Hot Topic Fan Contest

Hot Topic is hosting a contest to send two lucky fans to the Twilight premiere. Get all the details here.

They have also added a new Cullen Crest shirt.


  1. Bumblebee33 says:

    omg no way. i want to go so bad.

    and i like that cullen crest shirt a lot more than the other one.

  2. Midnight_Sunshine says:

    I would love to go to the premiere. plus cool shirt!

  3. i just entered!!
    does anyone know if the prize is actual tickets to the premiere? or just tickets to LA for the red carpet?

  4. lirael cullen says:


  5. I so want to enter but I really think I can’t.
    The shirt is nice.

  6. I was just trying to enter.And as I knew it I can’t.Why is it always only for the US residents?

  7. I’m confused. In the rules it says the contest is open to people who “reside in and are physically located in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Rhode Island, New York, and Florida)” Does that mean if you live in one of those 3 states you can’t enter? The wording has me confused.

  8. yeah i was wodnering about those three states too, because i live in NY, does that mean i can’t enter or if i enter, i won’t have a chance to win?

  9. Aw man. I entered then I saw what Heroine posted. Dang it. I freaking hate being a Floridian. *sigh* That ain’t fair.

    Today, my friend was wearing the Hot Topic shirt. It’s truly awesome. I’m prolly gonna get it.

  10. Yay NJ ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I have this nerd-ish thing that I don’t want to miss a day of school. -.- Why can’t it be on this side of the country *grumbles*…

  11. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I don’t care if i miss school. ๐Ÿ™‚ i don’t want to sign up because you have to be a member and i don’t even like that store i’m only going there just to buy a shirt for the day the movie comes out so.
    I love the new shirt i don’t know which one i’m going to buy.

  12. I just entered.
    Wouldn’t it be neat if SM ran her own contest? To have a fan go with her to the premier?
    That’d be sweet. I think every fan would enter that one!!

  13. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    That would be soooo cool if SM did that Jennylee i would do anything to go with her to the premiere

  14. twilightxstars says:

    ahh! this is so unfair! why can’t you enter if you live in those 3 states! It says all 50 states. are they just too lazy to subtract 3 from 50? WHY can;t we enter? arent we as much american citizens who live in new jersey or something? seriosly, im going to go buy a house there now, just to nter the contest. excuse me for my rant of rage. id say the people running the contest are lucky im not a newborn vampire.

  15. I know twilightxstars. I mean, I don’t know where you are, but it’s bad enough that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is happening in FL. No conventions or anything. Now they say “hey you don’t even get the chance to enter a contest” GAH!

  16. twilightxstars says:

    Is there some sort of reason why we aren’t allowed to enter? Like some sort of law? BEcause I think that we’re just as much AMerican CItizens as people in the next state over. And taking away our right to enter a contest is taking away some sort of right as an american citizen.

  17. I don’t know if there’s a law. I know that there is a law in FL against online gambling, but contests aren’t considered gambling, right? I mean, I have nothing at stake.

  18. Yeah whats up with excluding those three states?

  19. NatalieLouise says:

    wow CRAZY.
    isn’t she beautiful, though?


  20. That does suck for all those in those three states. That’s seriously really stupid. I sincerely send my sympathies to you guys: it’s retarded.

  21. genuinesmile says:

    i had the same thoughts as Heroine…the wording does have me confused…why would those states be excluded from the contest? or do they mean you don’t have to reside or be physically located in those 3 states in order to enter?? This is madness!!! ;(

  22. Yay I entered! This is the first time I’m happy about living in Montana, since I can actually enter the contest!

  23. So what happens if you live in another state but go to college in FL?

  24. WTH.
    what’s so hard about opening the contests up to canadian residents too???
    it’s really not fair to have to be turned away for everything because i don’t live in the US.

  25. TwilightIsMyDrug says:

    This Cullen shirt is cool.

    I read somewhere that Hot Topic might also be releasing Twilight inspired fragrances and body glitter lol!

  26. I like the shirt!

    Ahh! i am sooo entering this contest!! i was going to yesterday but i didn’t have time to get an account! I’m so excited! ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. vampgirl06 says:

    WTF?! This is stupid, just because we live in Florida, Rhode Island, or New York we can’t enter? Great, now I can’t enter… completely unfair and I’m sure it’s some violation of our human rights as citizens of the US!!

  28. runswithvampires says:

    need that shirt!!!!!!
    *sv was here.

  29. runswithvampires says:

    (not that ill win but…)

  30. I live in NY, but I still signed up, it said that once I was done the entry was permitted, so w/e

  31. i live in FL…i still signed up! watev…it’s dumb that they’re excluding states for no particular reason (or reasons at this point unknown to us). like i said, watev…i still signed up and maybe us floridians will still get a shot! *fingers crossed*

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