The Twilight Guy Updates

Kaleb Nation, Mr Twilight Guy himself, has done a bunch of recent updates. He is now up to Chapter 24 of New Moon Warning, put down all liquids before looking at the graphic on the page.

Also, Kaleb has a contest going where the prize is one of the brand new Twilight themed hoodies being offered by Twilight Teez.

And last speaking of Twilight Teez, they also just went through a site makeover. Check it out.


  1. Enough for Forever says:

    First comment? Anyway, I was actually wondering why the lex doesn’t tell us when Kaleb updates anymore. I check his site every day anyway, but somewhere near the end of Twilight you stopped telling us about him. Why is that?

    Just a very busy news cycle and staff with very little time on their hands. No loss of love for Kaleb, or a reflection on him at all.

  2. i voted! hope i win that hoodie!

  3. Gah, it says Kaleb’s site is suspended! Could too many people be viewing it right now? XP

  4. L. M.- Too lazy to log in.. says:

    Yu, Its suspended for me too…

  5. oh god is there really something wrong with Kaleb’s page?
    i think so
    someone should contact him!!!

  6. Worked for me. :\
    OMG Within Temptation’s on the list.
    Wonder what I’m voting for! 😉

  7. Oh no! His site has been SUSPENDED. *panic mode* I must visit Kaleb’s website! *hyperventilate* O_O

  8. I entered that contest like way a long time ago. Like yesterday when I decided to become a Kaleb fangirl.

    Kaleb is sick right now. He has the flu. Poor Kaleb.

  9. JacobBlack_101 says:

    Love the picture…..I cracked up.

  10. Vampire-in-training says:

    haha funny picture
    i voted for “near to you” by a fine frenzy..
    its scary how much this song reminds me of new moon

  11. kita-kika says:

    googd good……………..story…………………………………………….. super cool…….bamba………..

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