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Boy was this the day that the rumors hit the fan…

First as a point of clarity because there seems to be some sort of rumor going around the Internet that the most popular Twilight sites were asked to take down the Twilight trailer. I can’t speak for other sites, but as far as the Lexicon goes that’s 100% untrue. We are now linking to it on MySpace because the widget with the trailer embedded in it was killing our servers, but that was our personal choice. We certainly were not asked to remove it. Quite the contrary, we were asked to please get it out there.

Next up on the rumor file. The site of the premiere has definitely been relocated. False. According to Summit. "The premiere theater location is in flux right now, but we will let you know when it’s confirmed." Soon as we know we’ll pass the info along.

Now for rumor number 3, the New Moon movie is 100% a go. Everyone is picking up the news story off a site that hasn’t said even said that. What they said is what we’ve all known for months, which is that the studio would like to do a sequel if this first movie is a success, and they’ve made preliminary plans in that regard.


  1. Spookybell says:

    Thank you for always keeping us up to date and informed!!! The Lexicon ROCKS!!!

  2. Christina says: said all of those things today. I’m guessing where all the hoopla came from. I was actually really excited to read that New Moon was a 100%go! but I guess it’s not true ๐Ÿ™ at least Summit is not being bad guys like Perezhilton said and is not making you take the trailer down. Someone should e-mail him this so he gets his facts straight… sehesh.

  3. mnmsnickers says:

    that’s why you guys are so freaking awesome; straightening out the facts… nice work! ๐Ÿ™‚



  5. It'sTooGreen says:

    I really appreciate how the Lexicon and its staff dispel the rumors that the lovely interwebs proliferate. Thanks for keeping all of us in-the-know!

  6. Rakey, the New Moon movie is NOT a 100% go. The rumor is that it is, but the studio’s official statement is that they would LIKE to put out the New Moon movie if the Twilight movie is a success. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. haha the anti-rumor post is making people believe rumors… thats ironic…

  8. bellababy says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! That would be amazing if they came out with a New Moon movie! love it!

  9. Enough for Forever says:

    Thanks for the clarifications, but you might want to add "The last rumor is that…" at the beginning of that last paragraph. You confused me for a minute.

    Good point! Just clarified.

  10. the dRaMa

  11. Rakey and Bellababy: the New Moon movie is NOT confirmed. That is listed here as one of the rumors.

  12. BlueStarlight says:

    I think they all would like for there to be sequels, but everyone has that same reaction when asked, like, “yeah, I’m up for it if asked, but we’ll see how ‘Twilight’ fares in the theatres.” Seriously, fans will be so devastated if the series isn’t in film form! It SOUNDS like the studio people WANT sequels, but you know, they won’t make an official statement until there are concrete numbers opening weekend. So far, all the press and hype surrounding it has been good for getting awareness out there, even the negative comments help… “what is this vampire thing everyone’s going on about??” They’ll look it up on IMDB, giving it a boost on it’s movie-meter. It’ll make people curious to watch the trailer and find out just what exactly all of us rabid fans are excited about!

  13. I’m glad to hear that they’re seriously considering getting New Moon together. I hope Twilight is the success they want it to be – because I want there to be another movie!! lol Thanks for clearing up some of the rumors out there! Kudos to The Lexicon!

  14. Sounds like a go to me ๐Ÿ™‚

    That’s the site with the story that doesn’t say anything different than has been said by Summit in the last few months to us, MTV, ET, (insert name of entrainment site here) basically if it does well they want to do another, and have made preliminary plans. I’m not saying it’s not going to happen, but it’s no different than what’s been said on the record, quoted directly by the producers.

    Predicting that there’s going to be a Twilight movie announcement closer to the movie release date is like predicting that a presidential candidate is making preliminary plans for a victory party. Makes sense to plan, doesn’t 100% mean it’s happening.


  15. you don't see me kay? says:

    don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
    then again.
    how do we know we can believe the Lexicon?
    they get stuff wrong or leave stuff out all the time.
    oh dear…

  16. if they did New Moon i probably would sleep through the entire beginning. I mean Edward isn’t there the majority of the time. i’d totally wake up when Edwards on ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. aaaahhhh i want that last rumor to be true so bad! i hope that twilight is a success so that it can be confirmed; we need another movie :)!

  18. Jennifer R says:

    You make my school week better Twilight Lexicon! <3

  19. im praying twilight does well purely because i want a new moon movie more than anything… it’s my favorite in the series! and i think it would adapt to film better than any of the other books (eclipse would be pretty good too…)

  20. NEW MOON!! AAAAHHHH!! ..that’s gonna be a depressing movie though…but it made the ending THAT MUCH BETTER!! **SQUEEE!!!** I’m so excited

  21. Enith A: but you have motorcycles and cliff diving and drama all in between. And you know that Summit will do everything they can to make it full of action!
    I do hope it happens :); and it seems pretty obvious that Twilight’s gonna bring in a huge income, and they’ll make it anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. lirael cullen says:

    Wow i didn’t really realize there was that much rumors running rampant out there.. hahah i just come directly to the lex and that’s it..
    Thanks again Lex!

  23. I just can’t believe this!If New Moon is really a go then that’s great!There’s no doubt that Twilight is going to be a huge success!I’m so happy!

  24. Twilighter Fanpire says:

    OK so the New Moon movie HASN’T been confirmed yet right? O_o… yeah Caitie. It is ironic haha but thanks for letting us know Lex. I never heard about the Twilight Trailer being removed O_o why the hell would you do that?!?!

  25. Shelley b. says:

    It completely had me confused when it said “New Moon is 100% a go”. It sounds like it is going to be made… maybe instead of having go.. put no.

    I think people are still getting confused because of that. They think that New Moon is a go when it isn’t.

  26. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    Can’t to see that movie and i know i’m going to cry when i watch that movie because when i read it i cried. ๐Ÿ™‚

    shesh. everyone calm down. read the blog post right! put on some glasses! wipe the dirt of yo screen! clean the crust outta yo eyes! hahahah. JK. It’s just that it’s getting me annoyed that everywhere I go people are getting excited over nothing. It’s the same as it’s ever been.
    That means you too, Mary Alice Cullen, safina, and SydVicious. No New Moon confirmations, sorry. No one will actually know this until Twilight comes out, no matter WHAT ANYONE SAYS. I doubt they will say yes until they see some results from the first movie. So chill.

  28. livvycullen says:

    ya i really hope they do new moon although i would probably have to bring a whole box of kleenex lol well i will cross my fingers!!! thanks lexicon!

  29. renae cullen black says:



  30. im not going to become totally excited to get my hopes up but im really betting (or at least crossing my fingers tight) that twilight will be a major success; i mean look at all the press and attention its gotten and that was simply nearly a year ago (lol hard to believe); i mean ppl were freaking out when they found out who bella and edward were playing.

  31. i love edward cullen says:

    I hope that Twilight will be a sucess in theaters solely because if that is a sucess, then New Moon will probably be one, and I REALLY want to see Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as a movie. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

    BUT WHY ON GOD’S GREEEN EARTH WOULD PEOPLE NOT WANT THE TRAILER UP!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me horribly sad!! D:

  32. YES MORE!!!!!!
    So excited about New Moon!

  33. to “you don’t see me kay?” – of course the admins of the Lexicon are bound to make mistakes, they’re only human, but they correct themselves as soon as they find new information.

    have faith in Alphie and Pel. they’re awesome and without them, we’d be lost without a lot of important news. (love you guys)

  34. Tres confusing people…I guess when I read from the Hardwicke blog that they’re actually filming New Moon, will I then believe that they’re filming NM!! I sure hope they do!!!!

  35. Twilight Nymph says:

    The only way we will see New Moon on the big screen is if we go see Twilight, get those numbers high and convince the people at Summit it’s worth making a sequel. Remember they’re taking their chances w/ Twilight, which seems a good choice so far as the movie will be incredible. Therefore, if you want to see New Moon, see Twilight. Oh, and don’t believe everything that is said out there cuz it’s not always true. Like when people thought that Bella’s lullaby was out and it just happened to be this song by some pianist. Yet, like many of you out there I do hope they decide to make New Moon, cuz I’m looking forward to it.

  36. teamswitzerland ;] says:

    i emailed the admin at the lex giving the news of the possible sequel.
    but it actually sounds like a big rumour to me personally.
    i mean, it JUST says stuff like ” this lady says theres a sequel or something and she’s USUALLY the first to know. so yeah. ” :S
    go to and check it out there.
    thanks to the lex for clearing this up ๐Ÿ™‚
    boy, was i confused.

  37. That would be amazing if they DO decide to make New Moon though… You all better go see Twilight *points index finger around*. As if I had to say that… I know you all will =]

  38. New Moon movie-fied! YAY!

    Although, as I pointed out on my Twi-blog (, I don’t like all the nasty backlash that New Moon the movie has already received. It bugs me like crazy.

    I cant wait to see all the Indians and werwolves for New Moon!!!!
    I my gosh…Bring a tissue or actually a whole box for the scene of when Edward leaves Bella.
    Kristen is going to be amazing!She is always so good at the dramatic stuff!

  40. Ok..i am a bit confused. so we dont know if it is a go yet for New Moon? I bet it will be made eventually.

  41. runswithvampires says:

    its a rumor tht itz go 4 new moon.
    hence the 100% go 4 new moon,
    and rumor # 3.


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