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Here’s where Stephenie’s books are this week:

USA Today
3.  Twilight
4.  New Moon
6.  Eclipse
7.  Breaking Dawn

USA Today, also has a follow up article talking about how Stephenie’s books are currently the most purchased books by book buyers. With Breaking Dawn, Twilight, and New Moon topping the list.  Eclipse  and The Host come in at 5 and 12 respectively. Ty to ccrm for the heads up.

Wall Street Journal

4. Eclipse
5. Breaking Dawn
11. Twilight
15. New Moon

New York Times

The Twilight Saga regained the number one position over Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Series.

The Host is in at number 11 in its category.


  1. Gossshhh this website is soooooo confusing!! is better

  2. I’m pretty sure she’ll be back at number one when her new book comes out in … December, right? the encyclopedia?

  3. to Jennylee: yes. it comes out on december 30.

    i’m glad she’s back on top of the new yourk times bestseller list!! yay!! GO STEPHENIE!!

  4. You go girl!!! Love the books! Thanks for a great ride!( I guess I should use a few more !!!! to get my point across;}}

  5. Go Twilight!Go Stephenie!

  6. dandyvampgirl_13 says:

    Oh, phooey. Poor Brisingr.

  7. renae cullen black says:

    i’m suprised it’s not higher especially with the movie like a moth away

  8. I love those books I’m on the second one right now:)

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