The Trailer, an Insider’s View

We’ve all had our reaction to the trailer as fans who are outsiders to the process looking in. What’s the reaction of people who were involved directly in the creative process? How do they feel about what they last saw raw and uncut through a camera lens now that it has made it to the editing room and on the big screen?

Maggie who was a phd student they allowed to observe on the film set and has given her perspective before in events like the live NYC podcast and multiple blog entries chimes in with a  new entry.


  1. this is so exciting!!! I can’t wait til nov 21st!!!

  2. renae cullen black says:

    ahhhhh i know i can’t wait this is gonna be huge

  3. DarkStarr says:

    I’m pretty sure Twilight’s going to boom…

    The trailer on Myspace alone has Views: 2,303,201 and is growing by the second…could possibly beat Indy’s 4.1 Million views…

    Also, on Facebook, we’ve seen a TON of Twilight Bumper stickers, but currently in the Number 2 Recently Popular Bumper Stickers is a Twilight one, which hasn’t happened…it has 11,888 adds and it’s this…

    So, obviously the buzz has finally gone truly mainstream…

  4. Amitolane says:

    Ohh wow what a really cool thing to study!!!

    I soo envy her!!

  5. What an awesome perspective! It’s great to hear when there is some negativity out there! Can’t wait until Nov. 21st!

  6. i luv twilight so dose my whole family!!!!!!!

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