Cast on the Red Carpet

A variety of cast members were at the premiere of the Summit film Sex Drive Last night.

Ashley Greene, Rob Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, Edi Gathegi.

Photos on WireImages.

Arrivals with Ashley and Rob

Red carpet featuring Ashley and Rob

Kellan, Ashley, Catherine and Rob

Edi, Ashley, Catherine, Rob

TY to CS


  1. pearljaimes says:

    First!!! It is getting hard to keep up, it is very exciting…

  2. hmmm….I’m not too crazy about the hair. I think that look is done. *PLEASE COMB IT DOWN!!!!*

  3. ome Rob is too hot for his own good…! Ahh! I mean like omg!!

  4. Nikki was there too!

  5. waterlily says:

    Yeah, Nicole is right, Nikki Reed was in a shot. She’s in a black pant-suit. Kellan and Ashley look great!

  6. Please, Rob! Close your shirt! My keyboard is drowning in a puddle of saliva! Gosh, H-O-T!

  7. Seriously. The hair. Not so much.

  8. Ashley looked really different! i didn’t even recognize her at first!
    And rob really does need to comb down his hair! It’s all over the place! He’s still amazing though!

  9. lirael cullen says:

    I agree with most people here.. For the premiere of Twilight he had better at least look decent enough to actually look like he did portray Edward. Not some scruffy looking guy they pulled off of the street. I mean like seriously, comb the hair down please! lol even though i’m drooling but seriously though..hahah

  10. I think ROb looks hot as hell, He can dress however he wants and his hair is a celebrity in its self – Who are you to tell him what he should look like. He isnt Edward Cullen, he is a damn actor and can look like himself if he so chooses…
    I love that he doesn’t care what judgemental people think and he just does what he wants, And looks fine doing it!!!

  11. When is the cast going to be on tv? like on oprah or ellen?

  12. I WAS THERE!!!! It was such an awesome surprise to see any of the Twilight cast there. We weren’t expecting them [but duh, it’s Summit Entertainment]. I have some pictures of Rob [and one of Rob hugging me!} How can I post them so you ladies can see?

  13. I also have some of Nikki Reed {WHO IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! OMFG. And I asked her if she misses the blond hair, haha she said she missed being a brunette! Woot!]. Ummm I met Catherine Hardwick, whos was also very sweet [she was like “Dang! We gots some Twilighters here!”]. Umm Kellen and Ashley didn’t come over to us, but I got a shot of his back! haha. But yeah, I would love to show you ladies some pics.

  14. Michelle, Get those photo’s posted, we would love to see them… Help her out Lexicon!

  15. But like, give you a link to my photobucket or something? I just want to know the best way to share the awesomeness! [By the way, SexDrive is reeeeeaally funny! Go see it!]

  16. Oh, wow. he looks…very…different.
    I’m kind of scared. Come on, where’s the nice Edward look..?

  17. Fanpire Cullen says:

    Michelle, We wanna see those pictures!!!! Get them posted somewhere, somehow!!!! lol Please!!!!

  18. Michelle you can email me and I will email them to Pel or Alphie… I just can’t remember the twilight lexicon mail box email address right now…

  19. Fanpire Cullen says:

    OOO Yeah Michelle, hurry and email her ^^ So Alphie or Pel can get them posted 🙂 lol

  20. EW has an article on “Top 20 Hits you say we couldn’t pay you to see”,,20232494_4,00.html

    Twilight’s one of them. So is Titanic, and Harry Potter 🙁 Some of them are absolutely ridiculous.

  21. Ann Farhat says:

    I looove Robs hair. It just looks, well, fingers running through it, and touching and those eyes….OME!!!!!! Whew!!!! I am okay now.:)

  22. StinaCullen says:

    So did Kellan keep the clothes from the Twilight re-shoots and wear them to the Sex Drive premiere? LOL It sure does look like it!!!! Of course I wouldn’t be complaining if He did, he’s so amazingly gorgeous that he can wear anything he wants 🙂 even if thats nothing at all……must pull mind out of gutter…… Anyways, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rob’s hair!!!!! I think he also is ABSOLUTELY, WONDERFULLY, GORGEOUS TOOO!!!!!! ughhhhh… good the Twilight cast be any better??? I THINK NOT!!!!!

  23. Finally, Edi! Sheesh, has he been hiding or something? Probably same place as Elizabeth, Solomon…

  24. Holy crap, I almost died. Those are amazing.

  25. Twilight Nymph says:

    First of all shouldn’t someone tell Rob that it’s illegal to look so hot. I mean seriously I’m holding down the drool cuz I’m around other people. He’s just gorgeous, well more than that but it’s indescribable. Oh, and I love the hair it looks good on him. That’s his way of being. I agree his Edward hair style is better, but either one is good. On another note, I agree that Ashley looked very different, I can barely recognize her.

  26. nikki reed is also in those pics, shes like on the second page

  27. Ashley Greene looked so gorgeous! woah.
    and well rob ,sexy prefection. but comb it down just a little. aw they are all so good-looking!

  28. Amaranthine says:

    Nikki was there as well. Perhaps you should post the link to that. I think Kellen looks awesome. But then again he always does.

  29. aaaaahhhh why oh why does rob always look like he just rolled out of bed (in an extremely gorgeous way of course but still)?!?! and kellan…ah kellan *speechless*.

  30. Well, I’m a UCLA student so that’s why I got to go to the premiere and I have class till 3pm, so after 330ish, I will post my photobucket link here to my premiere pics! Don’t worry, I’m not gonna disappoint cause seriously, Rob was RIDICULOUSLY HOT, smelled SO GOOD and gives great hugs!

  31. arielkid78 says:

    Rob looks great, like always

  32. yay, rob shaved!! he looks sooooo hot when he’s not sporting the hobo look =]

  33. StinaCullen says:

    Michelle, I’m SOOOO jealous of you!!!!!!!!!

  34. I LOVE Robs, Robert Smith inspired hair.hahahha

  35. Dang Ashley’s got hot legs! She looked really pretty!

    Kellan is adorable. Love the outfit lol

    Rob’s hair…NO.

  36. Ashley looked great. Rob great as ever. And Kellan looked H-O-T!

  37. Oh that is so great of the starts to promote the movie!

    ALSO, Lexicon Admin, I just wanted to say this is ALA teen read week. ALA is doing a vote on their website for the best book, and Eclipse is on there! Just wanted to let you know since you’ve promoted voting for the Twilight Saga before. Just google ALA teen week and you should find it. Did this help?

  38. Team Twilight (formerly known as *Twilighter*) says:

    ASHLEY LOOKS SOOOOOO PRETTY!!! Kellan and Rob look… well STUNNING!!!!!

  39. Edwards Girl says:

    I could stand Rob’s hair better than Ashley’s dress, bleck! But they both look amazing, aw! can you just imagine the TWILIGHT PREMIERE!!

  40. I almost couldn’t recognize Ashley.She completely changed her hairstyle.Kellan looks good.Edi is ok too.But Rob’s hair is…!

  41. rob’s got that smoldering scofield look doesn’t he? hehe

  42. Rob I love the hair! ;D Never brush it again. Let it get all funkyy and grow into dreads. Wait wtf, what am I saying lol.. why am I so weird?! ;x

  43. imasucker4edward says:

    aaah. it was so cool, i was on my home and i was listening to KROQ, and they said Cedric Diggory, a.k.a. EDWARD CULLEN, Robert Pattison was this Kings of Leon (i think thats what its called) concert last night. and i kept giggling.
    …sorry, i just realized this post has nothing to do with the Red Carpet Cast post. hahahaah. 😀

  44. oh man, i was at the premiere too. while i was going up the carpet into the theater, rob walked out. he totally ditched the screening to go to the concert hahahaha. he was all slick, getting into the backseat of a car parked near the starbucks. lol.

  45. I just sent my pics to the TwilightLexicon people, so hopefully they post ’em! Enjoy!


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