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Peter Facinelli just updated his MySpace and includes this new picture from the movie which was first seen on Robert Pattinson online.


  1. ahhhhh!

  2. who is that? is it edward’s mother?

  3. I cant even tell if its a girl or a boy, it’s a bad angle! bus still its awesome

  4. No, that’s Edward himself. EEEEK!

  5. oh man!! That’s one awesome photo…so exciting! From the looks of it this seems like it could be a scene from when carlisle changed Edward…how cool!

  6. I’m pretty sure that’s when Edward was dying in the hospital! Remember the flashback scene they said they were filming?

  7. ah! It’s edward, okay! Lmao, im so stupid, i thought it was his mom

  8. I’m pretty sure that’s Edbert/Robward on the bed there. Either dying or being changed. The jawline is easy to spot, no matter how bad the angle.

    I will probably cry during that scene.
    Because undoubtably, Rob will do an amazing job, and I’m sure Peter will too. And aww, it’s gonna be so sad watching Edward die. Dx

    Thanks for posting.


  9. I love this picture. It’s my favorite of all the pictures released so far– by a landslide. The lighting is perfect for the time period, Rob looks sickly and about to die– but still hot at the same time, Carlisle looks like he’s contemplating something (changing Edward, no doubt) and hot.

    This one image portrays so much emotion.

    I. Love. It.

  10. runswithvampires says

    heez dieing!
    im sooo gunna cry during the movie!

  11. oh my word i nearly passed out when the picture appeared lol

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  13. ohh i wonder id they are going to have edwards mother be in it???

    i have always wondered what the parents of a god would look like…

  14. No – no, LOL! It’s EDWARD in the hospital bed, and Carlisle deliberating about biting him! Omgsh, you people!

    *hugs everybody*

  15. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!
    OME !!!!!!!!!!!

    that is soo crazyy. i didnt even hear they were going to mention his past in the movie…
    but it looks really great.
    i love it !!!!

  16. NovaAlbion says

    I don’t know. It seems that Edward has the “vampire” pallor rather than feverish flush/sweat from the end stages of influenza or pneumonia. But if it was during the transformation (after moving to Carlisle’s home), I doubt that Edward would have been reading during the odd moments. If post conversion, I doubt that he would be in bed.

    Of course, it could have just been a makeup screw up or just plain weird lighting.

  17. vampgirl06 says

    Amazing pic. So glad to see they’re putting a flashback of when Edward’s going to be turned into a vampire, in the movie!!

  18. I wonder if we’ll get to see what RPattz would look like with bright green eyes…..or if he’ll even open them at all. *is curious*

  19. OMG! I can not wait until the movie!

  20. Hmmm, why is there a book on his lap? Very peculiar. And I thought Carlisle explains this all during the second book. Oh well, thats what movies do. But still, this pic is awesome!

  21. shannon_love says

    woooooo flashback!!!!!

  22. littleyellowporsche says

    wow!!!! Does this mean that we get to see Edward’s famous gree eyes?!

  23. i’m literally going to pass out of fangirl spasms before i even get to see the movie. i can’t wait any longer!!!! rpattz = sexiest man on the planet.

  24. Vampire-in-training says

    haha i agree with you charlotte
    this pic is like creepy but in a good way.
    like it shows * tear tear* when edward dies and then becomes a vampire
    when will november 21 get here?!?!?!?!?!?!

  25. AHHH!
    this is like utterly perfect.
    they both look so awesome.
    …i might like freak out if i see him dying.
    i would be like NOOO!!!

    guys its probably the bible or something like that…cuz back then religious hes dying. idk. just a thought.

  26. OME! That’s Edward!!!! I can’t wait to see this scene!

  27. Who wouldn’t make the same decision as Carlisle did?

  28. Long Lost Cullen says

    Wow….. That picture really hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to walk away from it because it was upsetting to me. You never see Edward that vulnerable in the books, and that’s kind of the first time you actually see him like that.

    Either way, I can’t wait to see that scene, even though chances are, I will cry!

  29. OMG! I always wondered if they would do flashbacks!! This is sooo awesome!

  30. Claire Ateara says

    OME–literally! lol

    That’s amazing! I didn’t think they’d put that part in there, but–BAM!!!


  31. AHHHH!
    i cant stop staring!

  32. Twilight-Forever says

    it’s edward!!!!!! i didn’t think they would show his past in the movie!!!!!!!! this is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  33. ha ha..
    i never pictured it like dat..

  34. Mary Alice Cullen says

    OME!! Carlisle is all “Should I…” and Edward’s all “Dude…hurry your decision making up, I’m dying here!!”

  35. they better show that in the movie..
    or maybe its just a randon pic..
    a good one though

  36. i wonder what his parents look like…

  37. i..cant..stop…staring…

  38. I have to say, I love the picture. Rob looks so peaceful, and of course, he looks absolutely amazing!

    But then I realized that, technically, we aren’t told about this scene until New Moon when Bella is getting her arm stitched up by Carlisle on her dreaded 18th birthday…. But I guess, it’s good that they got that in just in case they don’t make any more movies. (Uhm, by the way, they’d better make more and they’d be stupid not to!)

  39. OMG!! look at little edward. awwhhh. and carlisle just watching over him, so hopeful : ) awhhh. i love how they didn’t remove thsi from the movie : )

  40. Elena Greenlake says

    I think that’s edward as a HUMAN??? omE i’m dizzy with excitement!!!! this is gonna be AMAZING! this just MADE MY DAY! its like MR. DARCY GOOD!! i’m reading Pride and Prejudice at the moment, hence the reference, but omC&E!!!!

  41. acting23doll says

    Ohhhh NOOOOOO!!!!!!! My Edward is dying!!!!!!!

  42. O…M…E…

    That is like one of the best pictures released, it is, like, so cool!!

  43. i didn’t think they were going to include it but i’m glad they did! it looks amazing!

  44. wats dat in his hands?

  45. November 21…where are you???

  46. Sara Cullen says

    OME!! Wow! I love this image so much! I will seriously cry during this moment, it’s so filled with emotion. I love the guy who plays Carlisle soo much! He’s exactly as I’ve pictured him, so serene and compassionate-looking. Seeing him like this like… physically is really moving, so many decisions to be made…

  47. wait in the book didn’t it say that there are so many people in the hospital because it’s an epidemic and no one would’ve noticed if edward was still breathing or not and so he just stole edward out the back?? then when he bit him he recreated his own transformation since he wasn’t sure what would happen….isn’t that what happened….

    but if they did it differently im still really glad they left it in adn have a flash back thing.

  48. Aw I think Carlisle looks awesome too!
    This picture is very exciting! I’m happy they’re doing flashbacks! I want to see all of Carlisle’s flashback stories!

  49. i wonder if they’ll show edward’s mom…probably not, since we would have seen who they cast her as. but that would have been cool. and i bet that rob doesn’t have contacts in! and he really has natural light green eyes! like edward when he was human! EEK!
    can’t wait for the movie!

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