Reelz Channel—Top Ten Twilight Make Out Spots

Reelz Channel does an article on something we’ve all probably thought about, but never really discussed before. The Top Ten Twilight Make Out Spots.

They also include an interview with Jenny for


  1. Hahaaa

  2. Those are awesome. I so agree with all of them.

  3. Under the biology table should most definitely be numbER 1!!!

  4. proud_twihard says:

    meadow = #1

  5. The Meadow so should be number one!!

  6. ummm…

  7. WOW…. did u see the second picture??? PRICELESS!! They look so goofy!LOLLL

  8. I agree with Nicki lol

  9. Nice nice.
    Ome, they should have added Edward’s black leather couch. It’s sexy.

  10. #1 should be the Meadow !

  11. Bumblebee33 says:

    HAHA love these!!!
    And i love the prom picture!!! is that new??

  12. Twilght Nymph says:

    I just saw some clips of the new trailer on ET and it looks amazing, I’m seriously filled with anxiety now. I need to see the trailer, big time, like I need air to breath. LOL Technically stole that last part from Bella. LOL

  13. i am actually commenting on this lol…

    ok but i have to agree edwards couch would be like…priceless, and bellas truck is just to cute!!!

  14. Yeah, the truck! Speaking of which, have you seen the pictures of forks for sale on ebay? Cool!!!! gotta have

  15. less then a day until the new trailer! who else is excited???

  16. genuinesmile says:

    hmm…makeout spots, LOL my #1 is definitely the meadow but I also agree with Elaine(#9) Edward’s sexy black leather couch ;P

    I’m super excited that by this time tomorrow I will have watched the new trailer over and over and over…again and again!!! LOL

  17. arielkid78 says:

    did you see they show you a little bit of the trailer for tonight (they are showing the kiss) in this house we were squealing like crazy and replay like 20 times.

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