figure, produced by NECA, it will shortly be available in the USA and other characters are anticipated.  No pictures yet, but they will be available shortly. The same company is slated to have key chains and other accessories.  So you won’t have to order the action figure from the UK if you are interested in it.

MTV makes mention of the Hot Topic listening parties that we reported on yesterday.