Twicon Announces Plans

The below is quoted from the Twicon Website which is slow loading at the moment due to intense volume.


You can register for the con here

The hotel number is 888-627-8191, ask for the Twicon convention rate $139 is the special price.

Welcome to TwiCon 2009’s official website! We are thrilled to announce that on July 30-August 2, 2009 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel we will host the largest conference in the United States inspired by Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight saga.

This conference is an unofficial event, meaning it is organized by fans, for fans, and is not endorsed by Stephenie Meyer, Hachette Book Group or Summit Entertainment.

You can find all the important information on the conference, programs, registration, special guests and travel on this site. In addition, you can discuss TwiCon 2009 and everything else in our fan forum and contact us directly with any questions you may have about the conference. Please note that space is limited, so act fast and make sure to reserve your ticket so you can be part of this unforgettable event. We are excited to see you in Dallas!

TwiCon 2009 is proud to begin announcing our line-up of special guests, all of whom are well-known names in their respective communities.

Kaleb Nation is a writer, blogger, former radio host and 20-year-old college student, sometimes better known as The Twilight Guy. His debut novel, Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse, will be released in Fall 2009. He currently blogs his journey as a guy reading the Twilight Saga at, and as a writer at

 Evil Iguana Productions is a production crew made up of six talented young men in their late teen and early twenties. They are most well known for their movie spoofs of The Dark Knight and Twilight.  After the release of their Twilight spoof, their amount YouTube subscribers more than doubled. The Twilight spoof stars Allen Murphy as Edward, Robin Andrews as Bella, and Craig Deering as James. Their YouTube channel can be found at


  1. Sound amazing, but it’s waaaaay too expensive and at a random location.
    Guess I won’t be going. D:

  2. Esme Logan says:

    Why Dallas? Why not NY! Okay, so the twilight cast is going to Rome, their is only going to be a premier in LA, There is a twilight convention in new cambridge, and another convention in England. Hasn’t anybody thought about NY or CT or Long Island.

  3. Esme Logan says:

    I so agree with you: RANDOM LOCATION
    My parents already let me go to the Stephenie Meyer concert

  4. PensiveAlice says:

    Dallas? lol. can’t go.
    nyc is soo far away D=
    a bit expensive too, but that’s reasonable…I still can’t fly out to Dallas just for one convention…

  5. Indeed!
    It’s annoying. Why not like, Middle America, since it’s supposed to be able to be attended by anyone who wants to go. But have you seen the price of a plane ticket to Dallas from say, New York since you mentioned it?
    It’s madness.

    I’m sad, and I think I’m going to bed.
    Congrats to anyone who actually wanted it to be in Texas, and has the amount of money to pay for a ticket.

  6. i dont get why its in dallas. their reasons for choosing there arent very good for me.

    and i love how they are like movie screening!
    the movie will be out on dvd by then.
    august 2009? pfft.

  7. I’m pleasantly surprised. I live about 4-5 hours from Dallas in San Antonio. NEVER thought the location would be in Texas of all places!

  8. Ugh. This sucks D:


  10. Alu Rathbone says:

    Now I have to decide what time of year i’d be going… I’m supposed meet up with some friends in February… but i don’t think i can afford three trips… in one year…


    oh well

    YAY!!!!!!!!! TWI CON 2009!~~~~~~~~~~

  11. Esme Logan says:

    Who are the special guest…if it’s the twilight cast…i am shipping myself to texaz

  12. Esme Logan says:


  13. Esme Logan says:

    Why can’t they just have multiple conventions around the country…so what way everybody could be happy!

  14. $255.00??????????????????????????????
    That’s just insane!!
    They mentioned Mid West. Texas is NOT mid west. Chicago or St. Louis are good descriptions of cities located in the Mid West….

    Have fun anyone who is willing to pay almost 800 dollars between airfare, hotel and convention tickets … not to mention food and souvenirs!!

  15. It’s impossible to please everyone… but I think a lot more people are disappointed than pleased.

    I think for now it’s safe to sit back and watch who actually signs on to be “special guests” – that’s when the tickets will start to go quicker. Personally, I’ll wait a bit on this. From what I’ve seen tonight, the organization on this thing seems a little sketchy. This might be one I’ll skip and see if it develops in future years… unless the guests are just ridiculous.

    Really though, I’m pretty disappointed right now.

  16. genuinesmile says:

    I would seriously THINK about about paying the $255 if i was assured that cast members would attend…but to pay $255 and take my chances…no thank you!!!

    anyways, my overall thought is in agreement with Ryleigh:

    “It’s madness. . .Congrats to anyone who actually wanted it to be in Texas, and has the amount of money to pay for a ticket.”

  17. Sucks that it’s in Dallas and $255 for registration. I was looking at the price of plane tickets from where I live to Dallas and with registration, hotel, transportation, and flight it would cost me over $1,000 and that’s absolutely insane for somethings that’s not even an offical event.

    I have more important things to spend money on; like a plane ticket/living costs for when I more to Japan.

  18. Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No way Im going all the way there:(
    OH well at least I get to go to the premiere in LA:)

  19. here goes the complaining & whining… i wish it were here in chicago! & eek $255. i really wish i could go.

    still, it’s awesome that there’s a twilight convention in the U.S.
    if any of the actors show up, i’ll prolly throw a fit

  20. I’ve been to ALOT ALOT of conventions in the past. the max is on site registration of 75 dollars. NEVER as much as they are asking. and NONE of what they are offering is worth that price. It would be cheaper for me to fly over to the UK from California than to attend that. I mean flight, hotel, convention price….


    Definitely not worth it.

    Plus I’m studying abroad for next year in wales…..def. can’t afford wasting my money on stuff like this.

  21. They’ve also just announced that SMeyer, while aware of the event, is taking a break and not doing anything for a year or so. Aka she will not be there…

    Seems less and less worth it…

  22. acting23doll says:

    Well just remember that DFW never gets ANYTHING! So FINALLY someone is coming to my city! WoOT! THANK YOU TWICON!

  23. they don’t have guests listed because they say they can’t promise them. even at official cons even if a guest is signed on they keep saying they could not show up on that day. said with stars even if they say yes i will be there, then the week of the con they call and say they can’t be there because of whatever reason. this isn’t run by some big company.. it’s run by fans only. i don’t think they will be able to get any of the big stars. they say it will sell out and to get the tickets now. maybe in the US somewhere at some time there will be an official one where we can get stars of the movie. dallas isn’t a bad place really. they can’t make everyone happy and so much always happens in NY or LA and places like that. who ever goes i hope they have fun being around all the other fans.

  24. I’m so freakin’ excited! My friend is going to the LA premiere since she goes to school in cali and now we’re going to Twicon because we live in Dallas! YAY!

  25. i live 5 hours away from dallas, am 17, have all the money, and my parents won’t let me go. i’m pissed beyond reason. they won’t ever let me do anything. i can’t wait until i go to college and they can’t control me. and i have my own credit card to buy tickets.
    i will let my kids do stuff like this one day. i won’t be an overcontrolling PitA (pain in the…).

  26. Yes why Dallas. i think because it might have been cheaper to do it in Dallas.. Why not California..

  27. I dont know if i will make it..

  28. $255 + airfare + hotel = ouch. I don’t think I will be attending this one. For those who can afford to attend, enjoy. It’s a bit pricey for what’s included and I’m curious on why the number of people is so limited (2000). That’s a little expensive for such a small convention. Good luck to ya.

  29. In Twilight, the place on the map with the most dots was Texas. But that was in the old days. This is NOW. People are in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Chicago. That is where all the little red dots are, not Dallas. I’m 16 and can not afford paying (my mom included) $2,373 for food, a taxi, plane tickets, actual tickets, and a room for a week. And no, I will not share with people I don’t know. Plus, I hate Edward Cullen, they may attack me. Terminus, the Harry Potter convention on the other hand, only was between $120-$180 dollars. Oh. And they are charging &100 dollars to display fan art? It’s called, “DeviantArt” peoples. My gosh. I feel chagrined from all the hype.

  30. I’m officially registered! I’m a college student and I have no money but I’m going anyway! I’m so excited!

  31. Yaaaay!
    finally somewhere within driving distance!
    But it is so pricy!
    I will try best to though!=)

  32. YAY! Hardly anything comes to Texas! the only good thing that we got in like forever was Portus (hp convention).

  33. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    OMG! I go to this hotel every freaking year for another convention, I am FREAKING OUT! It’s so close to me! AHHHH

  34. $255 for this “convention” is completely ridiculous. If you breakdown the program agenda, nothing happens on Thursday. Friday is academic paper presentations all day with the movie (which will already be on dvd). And Saturday is a panel with guests who aren’t announced and a costume party at the end. And nothing really happens on Sunday. I am a devoted Twilight fan, and this is just craziness. I was expecting a lot more for the hype that has been produced for Twi-con. This is so disappointing and seems like such a ploy to make as much money off of the public as possible.

  35. RunsWithVAMPS says:

    people think about what the $255 covers…SERIOUSLY its the ENTIRE convention!!! that averages out to about $ 63 a day! which is SO NOT BAD!!! come on there are TONS of conventions that cost WAY more and dont include everything!

    yeah Dallas is rather odd being as it wasnt nominated for places to hold it HOUSTON would have been better if they needed it in Texas…I was pulling for Chicago but what can you do

    It all depends on HOW BAD YOU WANT TO GO! and remember this is for Twilight!!! who wouldnt want to go??

  36. I knew it wouldn’t be in Canada.This is so unfair.Al the conventions always happen in U.S.A..

  37. Alu Rathbone says:


    one the of biggest conventions in the US doesn’t charge 255… are we buying Robert Pattinson… haha…. i’m mean seriously… i’m still going… but that means me working longer hours so that i can afford texas in february, england/france June to july 25, and then texas again july 29… I just may skip twi con… for since its going to cost near $1000 … lets see…

    Twi Con= 255
    hotel= 500 (thats with fees)

    total= 1055

    1055 dollars that i can put towards england and france…

    In todays economy… that amount of money for a convention is ludacris… especially when you think about how many people would be there…

    if just 1000 people went the money would be at 255000… not to mention that there would be way more then 1000 people going… or at least there would be if the price wasn’t at 255 per person.

  38. Why can’t they have a TwiCon in Pennsylvania? Nothing good ever comes here….All you Twilighters from PA reading this blog, can you contact me if you want to start a TwiCon in your state? I really want to go to this one, but $704 is too much! ($255~ticket+310~plane ticket+$139~hotel=$704 i dont have!) Please contact me if you’re interested, Twilight fans in PA:

    *Make the subject “PA TwiCon” or I might delete it!

  39. Btw, my last message was not a joke. I really want to start a TwiCon in PA!

  40. Vampire-in-training says:

    ughhh.. i live in chicago and i have no way of going to dallas:-( and 225$ jeez thats a lot of money for just one convention. but i hope whoever goes has fun!

  41. I just called (8:25am CST) Sheraton Dallas Hotel to get the group rate and she said TwiCon has not been uploaded yet, so she couldn’t give me the rate. I’ll call back later this evening.

  42. silveralicia says:

    such a bummer – I was hoping for Chicago since that’s closer to me.

    Guess I won’t be going… 🙁

  43. Hey, I live in TX and I cant even afford that! I live in SA and its a 4 hour drive just to get there. Tx is a big state. As for why….doesnt the Twilight Guy live in TX?

  44. I can’t even consider conventions…Canada.
    However, I can watch plenty of youtube videos, and that trailer spoof was HILARIOUS!
    did anyone watch it?
    the sliding glass door thing, awesome.

  45. lirael cullen says:


  46. Well, I have no money because of the economy right now to go, but if I did go it would probably be for Craig and Allen just as much as for Twilight! seriously folks! watch the Allen and Craig Show on Evil Iguana! You will love these guys! Love Craig! Love Him!!

  47. Twifanatic Amanda says:

    Im just going to wait to buy the ticket until I know more awesome stuff thats going to happen that will sway my me. They have A-kon there every year which gets thousands of attendees so they are sure not to run out of tickets.

  48. Elizabeth says:

    OK, 225 for registration ON TOP OF the charge for the room PER NIGHT? That is outrageous!!
    After adding everything up it will easily cost me about 1000 to go. Even if my boyfriend or my best friend goes with me it’s about 500/600 that I have to spend. Even if it is a year away…

    BUT I have thought of some cost cutting tips for everybody (just hear me out!) I work at a HUGE spiffy/expensive hotel like the Sheraton(The Hilton)so listen up:

    1.) The convention is 5 days long, fact is if you get there a day late or leave a day early you won’t have to pay an extra night at the hotel.(GRR)
    2.) If you are going with somebody else (a friend or guardian) you can simply LIE about 2 people staying the in the room per night (The $139 price is for one person, no more)That is what I am going to do! And trust me, big hotels do not check, unless you make a LOT of noise…just walk up to check-in BY YOURSELF. (der)
    3.) DO not take a plane if at all possible. Take Amtrak or car. I will be driving from Mobile, AL (Yes, I am aware it will be a 10 hour trip there) But I am going with somebody else and possibly my sister in law as well, so I think of it as a big, LONG “Girl bonding time” car trip and then convention….A REALLLY LONG car trip.

    …and that’s all I got…WHYYYYYYY is the registration so freakin expensive?? :/ :/

  49. Elizabeth says:

    OH and I agree, I am NOT signing up for registration ANY MONTH soon…PERIOD.


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