Twilight Conventions Abound

There are several Twilight Conventions that are slated for the coming year.  If you have never been to a fan convention or con, it’s a great chance to meet up with others who share your obsession and don’t think it’s unusual that you’ve read Twilight so many times that the cover fell off.

First off there is the Eternal Twilight Convention in the UK.  So far they have Kellan Lutz signed on as making an appearance.

Next there is Twilight Australia that has not only Kellan, but also Ashley Greene signed on.

There’s a smaller con based in Forks happening in late June called Summer School in Forks, A Twilight Symposium. This con is being run by the same group that ran the Sonorus Harry Potter con last June. They are currently calling for presenter proposals and vendor sign-up.

Last but not least Twicon has a big announcement slated for 12:30 AM est tonight (see the countdown timer below).  All week the site has been hinting at various things such as the vampire wars of the South, blood drops on a map, and today the hint is to check out chapter 13 of Eclipse. So at 12:30 AM tune into this live video feed and find out how it all comes together.



  1. I hope all those hints are just to throw you off or something. I really want the con to be in Chicago ><

  2. toronto!! please <:(

  3. Yay! Twilight Australia!

    I already knew about it, but now its like officially announced on the Lexicon!

    Can’t wait! Saving up monies to spend on merchandise!

  4. Chapter 13 is when Jasper is talking about his past soooo it might be in TEXAS!! YAY! I really hope so!

  5. Team Twilight (formerly known as *Twilighter*) says

    🙁 Nicole unfortunatley it’s not going to be in Canada. I wish there was a convention here! No Twilight related stuff happen here.

  6. Of course it’s not coming to Canada.It never does.We Canadians are the most unlucky Twilighters of the world.

  7. the twicon. are they AIRING THE THEATRICAL TRAILER – okkay, that maybe a HUGE guess but 4 days from now, it will be almost mid october. hmm…?

  8. i love edward cullen says

    Safina, I feel your pain! (well not really, I live in massachusetts)
    But WHY TEXAS!!! WHY THE SOUTH!!! I mean no disrespect but WHY!??!! BOSTON PLEASE!!!!!

  9. I really hope it like chicago or new york and those clues are just to have confusion!

  10. Sara( Yeah theres many of us) says

    Theres also a Twilight convention in Florida- Orlando o be exact..

  11. I agree with “I Love Edward Cullen.” BOSTONNNN PLEASE. But it doesn’t go with the hints.

  12. i love edward cullen and Erin; i hope it’s somewhere in massachusetts too! i live here, and there hasn’t been anything twilight near us. hopefully boston!!!

  13. That Chapter of Eclipse is about the newborn vampires in Seattle…. is that a hint for the location of the convention?

  14. this is unrelated.


    here’s robert singing at the whisky a-go-go last night!


  16. Wherever they choose to have TwiCon, I’m so excited. I’ve heard it’s by far the biggest con in the US. Holy COW, I can’t wait til midnight!!!

  17. OMG, I really wish they had some sort of event held in Toronto or something to go to.

    It really sucks for us Canadians.

    : (

  18. And doesn’t the countdown count down to midnight?
    I’m in Toronto time, and I thought that was est time…
    Could be mistaken lol…

  19. Have you guys seen the price of the Australia Convention? It’s like $775. That is so not fair.

  20. I hope it is somewhere nearby!!

  21. Everyone is guessing Houston because I guess in Chapter 13 it talks about Jasper’s time in the south…?

    I’m still pulling for Chicago…

  22. I reallyyyy want it to be in Chicago, but with the hints… it seems like it’s gonna be somewhere in the south …

    and twicon on blogtv doesn’t work for me =// i’ve downloaded the flash player TWICE & it won’t work. ughh this sucks.

    i’ll be checking in here to read the big news.
    go chicagooo

  23. why would it be in Chicago with all the hints pointing to an obviously different direction? It is easy to see it is in a southern state. Cannot wait!!!

  24. ok, the countdown finished, but when do we hear the announcement? is it not until 12:30?

  25. I was right it’s going to be in dallas, texas!!!!!

  26. Bella forever says

    I wish that there would be one in phoenix it’s so not fair.

  27. Hey Canadian people.. Word is that one is coming to Toronto.
    Okay, there is one coming. How do I know? Because I’m planning it. 🙂 I already have a management company to back it and everything. I just need to find out if people would actually come.
    Cuz this stinks that its in Texas! 🙁
    Why not spend my extra money on Canadian fans who need a chance too?

  28. kudos for the person above me.
    i’d definitely be down for a canadian twilight conference, as i’m in montreal myself! (:

  29. Can some one post a link to the show? i cant find it. Thanks

  30. TUBULARIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Hub Productions are hosting the Australian Twilight Event… I KNOW I’LL BE THERE!!!
    And the cost is $70… not 7 hundred and something… thats only if you want all the special extras!! 🙂 There is also a $450 ticket…

  32. I am defintiely down to go to the TWICON in Dalla,TX ; I am debating whether i should go to the UK con or the one in autrailai too. hehehe.

  33. Well im not sure about the Twi-Con in Dallas seeing how im a poor college student D: But I WILL be attending and working at the Summer School in Forks. You guys should go!

  34. ugh they are coming to australia but i live in brisbane and my parents wont let me go down to sydney or melbourne 🙁

    sooooo disappointed

  35. JordanAshleyCullen says

    YAY! Canadian Twilight Convention? It’s about time us Canadian Twilighters get some attention!!

  36. uh hello????????????????? what about st.louis people?????????? this is so not fair

  37. BellaCullen says

    i thinks they should hold a whole bunch of conventions everywhere in Usa…the capitol of a state though… so everyone can be able to go to a Twilight convemtion…But if i had to choose it will be in connecticut

  38. FLORIDA!!!!!! please? noting interesting ever happens down here. I feel like we’re forgotten. THANKS. (preferably close to Orlando…)

  39. So is there a possibility that there will be a convention held in houston, texas? How much are there tickets for the conventions!

  40. Kim,

    If you are planning to do one in either Toronto or Montreal I would definitely go. I would suggest Toronto though because Pearson is the largest international airport in Canada I believe. Let me know 🙂

    Ashley <3

  41. BOSTON! Please let there be a convention in or around Boston, Massachusetts! We have some BIG fans up here that are dying to see Stephenie Meyer and the cast. PLEASE!

  42. Boston without a doubt would be your most successful convention;we have huge fans up here. PLEASE! -nothing ever happens up here either.

  43. Twilight Dreamer says

    Why don’t they ever visit Las Vegas? Now that would be the best thing ever! Please, just once!

  44. In my opinion, they should have one in the east coast! Like Boston, NYC, or Philly (it even mentioned Alice and Jasper met in Philly. WOO!)It’s unfair for all the fans in the northern east coast who can’t travel down to Orlando. 🙁

  45. Texas please! I know there is a Twicon convention coming up in Dallas so yay for that! 😀

  46. so i commented about a month ago and asked if there could b a convention in Florida and anyway i think it should b held in Jacksonville and it works cuz well duh! Bella’s mom moved there with Phil
    OK PLEASE?!?!?!

  47. Miista Cullen says

    Why can’t there ever be a twilight convention held in Brisbane, Australia!!!!

    C’mon. You’d probably get better fans here than in Sydney and Melbourne and there’s a reason why the Commonwealth Games will be held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It’s because we’re the sunshine state and we bring the best. Not only that, we have plenty of amusement parks for the guest appearances and luxurious hotels including Seaworld Nara Resort and the great barrier reef. We also have biggest bunnings in the southern hemisphere and have the bestest city of all. Surfers Paradise, with the best clubs, shops and to top it all off, we have schoolies ^_^

    So I don’t see how Sydney, the murderous city, has the Twilight convention being held there. Sydney only has what? Luna Park, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the Sydney harbour. Brisbane is better.

    So please bring a/the twilight convention to Brisbane, Queensland. Because not only will it mean the most to me, but certainly to others, and it will be very efficient for those in the area to attend, as the trains and busses are not loaded with so many people, as in Sydney or Melbourne.

    This will also bring a brighter experience to the guest appearances, as it not only brings the true outback of Australia, with the Outback Spectacular, but we also hold those hot days, that made Australia the Red Hot Center of the Earth!

    So bring a/the Twilight Convention to Brisbane please! There’s multiple petitions, if you google it, and many keen fans, yet unable to travel. Twilight is for all ages, but mostly teenagers, as more of them read it. So theorectically speaking, the Twilight Convention being held in Sydney and Melbourne will mostly be filled with adults, which is unfair as teenagers don’t have the money to fly to and from the convention, accommodate themselves and have the money to buy the tickets too. Which will come to about $2000.

    So give Brisbane city or the Gold Coast a chance! And you never know; you might not want to leave.


  48. They should sooo have the con in Cedarville California because first of all it is such a midget of a town, and nothing exciting happens here and trust me we are all fans, and because there are many native americans (Modoc) and Chris can get a lot more information for the movie…LOVE YALL


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