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The Movie Fanatic has hands down the best article we’ve seen on the recent flurry of rumors surrounding the possibility of a New Moon movie. Kudos to the Movie Fanatic for putting all the pieces together and giving fans a detailed picture of a very complicated process.

la gazzetta di forksThe Italian Blog, La Gazetta di Forks was given an exclusive photo by the company that is distributing the movie in Italy. The photo appears to be of a flashback scene concerning Carlisle creating Esme. For those of you who don’t speak Italian, run the page throught the Babel Fish translator and you get a pretty good picture of the backstory.


  1. Twifanatic Amanda says:


  2. that site has the best of the best in movie stills.. amazing! they have more the just flashbacks.. there is one of Jackson and Ashley.. and another new one.. but i was freaking out so much i couldn’t remember

  3. DI*CULLEN says:


  4. GAH

  5. OMG that’s amazing!

  6. OH MY GOD!That picture!I forced myself to keep quiet!It’s so…impossible to describe!I was really shocked!I didn’t expect to see this scene in the movie.

    It would be really awesome if they made New Moon into a movie.

  7. Oh muh gawd. I love the Carlisle/Esme picture. But she’s conscious? I was always under the impression that she’d be unconscious.

    And I love the new Alice/Jasper picture too.

  8. Those pics are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fanpire Cullen says:

    I knew it was Esme!!!!!
    Whew I’ve been racking my brain ALL day long since I saw this link from twilightmoms this morning… everyone kept saying it wasn’t Esme and I was SOOO confused …Thanks Lexicon for letting me put my mind to rest!!!

  10. Just looking at the photos – wow. Does anyone think that they did a reshoot on the kissing scene in Bella’s bedroom? On some previously released stills, Edward looks like he’s wearing a lighter colored shirt than on the latest trailer. Thoughts?

    Clearly, I’m too obsessed….lol.

  11. iluvtwilight says:

    to answer JAS’s questions…
    they did reshoot the kissing scene in the bedroom!

  12. Twilight Nymph says:

    I love those pictures. This is awesome, we actually get to see more flashbacks.

  13. As a huge Carlisle/Esme fan, I have to say… WOW. That’s a beautiful photo. I’m so excited that they filmed that scene! I was worried that they wouldn’t have time to include many flashbacks in the movie, but it seems like they filmed quite a few. I can’t wait to see them!

    (You know, for a vampire in the process of biting someone, the picture looks surprisingly soft and sweet… Which is just perfect for Carlisle and Esme, isn’t it? Anyway, I love it!)

    Oh, and that site’s image gallery is amazing. I love all the Edward/Bella prom pics. The one of her on the stairs with Edward and Charlie there is so cute!

  14. The pictures on the Italian site ARE SIMPLY AMAZING!
    Bookmarked it.

  15. Claire Ateara says:

    AMAZING new pics over at Rob’s fansite! They have him sucking the venom out of Bella’s hand and an extrememely HOTTT shot of him looking at you! *swoons*

    Check it out! 😀

  16. I screamed and freaked my mom out and got grounded!! I’m mad at you Lex! Well not really but still. LOL!!!!! Please include a warning nest time there will be something that good!! And surprising!!

  17. Awesome pictures at robs fansite *swoons*…….and the new picture about made me die………ahhhhhhhh!!

  18. Wow that site has AMAZING stills from the movie — many I have never seen before, not just the Esme one. There’s a still of Bella coming down the steps for prom, her in her bedroom, Jasper and Alice in the hotel, plus more.

  19. you don't see me kay? says:

    those pictures are love

  20. LuciaRedgrave says:

    thats a pretty romantic photo… its nice ^^ (eventho the action isn’t quite romantic ‘_’;)

  21. Amazing Photos!!!!!!

  22. Great pics. Thanks Lex, this is why I check your site first thing every morning. My favorite is Edward at the piano. Just how I imagine it.

  23. Those pictures are really amazing! I wanna see HUGE banners!
    The Edward piano picture looks weird… he looks like he’s falling over…

  24. nelliemae says:

    I. LOVE. IT. I love the pic of Alice looking at Jasper. Sweet! And the pic of Carlisle and Esme gave me shivers. How adorable.

  25. Twilight Nymph says:

    I love those pictures, they couldn’t look better. Oh and the one of Rob with his shirt open. I was swooning. LOL Seriously Twilight is making me such a procrastinator, I should be writing a paper and instead I’m looking at Twilight images. LOL


    where did those pics come from?????

    they are flippen awesome…BUT they are kindda to spoilish…

    never a happy midddium.

    that is till the movie comes out!!!!!!!!!!

    how long is it now??
    39 days?

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