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The Movie Fanatic has an insightful article up regarding how major media predicts box office success. It’s definitely worth the read, not your typical gloss over story. In particular the article focuses on Twilight.

Mike Welch has supported a project called Kids with a Cause. They asked Mike to do several environmental clips for kids for their local cable show.

According to Mike, "I’ve been involved with Kids With A Cause since 1999. If you want to know more about these cool people, just check out their website:" If you want to see the clips that Mike did for the project check out here and here. As always, Mike’s unique brand of humor shines through.

Also speaking of Mike, Pop Star magazine quotes Mike as as stating that he will be in attendance at the Twicon conference this summer.

Edi Gathegi, Laurent in the Twilight movie, will be appearing in the American series of the British classic Life on Mars. The show itself premiere’s this Thursday (following Grey’s Anatomy) and Edi will appear in the 5th episode of the show airing on Nov. 6th.  The episode is entitled "Things to do in New York when you think you’re dead".

According to Edi:

"I have had the privilege of watching the pilot episode and happen to think it is a fantastic show."
He added a PS:
"can’t wait for NOV 21st! :-)"


  1. Yeah! Im the first!

    I think the movie will do well. I will be going to see the movie!

  2. Oh my gosh! Mike’s going to TwiCon! Sweet! When are they going to post it on their website?!

  3. nomoretears says:

    Here’s the quote on Mike coming to TwiCon: Thoughts on TwiCon 2009?
    Michael Welch: I am totally there. I have been in some sci-fi conventions and they are fantastic. I am there 100% they are one of my favorite things to do.

  4. lirael cullen says:

    The movie is going to be awesome!

  5. I thought the tMF article was very good. 🙂

  6. I saw Edi Gathegi on House again last night….

  7. “The most important issue here is whether Twilight fans will support the movie or not.”

    Hell yes I will support it!!! I’m there at midnight!!!!

    HELP!!! Well… do you guys think they will open the theathers thurs night for midnight showings??? Its thanksgiving and they are usually closed, I was just woundering what you guys think there going to do, if there going to open or do we have to wait until friday mourning???????

  8. stupidshinyvolvo_owner says:

    that’s so cool.

    oh. decode by paramore is playing on the radio…. i totally freaked. lol. random… i know.

  9. Mike Welch at TwiCon?!!?!?!?! OMG I’m so there!!!

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