Reelz Channel Compares Bella and Sookie

In its ongoing Twilight coverage, Reelz Channel decided to do a bit of comparison, and for once it wasn’t to Harry Potter!

With a little help from the Lexicon’s own SomethingBlue, Bella and Sookie of the True Blood series are compared. SomethingBlue is a big fan of both series and had a chance to give her opinion over at Reelz Channel.




  1. i like true blood alot, but there’s a little too much sex for me… lol

    can anyone who’s read the books tell me if they’re as sexually explicit as the show?

  2. Not at all. Twilight is Seseme Street compared to True Blood (but I love both!)

  3. Elmo1992:

    Oh wait… yeah i typed that kinda weird… i meant are the true blood books as sexual as the true blood show… haha

  4. There is sex in the Southern Vampire series, but only 1/8 of the sex on the show actually happens in the books, and the sex that does happen in the books is very non-graphic.

  5. I’ve read all eight of the Sookie Stackhouse books and there is indeed more sex on the show than in the books. I really loved all of those books, but I would take the Twilight saga over them any day. True Blood sees a little “out there” compared to Twilight – which seems like it could almost be real. Oh yes, how I wish Edward was real…happy thoughts.

  6. What’s the other series about?

  7. O.E.C.D I LUVE YOU EDWARD! says:

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh okay enough about sex lol i still luv the show though

  8. I’ve only watched the show twice, and I’ve missed so many episodes in between that I’m out of the loop lol

  9. I am now reading the Sookie Stackhouse series. The HBO show is not like the book! It follows the story pretty close, but things are different. I watched the first 5 episodes of the show and was in shock! But thats why its on HBO! 🙂

    They cant compare to Twilight though, its in its own class!

  10. True Blood is definately good, but I’d take Twilight anyday! The only thing is my husband won’t have anything to do with Twilight but he loves True Blood… could have something to do with the sex….or the fact that I tell him I’d take Edward over him…I’m not sure!

  11. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    I love True Blood and The Southern Vampire Series, they each have their own unique charm. I love HBO shows in general because they are so out there. They push the envelope of television and it makes me happy that they have True Blood 🙂

  12. imasucker4edward says:

    hahaha. i like both shows too.
    True Blood has alot of Twilight moments sometimes though. hahaha oh well.
    The only thing i don’t like about True Blood…is that its…really…graphic. 😐

  13. imasucker4edward says:

    oops. typo. i meant, i like both the show and the book. LOL

  14. Somethingblue says:

    I was quite surprised at the similarities between the two heroines that I discovered while writing this. Of course the Twilight sage has had a huge impact on my life, but I enjoy both of the literary series, as well as the somewhat off (love it for that reason) HBO series. You can never have enough vampirey goodness!

  15. arielkid78 says:

    I did watched some of the episodes, to graphic and too much sex.

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